Al's coach Mike Miller

Alouettes assistant head coach/offensive coordinator/QB coach spent six seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. He worked as the offensive coordinator in 2012, and was the team's wide receiver's coach in 2008 when the team went to the Superbowl, loosing to the Steelers.

Are his best coaching days behind him? He's only 42. Or will he adapt to the Canadian game?

He's got Doug Berry available to him, who knows CFL offense. If Miller taps Berry's knowledge for how to adapt to the CFL, he could do just fine.

If he keeps doing silliness like 3rd-and-1 from your own 30 by calling plays from the shotgun? He'll be lucky to last the season.

That's true, he does have Doug Berry. For some reason, I tought Berry's tenure as head coach of the Bombers was a bit of a disaster, but no, he got the team to the Grey Cup in 2007. Yes, the 3rd and 1 should only be run inside the opponents 40? Maybe the 50?

Well, I think the bigger problem is you run it with a quarterback sneak, not a handoff in the shotgun 5 yards back from the line. :slight_smile:

Miller was a failure in the NFL. Yeah, he was receivers coach (not OC) the year a stacked Arizona offense took that team to the Superbowl game. The following two years as OC, he was a disaster. Offense ranked at the bottom of the league, could not score majors, could not protect the quarterback.

Trestman had proven a heckuva lot as an OC in the NFL before he came up here. Miller has only proven that he’s a failure, and so far, he’s done nothing to counter that impression.

That is so true. And when you're having Warner play pitch and catch with Fitzgerald and Boldin, that makes it easy. The more he moved up in the ranks of the Az Cardinal coaching staff the worse the team got. His career was thanks to those guys IMO.

I was wondering about that becuase the Cardinals had a couple of poor seasons when Miller was OC. It makes me wonder why Popp hired him…Time will tell.

Jury is still out but he was .500 in his first season as OC and started his second season with four straight wins, then the wheels fell off in large part because of injuries. I think if Berry is given a lot of latitude in developing our passing game we might improve. The players like Miller and he's said to be a hard worker. Hawkins is in more danger IMO.

All I know is no coach when they are mapping out a playbook designs plays that do not succeed.
It is a simple "X" and "O" scenario.
My friends it's all about execution of the said plays.
Granted, some OC's for example are more ingenuous then others and use the Canadian rules to their advantage.
Maybe that is what Miller with his American back ground has to get acclimatized with, just like when coach Trestman started.

Xs and Os are not simple, and not all coaches are created equal. To be blunt, some coaches are better than others. It's what separates the Wally Buonos of the league from the Bart Andruses. Intelligence, creativity, attention to detail, ability to maximize the strengths of your personnel, and adaptability in your playcalling ... that's what makes a great coach, which Miller is not.

I posted this at the start of the year, and it's still true, for the most part.

I'm happy he managed to look at what had worked for Saskatchewan and did not give up on the running game despite it not working early on. He went right back to Whitaker in spite of the fumble and the team lost its third onlinesman, the left tackle of all guys and kept moving the ball.

I too am happy he stuck with the run, but in this league, you can't live on the run. You have to be able to pass the ball. If teams don't fear you through the air, they will just stack the box and dare you to beat them over top. This isn't the NFL; you can't grind out an entire drive on the ground (5 yards and a cloud of dust) game in and game out.

I thought the Al's Offence looked improved yesterday, seemed like they went to some of the old plays. While AC still only just cracked the 200 yard plateau, the offence combined for over 350, which I think has been their best game so far.
The win buys both Hawkins & Miller some time. The next game will be another big one for Montreal as it is another home game, and they will only have 5 of the next 12 games at home to close the season.

We are very lucky all the teams in the East have their problems...They can't drop any home games till the end.

We are very lucky all the teams in the East have their problems...They can't drop any home games till the end.

6 of them left, 7 on the road.