Als clinch playoff spot with road win over REDBLACKS

OTTAWA — The Montreal Alouettes will be playing on November 4 after securing their spot in the Eastern Semi-Finals with a 32-15 win over the Ottawa REDBLACKS on Saturday.

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Well another season off absolute futility in the nations Capital, Complete comedy of errors, embarrassing. I have been around long enough to know that no other professional team in any league in the world ever, suck as consistently year after year after year as bad as the Ottawa Redblacks. In every facet of the game , every week,… I thought I had seen it all with this team over the years but this game was an all time low. Starting with the G.M. Head coach, O.C. and the brutal play call calling and a defense MIA.I truly hope that something can right the ship but that won’t be in my life time…

You must be pretty young.
Ottawa won the Cup back in 2016, almost 7 years ago. Since you’re so young, 7 years must seem like a lifetime, but for me it was almost like yesterday. Ask Burris about it:)

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Yes, by far the best Grey Cup ever, it had everything a last minute on-side kick to allow Calgary to get close then the goal line stop by Ottawa forcing Calgary to kick a FG to tie it and send it to OT. Ottawa winning in OT with a great pass by Burris.

That season was another loosing record I think, and I do believe we had a TON of luck to get to that grey Cup game. And I have been an Ottawa Football fan since the 60’s so that would make me not so young…But thanks for your Input.

Yes Ottawa didn’t have a good year again and I am sure it is frustrating for their fans. It doesn’t help of course when your starting QB is essentially hurt for the entire year. Masoli played just a few snaps more than Aaron Rodgers did and his team went from one of the favourites to make the Super Bowl to chopped liver in one play.

I think you are being overly pessimistic though. As a Winnipeg fan I endured 29 years of futility. Ask Hamilton fans whether 7 years without a Grey Cup is a long time. Ottawa came back into the league and almost instantly went to two Grey Cups and won one so clearly it can turn around quickly.

Ottawa has only 14 wins in the last 4 seasons, that is around 3 to 4 a season or a 22% winning average, I don’t think many other teams have done that bad over 4 years since the Ottawa Rough Riders back in the late 90s and we know what that resulted in. The team is showing no sign of improvement, the coaching staff needs to be replaced. As for Masoli he did not look very spectacular in the few games he played over the last 2 seasons and the team can’t afford to invest top dollar in an injury prone QB, he is not the future in Ottawa.

I don’t follow Ottawa that closely but obviously they have had a poor record the last 4 years. I don’t know Edmonton’s record offhand but they must be close in the futility department.

As for Masoli, I don’t think I would write him off as a failure performance wise but definitely bad luck and injury wise. I do remember at the beginning of last year that he kept Ottawa in three very close games against the top two teams in the league being Winnipeg twice and BC once. Then he got Marino’d. We will never know what might have been otherwise but it does seem likely that Masoli’s career is over or at the very least that Ottawa better have a very strong Plan B.

As for Dyce, a Winnipegger and a guy I love, yes a huge mistake. He makes LaPo look like Vince Lombardi. He cost your team a win against BC with perhaps the dumbest decision I have ever seen in attempting a field goal when even running a 3rd down play and fumbling would almost certainly have given Ottawa the win. Easily the worst coach in the league.

My main point still remains though in that Ottawa hasn’t been without success recently nearly as long as Winnipeg or Hamilton. Seven years is nothing, as bad as it may seem at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And look to other leagues too. The Cleveland Browns. NHL franchises that have never won the championship. The list goes on.

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About the only time I ever cheered for Burris :smiley:

Interesting but it is not just about Grey Cups it is about the overall performance and when you constantly send fans home disappointed losing over 75% of your games (higher proportion than that at home) it leads to annoyance, anger then apathy which is the stage that is now being reached. The Redblacks will have a hard time selling season ticket’s for 2024 and will be completely overshadowed by the Senators. The Redblacks drew over 20,000 at the last home game on a beautiful day and squandered the opportunity by being unprepared for a must win game. Ottawa fans will come out to see good competitive football, they packed the Stadium to see the Panda game today, but poor non-competitive football will not sell in the long run. I also noted the drop in attendance in Edmonton during their prolonged losing streak (no where as hear as long as Ottawa has had). Masoli had nothing to do with what little success the Redblacks had this year he only played for about a quarter of a game before getting injured again. He has played around 4 games in 2 years. They might want to bring him back as a mentor for the young QBs but at a much reduced salary, presuming he is healthy by next May which seems unlikely. Not sure how the Redblacks get rid of Dyce with the front office salary cap as I think they are still paying LaPolice, but Dyce has to go, if he is back in 2024 the team will not be able to offer any prospect of hope and thus not be able to sell many tickets. Might be better to pay the salary cap fine than bring Dyce back and lose a lot of season ticket holders.

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To put this into perspective since 1980 Ottawa Rough Riders combined with the Ottawa Renagade and now the Ottawa Redblacks record is 382 loss’s vs 159 Wins. That’s 541 Football Games. So I may be off a game or 2 but that gives you an Idea how bad its been here and for how long. Its truly Incredible. Imho

But they did have a 12 win season and GC appearance in 2015 and they won a GC in 2016, no other team in the East except the Argos have won a GC since.

Yes, and that is taken into account. I guess my point is the aside from 2015 when they had a winning record and 2016 when they won the G.C. With a loosing record, there has not been a lot to cheer about in the Nations Capital for the last 43 years, except 2015 and 2016

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Exactly, it is about more than Grey Cup wins. A team has to be considered to be a failure if over a decade it can’t post a .500 record, and Ottawa has not passed that test since the 1970s. You can’t keep sending fans away with an non-entertaining losing experience decade after decade and hope to stay in business. Ownership needs to fix this problem fast and replace Dyce and his assistance with competent coaches, regardless of any salary cap restrictions.

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