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Another Sell-out for Bombers; Temporary Seats Now Available

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 19, 2011

WINNIPEG, MB - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are proud to announce that Saturday's crucial game against the Montreal Alouettes has sold out. This marks the sixth consecutive sell-out for the Blue Bombers.

The club has also announced that the 500 additional temporary seats will be available next to section?s A and Y. These seats are rush seating and are priced at $35.

Each Fan who attends Saturday's game will receive a $10 BOMBER STORE VOUCHER upon entry. This voucher is good for $10 off at the Bomber Store from October 22nd - October 31st.

Fans are encouraged to get their tickets for the final regular season home game to ever be played at Canad Inns Stadium on October 28 by visiting or by calling 1-855-BOMBERS. Over 26,000 tickets have already been sold for this game and the organization has a lot planned to pay tribute to the long history of Canad Inns Stadium.

Loud and Proud ... its going to be a good. Go Blue !!

I’m hoping we send you paying fans rushing for the exits in the 3rd quarter :lol:

.....some changes to ponder.....O line being changed but has been in the works really since tc....Khan is out ..Labatte takes his place at centre....Greaves is in for Labatte....This kid is strong and can get some good push...Morley should be better playing along side a stronger centre...Douglas is the only ? mark...He should be able to up his play and if not he'll be looked at hard for next game....We are also inserting Boreham for Renaud...Kick-offs will be better and Jamie plays this game hard...He can really lay a lick if he has to...Palardy is still kicking field-goals with Boreham holding...The line-up 'could' be changed to include TJ Harris...but that would mean a juggling act and i don't know if Lapo will go there...In the final analysis I like the changes...This should make us a whole lot harder to handle offensively...Looking forward to a hard fought game...GOBIGBLUE :thup: :cowboy:

....First of all ....Can we make Burke the head-coach....cuz without this/his super D we're looking at the bad side of another close one ....Kudos to the offence for finally getting it done BUT...c'mon ....we let these guys off the hook ...over and over and over.....The last quarter seems a blur to me now but i can still see Calvillo being buried again ...again... and again... :thup: Like i said earlier in the season....give this team a good/better offence and we could be dangerous....First place and a home playoff is within our grasp guys.....This has been a long time coming :thup: :rockin: :rockin: GoBig Blue

Congrats Blue Bombers on their impressive victory over the Big Bad Als.

This game shows why I love the Bombers. D played fantastic. I lost count on how many points were left on the field, but the O didn't give up. They plugged away and we won a very exciting game. There may be faults with this team, lack of heart isn't one of them!!!

Agreed! Probably the best Bomber defense since the 80’s.The offense can be frustrating but as you say they seem to keep throwing punches no matter what.Lapo’s decision making when under pressure does have me worried .

....I don't like to criticize after a nice win like that...BUT....what were we thinking just before the half...Poor time-clock management AGAIN...I recall a game last year when the clock ran out down at the 10, when we could've easily kicked for 3...Lapo hasn't learned much about that part of the game....It seems like the bench 'loses it' .. Paul seems to have no idea where the clock is ...panic sets in and he starts running around like he just missed the bus....This part of the game has to get better...I'm still a little worried about our lack of offence and for crying out loud...if that's all we can come-up with for a trick play :lol: losing five on the kick exchange... :lol: Are these plays being drawn up by Renaud??? :roll: ..Anyway...all in all we got better when it are the MAN :rockin:

X3! They keep on givin' 'er no matter what. I love this team because they believe in each other.

The best thing to come out of that game was that the Als didn't get the satisfaction of clinching first place in our building. Gutsy effort, what the Bombers lack in polish they make up for in grit and determination.

Very true...and when I think about how young this team is, well...things should only get better. Could be the start of good things, Bomber fans...

It was execution, not the play calls that were the problem. There was enough time on the clock for a play and then FG attempt if Pierce had thrown the ball instead of taking off with it. IIRC the play from last season was like that too - play that was run was not what was called.

Boreham sucks. Now that that's been established, can we go back to the guy who was the best punter in the league for a year and a half?

And is it a coincidence Palardy's FG% is like 55% without Renaud holding and 85% when he does?

Time management needs some work whether it's LaPo or the offense or whoever's fault it may be. Can't have those mistakes they'll lose games.

Kudos to the D and even to the offense as though they are not great, they stuck with it and came through in the end.

... In the radio interview,LaPolice is taking the blame for the botched clock management.....BUT i think he may be taking some of the heat off of Buck...I don't know why there's not closer scrutiny in the final seconds by us...We seem lackadaisacle with no sense of urgency...I questioned before, do we even have a hurry-up in our offensive schemes...I don't think we have...We can't continue to leave points on the field like that...We should be addressing this at practise forthwith ...I also believe we had a time-out in the 2nd quarter....Lapo should have called it ,cooled things down and avoided all of the confusion...That's the way i saw it :roll:

LaPo called the timeout a play or two earlier (though he let about 4 seconds drain off the clock before he actually called it)

They hadn't planned on taking the time out then. Buck was pointing at his helmet and gesturing to the sidelines that he wasn't getting a play so they had to take it.

obvious to anyone watching IMO.