Als Coach for next year?

Montreal fans what about Dave Ritchie returning as coach for the Als. Old? yes but he has done an outstanding job rebuilding the BC D. If he was our D coach in 2004 we never would have lost to Toronto. Would Popp coach again?

Ritchie would be interesting, but I'd like a fresh face like Jacques Chapdelaine or Steve Burrato. Someone with a different offensive philosophy who can fire up Calvillo.

I'd sure take a look at Burrato. Good record as a head coach; good record as Offensive coordinator in Calgary...they had an imaginative offence, and it's hardly his fault all the interceptions and fumbles in the west semifinal. Besides, rumours have him going to Toronto as offensive coordinator, and from the Als' perspective it would be a good idea to pre-empt that.

Hey Shawn , what if the lions just kept Richie as D-coordinator next season . That would be alright with me , I think he's a better DC than a HC . Ya Montreal go for Burratto he'll be good for you. :wink:

I'd like to see Charlie Taafe back with the Als. All of the pieces are in place to have another ball-control offence. Taafe played a similar style with Mike Pringle back in the days of 2000. I think that we can build a team around Robert Edwards in much the same way.

I agree. Besides, I can't see Jim Popp being able to handle both the GM and coaching duties although he seems to be really good at the latter. He really had those guys ready against Toronto.

Rumours in Hamilton have Desjardins interested in Taafe.