als changes after tonight's debacle

1- Redblacks did their homework and exploited the Ellingson Heffney matchup all night. Has anyone ever seen timing outs being completed so easily in the cfl? Heffney is not professional calibre. If the Als had a regular corner they would have won this game easily. Heffney was obviously playing off Ellingson who proceeds to burn Heffney late on the post pattern. Heffney was owned tonight. Change number 1 is Heffney has to be released.

2- Receivers with speed are needed. stamps is slowing big time on that pass he caught behind coverage he was chased down easily. Could have used staffords speed this year. Nik Lewis is very slow. Giguerre can't run any patterns and is soft. So vs faster athletic defences like tonight you give Cato nobody to throw to. Cato reads well but he needs speedy receivers.

3- Higgins is the head coach. What added value does he bring? The good head coaches like Milanovich and Huffnagel are watching the game attentively and they know which plays to challenge. Before half Burris clearly fumbles and the Als players signal they have it. Refs say it's otttawa ball and Higgins is asleep. Good coaches challenge that play. Higgins does not realize that the difference between winning and losing is in the challenges. Getting the challenges right is what winning teams do.

4- Jim Popp needs to start finding secondary and receiver replacements for Gerald Brown Billy Parker Chip Cox and Nik Lewis Feed Stanos Giguerre and even Sj green will be older next year and start to rapidly decline.

5- the Als must find a cure for the interior blitzes right at Cato. You could see in tonight's game and vs Winnipeg when the pressure comes right up the middle at Cato he panicks and makes errors. He is just not big enough to stand tall and go through his progressions. He is 175 lbs. that concern is that he needs an offensive line like Calgary had last season in which nobody broke through their offensive line. When Calvino played no one came up the middle like teams are doing to the aLs.

as I wrote earlier Cato is very smart and throws in advance and reads well. He is smart like a mini Drew Bree's. However he is too skinny. He can't take the hits or pressure and if teams were smart blitz the hell out of him because he will be predictably throwing deep lobs to receivers. Cato is decent although his reluctance to take a hit means he will not ho far in playoffs and I haven't seen a successful qb who doesn't take the hits. Peyton manning are you listening. Don't take hits and you can't win

This years version of the Als is what happens when you bring in other teams cast offs. Nobody wanted Nik lewus and giguerre and stamps was declining. Where and how Popp got Heffney was beyond comprehension. heffney was getting torched for years.

I think Nik Lewis has done fine for MTL and so has Stamps.

Giguere, LeFevour, Hefney, and Dobson Collins certainly have to be questioned as far as Popp bringing them in though, so yeah I can understand those ones.

As to what I think this team can do, you do have to remember there are lots of key players on that injury list. Getting back people like Bear Woods, Cody Hoffman, Kyries Hebert, James Rodgers, Eric Deslauriers, and Aaron Lavarias to me I think will help get the team back on track.

But I certainly am starting to feel like Popp is slipping. I kinda felt that way last year though bringing in Garcia did help. I think Popp's problems this year are a few things. I just don't see the East having any bottom Dwellers to feed off of. In 2014 it was Ottawa at 2-16, in 2013 it was us at 3-15.

Higgins... I don't think he's the worst coach, far from it, but I just don't see him as being much more than a good game manager and not much of an inspirer.

This is a team loss, Cato forced the play in the red zone which is understandable considering the problems the team has had closing. He will learn. Dominique Ellis, Hefney, Townsend, Jourdain and Blake killed so many drives and wiped out a nice return with penalties.

Rutley murdered the RedBlacks in the first half. What does Schonert do ? Completely goes away with the exception of the odd handoff up the gut… If he had been smart he would have rolled out Cato and played the option with Rutley. There is no one else with any speed on that offense.

So Cato wiping out two scores with interceptions, a bunch of guys taking stupid penalties and an OC who could not make adjustments when Ottawa started crashing down the middle.

Als will have to add some speed on the offense, some grit on defense and hope they can string four of five wins together or they won’t make the post season.

Let us not forget, we had a 103 kick return for a TD called back on an absolute bogus call.

Settle down, Cato threw two picks yet he still threw for 300+ and we still were in a position to win. You just can't beat the officials. When you take a 103 yard TD away and call a game impacting pass interference in the last minute, your doomed.

Fixed it for ya.

Both calls were totally legit, so don't go blaming the officials. Townsend and Ellis deserve the blame, not the officials for throwing flags on those plays.

:thup: MadJack

And those were not the only ones of the night that were legit.
Hefney for me, is Emry for you.

Not sure what Popp was thinking when he signed him. I have seen enough of him.

Hoops ter, there were several other legit penalties that had a hand in the Als loss.
LBJ with a hold when the Al's were on the RB'S 20. Stalled the drive nd end result was 1 pt off a missed FG.
And of course my new favorite Al player Hefney what a helping hand in the flag department.

Regarding your point about TH, just goes to show how the RB's outplayed TH. They moved to a hurry up offense not allowing the D to make adjustments. As soon as there was the possibility of a challenge, the RB's punt before TH could react.
Smart coaching by the RB's which is what we do not see from TH. Unable to make adjustments as the game goes on.

If Higgins was that good of a HC, he would not have been away from the sidelines for the amount of time he was.
The RB's did not take a chance on him when they were in search of a HC.

If Higgins was a football coach he would not accept a position with the cfl officiating. That stinks of nepotism old boys connection hire.

Are you a coach or a guy who will go and work for cfl marketing?

You didn't have to see a replay of a fumble if Higgins and reed weren't so busy playing cards or chess on the sidelines. Good coaches are watching the play. When a play results in a fumble and two of your players are signalling it's their ball and there is a clear recovery I think milanovich or huffnagel challenge that play without a replay.

The game was lost by Higgins when he didn't challenge a clear fumble. Instead he wastes his challenge.

I have no problem with Cato. Sure, he threw picks, but one was a mixup between him and Stamps and he's a young QB. INTs are going to happen. Cato is not being put in a position to succeed. If his OC had stuck with the run, he wouldn't have been pressured so much.

Don't disagree. My point was only about TH not throwing the flag. One way or another, he should be looking for a job within a few months; only question IMO is when.

Just a reminder: Jim Popp did not hire Tom Higgins. Higgins was hired by our senile fossil of an owner because he vaguely looked like Marc Trestman.

Very true.

Too bad they didn't just make the decision early that Popp was out of the running and have had conduct a proper coaching search.

Marc Trestman resents that comment :lol:

Bad org decisions can ruin a franchise for years. Our hiring cycle since Trestman left has been awful and a$$-backward. Hurried search that leads to Hawkins being hired and an OC with no CFL experience (Miller). Hawkins canned, Miller demoted, Berry comes in, then everyone is thrown out the following year when the owner takes 100 years to hire Higgins without conducting a proper search. The hire is made so late in the hiring season that there are virtually no options for OC, so Higgins recycles Rick "The Bigot" Worman who is fired midway through camp, leading to the debacle last year with Dinwiddie, Schonert, and Garcia. This year, instead of moving SWIFTLY to hire an OC the second our season was over, we wait ... and wait ... and wait ... until the only option we have is to bring back Schonert, who has exactly one year of CFL experience as receivers coach.

And here we are today. :frowning:

Like I said, if it were me, Higgins would have been gone after last season’s Eastern Final.
Blew it kicking not once, not twice but three times to Banks. And after Banks had burned him in the regular season.

The way things are going the question is does he get let go soon or after the season. Do we see Popp grab this team a fourth time ? :lol: