Als coach to be fired????


Why did Montreal hire an american coach with no CFL experience?????????????????? :oops: :oops: :oops:
Many teams have been down this path before only to learn that a coach needs to learn the CFL game first regardless of their success in american college or nfl football. Another bonehead move by management which is so sad for a franchise that has done alot of smart things the last ten years or so.
General managers, the CFL game is different and needs to be learned!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

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I said it in the offseason - Lapo would have been a much better choice. Gary Busey has no idea what he is doing.

Yes just as bad as the Trestman hiring :roll: It's hiring the right guy , who is willing to listen to people with in the organization with what works and what doesn't in our game !

Pretty funny, first time I see Hawkins, I said he looks like Gary Busey.

turkeybend let a little thing like history or facts get in the way of a mindless rant. Jim Popp has a pretty good track record which I would take over the revolving door of Jeckyll's and Hyde's the Argos have had over the same period.

[i]Yup, you gots it exactly right!!!!!! Hawkins needs to be fired right effin now!!!!!! Give him a plane ticket back home from Calgary right now! Don't even let him come back to Montréal! Clean out his office, put his junk in a garbage bag and mail it to him!!!!

If the man had any decency, he would let the Alouettes terminate his contract, and leave without receiving the rest of his salary. If the Alouettes fire this guy and have to pay out the rest of his contract, what a disaster!!!!!![/i]

I think they want out anyway. Not sure they will ever work in football again unless the UFL restarts.

Ha! The thing is......Hawkins makes Busey look sane. This guy is wackier than Busey on a drug binge.

Does he have a 2 year contract? What do they do with Miller then? Clean house after one month?

I dunno....

I think he's doing a great job, they should extend him 4 more years!

The problem with Montreal is that they are an aging football team. Although I do question the lack of adjustments made when Calgary started to take over the football game by the coaching staff, I do think that players like Richardson have lost a step, so has Calvillo. Same thing happened to Saskatchewan in 2011 after much success up until that season.

That's just the problem though, it's not fair to lump this entirely on Hawkins. They have next to no experienced coaching staff this year, so there literally isn't anyone to let him know what works in the Canadian game.

His team was up 24 points! No one wanted him fired at that point.

About time the ALS have to face some adversity.

24 points in a quarter proves its not the players.

Calgary started going to the sidelines to open the second quarter and the Als defense never adusted for 3 quarters ! Thorpe
Then there was the incredible play call and choice of play on 3rd and One. Hawkins and Miller

Then you have 105 yards in penalties, should have been more. Lack of discipline is always a sign of disrespect to your coach.

Then you have guys getting up late and missing flights.

You have reporters saying practice are a mess, poor time management, disorganized.

When the team loses at home next week to Edmonton. There will be changes.

To me it seems more the supporting staff than the HC. There is nothing wrong with having no CFL experience as a HC...he is there to manage his staff. His staff, other than on D, is clueless about the CFL.

The Special Teams have played very well, Rychelsky is a keeper.

Hawkins refused to challenge London's catch last week. His excuse the law of average works against you. :roll:

This week he made or OK'd the call to go on 3 and 1 from his 30 and Miller called a play with Calvillo in the shotgun. Of course had they not cut Quinton Porter...

His practices are poorly planned according to every reporter who follows the team.

Really he's a clone of Jeff Reinebold without CFL experience. Its the best way to describe Hawkins. Nice laid back Californian but he's in way over his head and frankly you don't need a HC to manage a staff of 12 coach in the CFL. Miller will probably pay the price first, not so much because Hawkins is doing a better job but because Berry is available.

In his last five games as a HC, Hawkins has somehow managed to come from ahead and lose when his team was up by 35pts and by 24pts. The 35pt choke job in the 4thQ got him fired at CU. With this latest embarrassment in Calgary get him fired in Montreal?

It made absolutely no sense to hire Hawkins in the first place. ZERO experience in any capacity as a pro coach and a complete failure in his only job in a big time NCAA conference. The rest of his experience has been in middling little small school outposts.

How long will Popp refuse to swallow his pride and acknowledge the mistake in hiring this buffoon? Hawkins is a terrible coach. I told you this before the season started. Here’s a few comments from back when he was fired at CU…

In some ways, Hawkins was an endless communicator. He talked to his players at practice, in meetings, on the phone and via text. He blogged. He gave speeches. He imparted pearls of wisdom on a daily basis. When players talk about time spent with Hawkins, they say they're indebted to him for helping them navigate the road from being a teen to an adult. But [b]when it came to teaching football, that communication too often failed.[/b] CU consistently played sloppy, undisciplined football. "Honestly, it's a hard question to answer because I don't know why," wide receiver Scotty McKnight said.

Another player spoke his mind on the condition of anonymity. “Coach Hawk’s a good guy. He’s a good man,” the player said. "He has some good ideology. . . . He’s kind of more focused on stuff like that than on football. I understand all those things are intertwined, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Let’s get down to football. Be a coach for your players. Don’t be a coach for your community."

Ironically, though, it was Hawk’s failure to communicate well with the community that led to many of his problems. His relationship with many prominent boosters and alums eroded, leaving him little support when the losses mounted. On Tuesday, Hawkins and Bohn talked repeatedly about relieving the “negativity” that had enveloped the program, which is why he wasn’t allowed to finish the season.

Fans stopped coming to games. Many who came booed unmercifully. Some fans would tailgate but not go to the game because it was too depressing.“The frustration really came down to the acceptance of mediocrity,” said Tom Padilla, a season-ticket holder since 1988 and Buff Club member for 17 years. "That’s what we all decided. It became acceptable to lose.

"He would answer questions and never really answer the question. There were isms, Hawkisms, and they grew and grew and grew. And that’s why people started to become disappointed.

I’ve seen many posts where fans are claiming “it must be the coach!”. Well there is no denying that Hawkins is in over his head, but anyone should have seen that coming with all the new staff they had hired which had little CFL experience total. Al’s hit the lottery with Trestman, and Popp thought he could make lightning strike twice. So yes, it is the coaching staff.

But it’s not like the players should be given a free pass. That debacle of a meltdown yesterday is something you might expect from a young team, not a veteran team. The coaches don’t coach skill & speed, at some point the players have to use their athleticism and just play. The one good thing that will come out of this for Al’s fans is that you will start to see which players keep their cool in the face of adversary, and which players quit. It’s easy to play on a team that’s winning, but playing on a losing team says much more about a man’s mettle. There will be players figure pointing and there will be players frustrated. But true leaders will rise from this, and those are the players fans should look forward to.

Either way, it’s not something that can be fixed overnight, and Al’s fans better buckle in for a long ride. Unchartered territory for many of them.

Players will make plays and make errors. What team runs the ball 8 times in 3 quarters with a 24 point lead ?

No doubt, and the most telling stat is how badly they have been outplayed after the half. But it wasn't the coaches that made the players fold like a cheap tent, that has to be on them.