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...Well opening day is around the corner and the 16' reg. season starts Fri. for the Bombers...Judging from what I've seen so far, a vast improvement, talent and coaching wise, is going to shock a lot of people in this league...First victims will be the Als. to kick things off....I don't like making early predictions but here goes...Our offence is going to butcher a very inexperienced Als. secondary and our D is going to come up big...2 reasons for my prognostication....Our O line, the Achilles heal of last year, has been improved and our Defence has only got stronger since 15'...All of the offensive weapons..Smith,Dressler and Harris, added in the offseason, are going to start accumulating points early and Medlock will add to the Als. frustration.....I'm saying we win big to start the season...How's that for confidence.. :wink: GOBIGBLUE..Should be a good one. :thup:

Als fan here, of course. I've picked Montreal to win, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if Winnipeg won.

How you going to butcher our secondary when we pressure or sack your QB relentlessly, slicing through that swiss cheese O-line of yours which is also missing Jeff Keeping? :smiley: (just some friendly trash talk here, nobody get irate)

our Defence has only got stronger since 15'
Hardly an endorsement, given you were 8th in the league last year, according to your boy Penton:

"Richie Hall's defence was ranked eighth in the league last season, and it allowed a whopping average of 6.8 yards on first down."

Game on! Regardless of who wins or loses, it feels so good to anticipate the start of the season! :rockin:

....Hi discipline..welcome your comments...I don't think Halls 'last years' D was as bad as the stats. would indicate...Admittedly the only criteria we can go on at present, but a few additions and changes can make all the difference in the world...I believe they have made those changes...One in particular that has been just announced, and one I pushed for last year, is seeing Hurl out and Khalil Bass inserted in the middle...Along with Wild they are going to be very tough to run against..a major flaw last year...We'll see Fri.

...As far a your secondary goes...c'mon...White and Ellis out ,and replacing their experience is going to hurt..Something that won't be lost on LaPolice and Willy...Ryan Smith and Dressler, I.m sure, are chopping at the bit...I know your team likes to blitz a lot...May not work anymore as Andrew Harris will definitely be used to take that pressure off..Anyway...lot's can happen in a game and overall it should be a good one.. :thup:

I agree with that! Replacing Hurl with Bass is a big step up. WPG's LB corps is definitely improved and that's something we'll have to find a way to deal with.

...As far a your secondary goes...c'mon...White and Ellis out ,and replacing their experience is going to hurt..
White, yes, I grant you. Ellis? Wasn't even a starter for us. He was slated to replace Jerald Brown, but lost his job in camp to a younger DB. And we've still got J. Johnson, Parker, and Brouillette to provide veteran presence in our secondary.
I know your team likes to blitz a lot...May not work anymore
We don't need to blitz to get pressure. I'll put our front four of Knapton, Cash, Martin, and Bowman against the front four of any other team in the league. Same for our LB corps (Cox, Woods, Venable, Hebert). :rockin:

Front four...pretty good ... BUT LB'S ...Cox???slipped a lot last year...could be a weak link this year??? Woods???oft injured..I'll agree the other two are pretty good...Guess we'll have a lot more to go on as the season progresses but I think you'll see a vastly improved Ritchie Hall D ...and nothing like last years or preseason :wink:

No question Woods is injury-prone but when he's healthy, he is a beast. Eastern DPOW nominee in 2014 despite playing only two-thirds of the season -- that should tell you something. Cox a weak link? You wish you had a SAM linebacker that "weak." :lol:

Having indulged in some friendly trash-talking, I'll be serious for a minute. I do think Hall's D will be improved. But just as his D won't be what you see in preseason, neither will ours. So I expect a tight game on Friday regardless of who wins.

