als changes after tonight's debacle

Presently, I don't see why the Head Coach should be replaced; could still be here next year, unless Turk Schonert becomes the Head Coach next season. Don't press the panic button,anyone. Presently, the Coordinator that has to be replaced or has to change his defensive scheme is Noel Thorpe.


Come on Richard, how else is this forum going to exist!

Well, it's Year Two of the Post-Calvillo Era, and the mixing and matching is continuing. I said that this era will be difficult and frustrating while we search for the right personnel in the right positions.

Despite the 2-4 record, however, I am not despairing as I think they finally have a QB who can make things happen. I still believe that the have the O weapons to get things done. For the OC, we need more creativity in the red zone and on 2nd- and 3rd-and-shorts. The QB plunge is not always working, so Schonert has to draw some things up.

On D, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we need to pressure the QB. No QB will be consistently effective when running for his life. Our DHs are a concern to me. Cox et al are regularly getting beat on longer routes. That either means that they are losing a step, are not playing to their strengths, that the D formation is not right, or a combination of all of the foregoing.

Lastly, there is the question of execution. We took a lot of stupid and costly penalties. In the final analysis, that is on individual players. The coaching staff has to coach up these players and, if necessary, start looking for the next man in.

Their record is not yet out of reach, and there is still 2/3 of the season left to go. At any moment, any given tean can go into a slump and we can start to string a few Ws together. I still remain cautiously optimistic about this season.

I don't think it's time to panic ... yet. A couple more losses, though, and we'll certainly have to be in rebuilding mode for next year.

Frankly, if this team goes the way it's been going, I don't want Higgins, Schonert, or Thorpe back next year. Blow the whole thing up and start afresh.

Richard - Has the offense scored enough points to overcome the poor play of the defense in the past two games?!

Has the offense been the weak point of this team for the past season and 6 games so far?!

Has the defense carried the team this past season and up until the last two games?

Has the team had costly penalties while under Higgins?

To me, Higgins should be replaced first before Thorpe.

I think everyone is to blame -- coaches and players. I've been a defender of Thorpe, but the defensive performance in Ottawa was so poor that I have to question what he's doing schematically. Then there's the issue of leaving a guy like Edem on the bench when Brouillette has been average at best and poor at worst this year. If we're being fair, we have to point the finger at everyone. I was expecting a MUCH stronger defensive performance after the loss to Calgary and we went the opposite way. :thdn:

You are right.

I would even start with Popp for some if his signings.

My point is that Higgins is the HC. Has been since 2014 season.
OC, DC and ST report to him.

So now all of a sudden because the D has not been able to hold the opposition over the past two games, people are pointing the finger at Thorpe.

The O has not been able to help the D pretty much at any point over last season or this one and its Thopre who is being blamed.

Start with the leader Higgins. Seems like a common denominator given he has final say over OC, DC and ST.
Then have a look at the OC and DC.

How Higgins seems to escape the blame I do not understand.

[i]Brouilette is playing like a guy with a carton of eggs strapped to his chest! Johnny can respect a man for not wanting to cause permanent damage to his head for fear of concussions. But, when you're playing to not get hurt, it's time to walk away from the game. You can't have it both ways.

If Brouilette won't bench himself, then Thorpe needs to man up and do it! What is this thing Thorpe has against Edem? A promising player who had a good first season, then he spends 2 years on the bench? [/i]