Als Cato the odd man out?

[b]Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS
It's still early, but here is the QB depth chart from what I've seen on the field. #Als #CFL

  1. Glenn
  2. Bridge
  3. Boyd
  4. Adams
  5. Cato

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If Cato were to remain that low, can't see how he stays with the team for much longer. #CFL #AlsMTL[/b]

Cato was late to training camp last year as well and was #5 all pre-season. By the start of the regular season, Cato was #4 and did not dress for Game #1.

For 2016, Jim Popp has stated the Als will carry a minimum of 4 quarterbacks. They might carry 5. Als probably want to keep that many in case of injuries on their own team as well anticipating some other team needing a QB at some point this year. Popp also said that he is not going to let Cato go for nothing. While something has to happen eventually, chances are the Als are not going to release Cato so soon.

I don't know what Didier is seeing that others aren't but everyone else says Cato is clearly the second best qb at camp with one dissenting saying he's actually the best there.

Let's wait to see how this shakes out. Cato may have demeanor issues but he has the most CFL experience of any QB on the roster after Glenn, he's deadly accurate throwing the ball, and he has won games as an Alouette. TBH I think Boyd is the QB on the bubble.

Als want to carry five... I don't see a problem.

I think it is smart carrying 5 in the Als situation. Glenn is not the future, so they are looking towards that. I believe his contract ends at the end of 2016...lets them really evaluate a few and if they want to release someone or potentially trade midseason, great. For their situation it seems like a fine decision

Sometimes Didier is full of shid... :roll:

[i]Enough with the Cato soap opera dramatics! The Alouettes will not release Cato. There is no way Cato will end up in Hamilton, to help out the Ticats until Collaros returns from injury.

Don’t even dream about it Ticat fans! :cowboy: [/i]

Where did Didier or anyone else mention anything about the Cats trying to pry Cato from the Als?

According to the Sun it was the Argos that could be calling Cato. The Argos put him on their neg list originally but the Als took him

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Other teams will just wait out who gets cut and give them a try whether it's Cato or someone else . Cato has the physical tools .

I am just not sure what happened to his personal or pro life to change his outside demeanor . Maybe he was disappointed in himself or the situation here but you could definitely read it on him in his body language and face .
He definitely wears his emotions outside .

He has had a hard life and wish for him to succeed in the CFL .

The Als put him on their neg list first. Anyway do the Math. Als want to carry "publicly" five quarterbacks and Popp has told prospects and agents he's going to carry six. Cato isn't going anywhere for a number of reasons. First he's the best young QB we have, second the fans like him, third Popp will never, ever survive this if Cato establishes himself with another team and finally he's not a CAP hit.

Barker using his talking head as a dog whistle is comical.

How is he going to carry five or six? that would mean trying to get one on the 6 game injured and another on or two on the practice roster, if they would agree to that and players can be plucked off the practice roster by other teams. Three or four on the sidelines means reducing the roster somewhere else and then there is the ratio to consider too

You can’t “pluck” off a player off a practice roster. That’s been addressed. Als can dress 3, can put one the PR and put one or two on the IR. Only thing you can’t do is put 2 QB’s on the PR because then a team can force you to swap out both your backup quarterbacks. Als could also dress Bridge as a receiver special teamer if they want to.

Right now barring injuries, the Als are going to go into the season with Glen, Bridge and one of Boyd or Cato. Adams will be place on the IR. I suspect Medlock will be placed on the practice roster.

Before Cato is cut, the Als are going to cut loose any of Crompton, Boyd or Medlock. There are a lot of bodies before we get to Cato…

Popp is used to carrying that many on his roster somewhere. It seems like that's been pretty standard for him to do since the end of the Calvillo era. They're still trying to figure out who is the next QB who can take the controls for more than a handful of games. And, at times, their hand was forced to carry more by a string of injuries like what occurred last season. Glenn brings some stability to the job but it's a temporary fix given his age so they'll keep 3-4 guys behind him hoping to identify who can become the next guy.

If Boyd is #3 on the depth chart, IMO, you PR him and dress Vernon Adams, unless Adams has a horrible preseason showing. Adams would be the more dynamic option for short yardage IMO. I do think that if Boyd somehow stays in the 3rd spot on the depth chart ahead of Cato, then they cut Cato and hold onto a couple of the others on the PR and IR. Still, I think Cato probably wins the 3rd string job as my personal opinion of Boyd given his month here with the Bombers is he's going the road of Troy Smith. Crompton is sitting out right now because of injury, no? I think once he's healthy you basically have 2 options - keep him if he's going to be your #2 guy behind Glenn or release him. I don't see why you'd keep him at this point to take the 3rd or 4th spots on the depth chart.

Crompton is on his second contract. He makes two to three times as much as Cato but I suppose if Popp offers him a renegotiated contract he will have no other opportunity but to take it.. then there is the problem that fans want nothing to do with Crompton. They have a tough enough sell with Glen right now. you read the comment sections in Montreal media and Crompton is a no go AFAICT but Popp has never paid much attention to fans opinions while his success gave him that right, this is no longer the case. Right now Crompton is an insurance policy in the event glen falls to an early season ending injury.

Bridge should be dealt to o e of the black holes in the CFL( Vancouver, Toronto). Heave. For Id this guy ever starts, he could pay for his own salary with extra ticket sales. I dont think Quebecers care if a non Frankaphone Canadian QB was their starter.

Bridge speaks very, very good French, better than 99 percent of Anglophones in this country.

HfxTC, what are your thoughts on Bridge?
do you believe he has the goods to be a starter in this league one day, if not at least a competent #2?

I had high hopes for Jesse Palmer a few years back which eventually fizzled out, but it would be nice to see Bridge given a fair shot regardless of birth certificate.

[i]Dumb politically charged comment! :cowboy:

Quebecers loved an American QB of Mexican heritage. Maybe you heard of him. His name was Anthony Calvillo. He played a few years in the CFL with some success... :roll: :cowboy:

People here want a WINNER. A guy who can play and lead his team to victory. [/i]