...I always like the football banter... trash or otherwise ..especially with fans that know what they're talking about like you discipline...(and now you can send me the appropriate amount for that compliment discipline LOL)...I think it will be a close game as well and it'll be nice to get out of the gate with a win :wink:

Yup, same feeling here, papa. I respect your football knowledge and your passion for the Bombers. And I'm glad you get that the banter is all in good fun. :thup:

Our biggest improvement on D was at the Line. Yes, we gave up a lot of yards on first down which made it easier for teams to convert second and short. Part of the problem was an insufficiency on Dline next to Westerman. The opposite end spot is still open IMO. Green has won that spot for now, but Derrell Johnson and Adrian Hubbard still figure into the mix as neither of the three has really grabbed hold of the job. But Shologan and Cummings at DT are a big upgrade, can play the run and offer some pass rushing. Trent Corney also provides a solid Canadian back up there as well. Take what you will from the preseason opener with the vanilla schemes across the board, but our starting Dline was able to push that Als Oline across the board, including Jeff Perrett.

Front 7 on D for the Als is a good group and for sure will push the Oline. Hardrick taking over from Daniels at LG is an upgrade. We'll see how Goosen and Neufeld hold up. One thing that will help is finally having some pass plays to the RBs in the playbook, regardless if it's Harris at RB or if his recently tweaked hammie forces Flanders into a starting role.

That Als receiving group will pose challenges for the best of secondaries this year. They'll get their yards and put up points. The question is whether the sacrifices they've had to make in their own secondary to afford these guys will be good enough to stop other teams from doing the same. Anytime you put yourself in a position of having to jettison a couple of your starting DBs to start cheaper options can hurt you. Our offense has been work in progress, with the starters not really having put up much in the 2 preseason games. But I think we can score some big yards if we can get Dressler or Smith up against a couple of their newbies in isolation.

Key for us IMO will be if our defense can pressure that Oline group enough to keep them from clicking and giving our offense the opportunity to get on track without having to play from behind. Should be fun.

.....Well Flanders it is....our thorough bred came up lame before he got out of the gate :x ..I guess we can take some comfort in knowing that Flanders can carry the rock and did a good job against the Als. last time out..Ratio will be affected however causing us to do some shuffling...Will not know till the official line-up for the game is posted ........Looks like Fogg is practising in Johnny Adams spot....Because it looks like Flanders is in,Feoli-Guidino is in for Jace Davis...................Also of note is that we have signed a DB,Travis Hawkins that has kicked around the nfl and suited up for T.O. in 15' AND Junior Haidara , canuck receiver who was a high pic of the Leos and recent cut in Sask....Looks like a few positions are far from being settled :roll:

...This just in/ ..Harris is at practice but not involved...They are now saying he 'could' dress for Fridays tilt but are prepared in case he's not ready :roll: ..Keeping everyone guessing :lol:

Hmmm, I’m a little confused here. :smiley: Anyway, good luck to the Winnipeg Roughriders. Hope you have a great season for a change. You guys deserve it. Got a feeling my Riders will be looking up at the Bombers in the standings this year.

Don't be fooled by the negative Montreal sports media. We didn't cut starters because of cap trouble. We cut Ellis because Ethan Davis had a great camp and showed he could do the job for fewer dollars. White, by his own admission, had a bad camp and was asked to take a pay cut (i.e. become a backup). He refused and so he was released. But cap trouble has nothing to do with it. Popp simply found two younger, cheaper DBs who could do the job just as well, if not better.

Both Davis and Henderson are young and will undoubtedly make mistakes, but they aren't starters purely because they were cheaper. They're starters because they can play.

.....Now c;mon taleback.... :lol:

Reason for quote one.... At the time that quote you referenced was made, Harris was still in the lineup
Reason for quote two...Harris will most likely not be in the line-up Friday..hence my re-evaluation of a big win vs. a close game

I hope that clears up your confusion :lol: And thank you by the way for not re-upping Dress and Ryan...We will be forever in your debt, and hopefully the riders will be looking up at the Bombers, in the standings, for quite some time.. :thup:

I like the Peg for this year.
Improvement on all sides, you need a healthy Willy for the entire year.
I am picking you guys for a big win on opening night.
Any idea as to the crowd size?

