After two straight losses, the home side is well rested and ready to resume their winning ways (hopefully) against a struggling Als (1-6) squad, who enter the game off a tough loss on the road versus the Riders and now have former Bomber Alex Brink calling the signals. With no changes expected to the Bomber o-line for the first time in a while and receiver Nick Moore likely back in the line-up, the Bombers (5-3) are 7 point favourites in the early betting. Linebacker Ejiro Kuale was injured against the Argos and will miss the game with Abraham Kromah the likely replacement.

O'Shea said on the coaches show that Kuale is still a possibility for Friday's game. I thought I read somewhere that he was definitely out but apparently not.

A lot of practice reports from this morning suggested Kuale was out and Kromah in his spot as all but certain. Maybe they’re hedging a bit since the game this week isn’t until Friday and there’s an outside chance he could be ready. Or maybe it’s just gamesmanship.

Looks like Sears is out for the Als game though.

.....Sears missing A LOT of games again????I luv the guys effort when he's in but his continuing health problems are worrisome to say the least...I think we'll see Kromah in place of Kuale...AND apparently Stoudermire is making quite an impression on d with a nice little pick six at practise... Some say he has great hands and should be playing offence..Great signing by Walters :wink: :thup:

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 1m

QB Jonathan Crompton’s getting lots of work with #Als’ starters today. He won’t start, but they want to make sure he’s ready and prepared.

Could be good news for us. Crompton’s got potential but Brink has only been the starter for one week and hasn’t gotten a whole lot of reps with the starters so far this season, now he’s getting even less as they work in Crompton. Not sure how you can break in a new QB and not give them all the reps possible to get them ready. Now if only they screwed around with their defensive personnel we’d be golden.

From what I've seen the last two games, if the Als have any sort of run game, it could be a long night for the good guys. Where's da beef ?

Anyone seen the “new” uniforms yet? Judging by the pictures shown in the article, they seem to look like more like an Argos jersey to me…

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As ugly as they are, at least they’re not green !

Haha, so true!

But these are ugly. The whole idea is stupid. Most fans loved the retro jersey's, why not do something along those lines?
WAY to Argo like.

Whatever, the jersey is not going to impact if they win/lose.

Camo ! LOL , maybe it will help them sneak up on quarterbacks :wink:

Don't knock it, we're at the leading edge of football technology. By the LDC we should have our "stealth" receivers that DB's can't see. Still working out the bugs on how the QB will see them though...... 8)

Well. At least Reebok put some efforts into this. :thup: So far the only ones I think are an improvement are the Argos uniforms. I'm terrified Montreal will get feathers. Lots and lots of feathers.

…Feathers??? :lol: AND handbags…good grief what’s this league coming to…My message for O’Shea for this game is to play the Als. tough…Playing like you have 2 pts. in the bank will result in 2 pts. going the other way…I think we may have to double team Bowman and our D has to show no mercy on whoever is quarterbacking the Als…Crunch time is here guys… :wink:

O'Shea confirmed today that Kuale is indeed out for the game as well as Jason Vega with a foot problem (probably from all that runway walking yesterday). :stuck_out_tongue: The replacements for the injured duo are Kromah and Kashawn Fraser.

Kromah listed as the backup behind Wild on the depth chart, though I’m sure he get his snaps on D.

Also, Nick Moore back on. Good to get him back and push Bryant back into a backup role.

Sigh, a good example why I think so much of our local media just absolutely suck.

Paul Wiecek in the Free Press setting up the game vs the Als tonight -

With one more loss at home this season, the current edition of the Bombers will have as many home losses as they did in the 1992, 1993 and 1994 seasons combined.

Seriously, he’s going back as far as 20 yrs ago to compare this team to, and the era of god awful US based CFL franchises. His point that to be a good team you need to win your home games, especially the winnable ones against bad opponents is correct, but the comparison is ridiculous IMO. Look no further than the last 5 years to see why we’re not world beaters - 1-8 last year and either 4-5 or 5-4 the 4 years before that makes the same point, we need to be a lot better at home. This team should be able to get back to that 4-5 home win area which is a middle of the road team, and that is a big step forward IMO considering the effort to rebuild after last years debacle.

He really dug deep... Bombers have had a great turnaround. Every team goes through dips and sometimes valleys during a season...

Oh, don’t shoot the messenger. His point is valid; the lack of success at home when compared to the team’s success on the road is somewhat troublesome. Not as major as the lack of success defending against the run lately, certainly, but still a cause for some concern.

I don’t think anyone should expect sportswriters to be shills for their hometown team. You have to take the good with the bad.

There’s lots of good with the Bombers this year, and the local media in Winnipeg (and I read both the Winnipeg Sun and the Winnipeg Free Press) has not been at all reluctant to point that out. But there’s been some troubling signs as well, and they have done their job in pointing those out as well.

Wiecek has written some positives this year, for sure. Since Mack’s departure even Penton at the Sun has been more complimentary as well, more balanced in his coverage. This team is trending up from last year and still has it’s issues, I think everyone can agree on that. I’m not arguing the general point he’s making, just how he’s making it. The point can easily be made looking back over the last 5-6 years where we’ve been a middling team at home whereas the top teams in the league have been able to win 6 or more home games. In fact, it’s very hard to get to the Grey Cup cup game having won less than 6 home games. Only the Argos and Bombers have done that in the last few years. Very few teams these days can go 8-1 at home. BCs done it a couple times in the last few years, Calgary has as well. Even the vaunted Als were only able to go 8 plus wins at home once in recent history, in 2008 they were a perfect 9-0. The only reason you go so far back in a comparison is just to disparage the team IMO.

They are the first ones to gush when we are doing good, then demand that we lock coaches/GM's up with longterm deals. Then when things go south, they are the first ones to throw them under the bridge and suggest that we fire said coaches/GM's.
The media in WPG is terrible.