Als Cats game thread.

Big game. Go Als

Als defence saves the "Special", in short-bus sort of way, teams once again.

Smart move, regardless of the wind, to not have the TiCats kick-off.

Nice to see them making some use of Marsh other than 3rd down.

Last game he hit a nice 15 yrs-pass in the 4th quarter when the Argos played him to run.

Time count!!!

The VERY SPECIAL teams that Higigns coaches.

I've always wondered on off-sides calls, if the D-Lineman is backing out of the 1 yard zone what advantage has been gained?

Ellis walking the talk

So I am going to bring up the morality of Montreal not playing for the win at the end of the game if they're in a situation of being able to lose by less than 8. For instance, if they're down by 8 at the end of the game and they decide to kick a FG. Or if it goes into OT, and they decide And now, it probably doesn't matter because the Als decided to give the game away as I speak.

TD CATS!!!!!!

SJ Green sure is something. Two nice catches this game. One called back then that one.

so, mr black, isn't Rodgers somebodies son, brother, nephew, sister, etc

Somebodies I am sure; anyone Black knows ...

WOW... it worked this time!!!!

I was away from the TV for a bit, I assume you mean the punt recovery; no big surprise clonsideringt hat Higgins is the seal teams tool, ... err ... coach.

Paging Montreal. You have a game today.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


Big shot on Collaros. Hope its nothing serious.

That's the 3rd uncalled helmet to helmet on our QB this season.

That should be your game. Toronto's out. Too bad. They put up more of a fight this weekend than Montreal did.