Je suis d’accord que la défensive de Hall était meilleure que les chiffres semblent l’indiquer. Surtout, c’est que l’attaque de Bellefeuille était à ce point “ordinaire” que la défensive passait souvent trop de temps sur le terrain. Nous avons connu notre part de ce phénomène l’an dernier à Montréal aussi. Avec l’attaque de LaPolice, ceci devrait arriver moins souvent.

Par contre, je ne suis pas certain que l’attaque de Winnipeg va faire autant de ravages qu’elle ne le prétend. Lors de la première partie préparatoire, la ligne offensive a peiné contre la deuxième unité défensive des Alouettes, surtout le front défensif. J’admets qu’on n’expose pas de stratégie lors de ces parties, mais il demeure que le front défensif partant des Alouettes est passablement plus coriace que la deuxième unité. Qu’on le veuille ou non, Bowman, Cash, Martin et Knapton sont plus aguerris que Lavarias, Evans, Joseph et Klassen. De même pour les secondeurs, où malgré les bonnes prestations de Koster, Shortill et Temple, on n’est pas encore du calibre de Cox, Venable, Hebert et Woods. Pour que Willy réussisse à exploiter les recrues défensives des Alouettes, il va devoir bénéficier d’une excellente protection parce que l’action va souvent se passer près de lui.

Par ailleurs, Winnipeg jouera aussi avec 2 substituts dans la tertiaire (secondary). Avec des gars comme Green, Carter, Lewis et Giguère (j’omets volontairement Stafford et Cunningham pour ne pas trop effrayer :wink: ), ils ont des chances de se faire embobiner plusieurs fois. Par ailleurs, les Alouettes peuvent compter sur un solide jeu au sol avec Sutton et Rutley en uniforme et la capacité de mettre les deux sur le terrain à l’occasion tout en respectant le ratio. Andrew Harris est blessé et ça pourrait sérieusement affecter tant l’attaque au sol que la protection de Willy.

Finalement, un éternel oublié s’appelle Stefan Logan. J’ai trouvé que les unités spéciales de Winnipeg avaient fait du bon travail sur les couvertures de bottés. Mais avec Logan comme retourneur à la place de Davidson, la menace prend une toute autre dimension. Logan a connu toute une saison 2015 et il demeure très en forme. S’il a ses opportunités, il pourrait donner plusieurs terrains courts aux Alouettes.

Ce sera donc un départ intéressant pour les deux équipes et même si je prévois que les Alouettes vont gagner cette partie, je ne serais pas non plus surpris si Winnipeg devait avoir le dessus.

....You are right LeStaf that coaching changes have made a big difference in the Peg..Add to that changes on the o line and we have a different and higher quality group..Lapolice will definitely be a huge difference maker compared to Bellefueille and his poor offensive co-ordinating..How much???I guess we'll see the beginning of that tomorrow..Harris being in the lineup or not, will affect our game plan but we are preparing for either eventuality....

...You guys are going to be tough defensively (except your secondary) and your receivers are going to give us fits BUT we have solid DB'S who are going to carve a name for themselves this year...Should be quite a contest to kick things off and might be an indicator of things to come..In any event good luck on Friday, (but not an over abundance)..We are both definitely looking for a win to start the season...Here we go 16'

Sorry LeStaffe that I didn't answer you in Francaise... My French is so rusty you'd probably get frustrated and quit reading

Well, given the fact that an injury is forcing us to activate a guy from the practice roster and make a change at four different positions in the secondary, I am less optimistic about my team's chances on Friday. I'll hope for a win, but I don't expect it.

Pas de quoi s’excuser. Chacun s’exprime dans la langue qu’il maîtrise le plus. C’est la meilleure façon de ne pas écrire de bêtise. :thup:

...Okay....I'll go with language comfort zone.....for me as well as yourself :thup: :thup:

Not having Adams out there is a concern for our secondary. Starting both Fogg and Posey worries me, as both gave up some catches in the preseason game and both will start on the same side of the field with vets Bruce Johnson and Chris Randle on the other side. Plus I'm still not sold on Macho Harris at safety. I would expect the Als to really test that side of the field. With the Als also having two new guys in the secondary, this game could hinge on which pair of rookies has the better game.