Al's Bring Stewart Back

8) The Montreal Al's have brought back 37 yr. old, Anwar Stewart, out of retirement. Tough times I would say !!
  They also signed Import DE Eze Obiorato, who was in Hamilton's training camp this year.

Looks like MTL player personnel and scouting depts are in shambles too.

While they're at it, why not bring back Elfrid Payton. Defensive line is the least of their problems. Here's hoping gerbear9 is not getting his knickers in a knot over the Stewart signing.

Stewart played well for the Stamps last year down the stretch. I wouldn't sell Big Stew short. He's a pro's pro. Popp is getting a guy that knows what is expected and can lead from within and set an example in practice, in locker room, on sidelines and on the field. Utmost respect for Anwar.

Your by far the smartest fan on this forum. Classy too. :thup: :thup:

It's not about respect or what he did in the past its about now. If he's supposedly still effective why was he cut in the first place ?

I think he would be an upgrade over Kuale. They just cut Kuale so now they'll give Stewart a shot and see how that goes.