Als - Bombers

Well, I won’t repeat what I have said in two previous posts about our Als’ chances of winning this one, but I hope for the best.

There have been a lot of roster moves prior to this one. I sincerely hope that our coaching staff have been carefully studying video of our recent games and come up with just the right personnel on D to get us just enough stops to secure a W.

On O, we need better execution from some of our star receivers and we need to get Brandon involved early and often (gee, I was trying so hard not to repeat myself!).

So, it’s on to Winnipeg and I hope we will be 3-3 later Friday evening.

Go Als go!

Winnipeg will be overplaying the short game this week so it's imperative for us to back them off with the deep ball. With Bratton back and London emerging as a deep threat, we have the receivers to test Winnipeg deep. Anthony has to be able to complete deep balls to all corners of the field. The wide-side posts and gos can't be off-limits, we need to go after the Bombers everywhere to open up Whitaker underneath. After the first game, Burke is going to lock down Brandon on the short curls and screens unless we loosen their coverage up by taking shots down field.

Defensively, we have to continue our strong play from the second half of the Toronto game. More difficult with Bekasiak out, but not impossible. Winnipeg just lost a starter on the O-line for the season, and Brink is still adapting. No reason we shouldn't torpedo him into next week with our pass rush. On the corners, Williams and Parker should be baiting the inexperienced QB by allowing early completions, so he's tempted into going to that well too often and we can intercept for pick-sixes.

Bombers apparently fielding a 40 man roster. Yay for us.

Johnny don’t get that. Are their practice roster players SO BAD they prefer to play 2 guys short, rather than dressing the full 42?

This game will determine the status of our 3/4 defense. Winnipeg is questionable in the QB department and, and, their defense is weaker that the 2011 group. London has demonstrated his good receiving ability-indeed I like his long receptions but, will Green and Richardson continue their 2012 tendency to drop too many footballs? I too would like AC to go deep opening up space for our ground game. I would think that if our team loses this one there will have to be huge changes in our defensive system.

Preventable penalties have to be eliminated. If I see another sack wiped out because Seth F. Williams mugs a receiver unnecessarily at the line of scrimmage, or a drive extended due to a roughing the passer call, I'm going to throw my remote through the TV. We have to be aggressive, but on the edge, not over it.

Brink isn't a scrambler. If we can collapse the pocket on him, we should be fine.

MadJack can confirm or deny this: was it my imagination, or were we using two defensive tackles as down linemen at times against Toronto? Occasionally, I thought I saw both Jenkins and Cash in a three-point stance, as well as Bowman on one side, while the fourth rusher (Davis or maybe even Mullinder) came off the edge in an open stance.

I don't know if you saw the game last week but Brink has decided to run with the ball and he does so with commitment. If we vacate the middle he will burn us a few times. Their oline is terrible in pass protection but they sure can open up holes.

Oh, really? I actually missed the game, and had not seen Brink scramble much in the past. So obviously keeping contain is important, as is making sure we don't vacate the middle too frequently. But a good push from the interior of the line will solve a lot of those problems.

Their oline is terrible in pass protection but they sure can open up holes.
We've been substantially better against the run since week one. Hopefully that trend continues tomorrow.

Bombers will try to outmuscle our smaller DBs with a short passing game to Watson and Matthews. If our defense has any chance to be successful, they will have to shut that down.

And Bryant Turner, arguably Wpg.`s best d-lineman, will miss the game because of a death in the family.

Their new RB is also very good running between tackles. Has great technique. Runs low and heavy and puts his head down. They are a better team now then when they started the season. Matthews is the best receiver in the league right now IMO and they have a good returner.

Yeah Brink has decided he's not going to be a nail anymore...

Brink can run, but I’m not sure I’d call him a scrambler. His runs are more because of draws being called due to open space, not so much ad libbed due to pressure. He is still learning how to recognise blitzes, and when to get the ball away and when to eat it. So, ya, pressure on him will go along way in your favour. The picks he has thrown (while not all his fault) have been due to pressure.
Our OLine has been getting better each game, I don’t think you’ll see the same success as last time getting to the QB.
Turner will be sorely missed. The Dline was just starting to look like last year, we had pressure on Jyles constantly. Watch out for Hall, he had a big game last week, and hopefully Mainor is back.
I agree with the comments on Simpson. He reminds me alot of Charlie Roberts the way he hits the holes, and runs through traffic. I think he’s going to have a big game.

Is Trestman going to let Reinbold talk to the press, or is he still keeping the muzzle on his dogs?

Seems to me that generally, Davis and Ingram are the 2 OLBs, usually lining up on the line but standing; Bowman and 2 others in a 3 point stance. The other 2 seem to be rotating almost every play.

Muzzle still on Reinebold, but Trestman actually doing him a favor not having to face embarassing questions about the defence.

Als 8:00 A.M. Air Canada flight delayed until 3:40 P.M. Obviously a Winnipeg plot! Moral of the story: fly WestJet.

Not a chance. Winnipeg is the last place he'd let Reinebold loose and Jeff's not in a position to chance it...

Couple weeks ago took an AC flight to Newfoundland... and this is what happened.

Made us board at 5:45 for a 6:20 flight but there were no pilots on the plane. So no air...
7:00 O'clock stewardess tells us the shuttle forgot to pickup the pilots but they are on their way...
7:35 still no pilots, no air and they refuse to let us off the plane. Don't even offer us a glass of water...
7:55 Pilot shows up, turns on the air system and proceeds to tell us that they are just boarding the plane now because Air Canada are clueless and refuse to accept that there is mandatory rest time before they can board an airplane to fly and legally were not allowed to operate the plane till 8:00 am. Basically telling us the stewardess is a liar or Air Canada is.
8:45 we finally taxi off to the runway. where we wait for 35 minutes till the tower can find some open slot to allow us to take off.
9:15am the stewardess tells us they will be selling refreshments and snacks !
9:45 Finally get a FREE glass of water.
Arrived in St-John's roughly 3.5 hours late, had to cancell an appointment.

Worst flight I've had in about 500 I have taken. I will never, ever fly AC again.

I visit my son's family in Calgary regularly and always use Westjet- never any problems. My first stock was WestJet many years ago and, made several thousand $ on it. Air Canada seems to have frequent labor problems and WJ lets the customers know they are appreciated.

As per CFL transactions of today.
Added to roster: Bratton,Lockley and Matte.
Trasferred to 1 game injury list: Bekasiak,Devine and Guy.

Murrell was extended on 1 game injury list.


If thats the case Lockley should be dressing, or why bother taking him off the injured list. Who would he be replacing? With Bekasiak out it cant be Jenkins or Cash. Osaisai maybe?

If Lockley plays, I suppose that either Osaisai or Bowling will sit.