Als celebrate movielike Grey Cup in the streets of Montreal

MONTREAL — ‘The Great Eight: The flight of the Alouettes’ could be out in every theater in Montreal and across Canada.

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Hey Ro is that you in the second pic wearing that double 00 jersey ? :laughing: :laughing:

Shhhhhh I’m undercover

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Ro likely won’t admit it but he took those photos bare chested.

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What happens at the Grey Cup parade, stays at the Grey Cup parade

Congrats to the Als! Glad the fans enjoyed the festival in Hamilton
When the Cats win their next cup (24 years and counting) we will be just as ecstatic.
“Je te Plumerai”

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Do you know what that means?

Yes, and it is the proud motto of RCAF 425 “Alouette” Squadron RCAF, who flew that 4 -ship formation over Tim Hortons Field.

hardly fitting IMO

Call me stupid but I live in Montreal but didn’t know there was a parade. For the people that are als fans was the parade huge or was it not really energetic.

This is of the video screen and rather early before the parade arrived


Wow ! Those shots are impressive . Nice job Montreal , nice turnout indeed !

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No nice job ro for the impressive shots? :grinning:

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Well I knew it was you because I didn’t see your mascot uniform in any of the pics . :grin: So yes , nice job Ro Ro ! :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Imagine the crowd turnout there’ll be when the Habs finally win a Cup in 2043.

It will be a national holiday

Merci Beaucoup

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I will look forward to your photos.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Because I am a nice guy