OK. We witnessed a great rebound on Sunday, and kudos to the entire team for a great victory.

However, pro sports must have short-term memory. The Bombers are not to be taken lightly! They are coming off a very emotional W for their playoff lives. They know they are coming in as underdogs, but at this point they must play with reckless abandon in every one of the last 4 games of the season. We have also seen that Jyles is well capable of torching the D secondary; he did just that 3 weeks ago.

So, on D, the Als must bring their A game once more. A running-for-his life Jyles will be as ineffective as Burris was last Sunday. Blanket coverage will mean longer reads, and the D linemen will have better chances to sack Jyles. However, Jyles is a definite threat on his feet, so this is another aspect of preparation for the D.

On O, more of the same, please - Mr. AC & co.!!! Let's get that running game into gear with a little smash-mouth, end-around, sweeps, options, and screens. This will help keep the Bombers' D guessing all game long.

A little AD would be nice, too, and not just in "garbage time".

Go Als go!!!

I'll give the Als the edge in this one. We're playing at home and I imagine the defense will be eager to atone for their performance when we last played the Bombers. We can't let Carr ramble for 150 yards on us again.

Depends which "team" shows up....the Alouettes that lost to Calgary and played abysmally for much of the second half here in Montreal...or the Alouettes that were prideful and aggressive in the first half.
While I'm happy to see this team can "turn it on" when it's needed...the "need" part seems to be a little lacking. Do they really need to have their backs to the wall...or be embarrassed to be up for a game and play to their potential?

Well...this game will tell. It's not for a lot of marbles. But if the Alouettes continue to sleepwalk through the rest of the season...somebody might just sneak up on them when least expected. Wakey wakey!!!

I hope we will see Hawkins do the end around- we know what he does in the air but, I would like to see Hawkins show us some runs. And as noted, Colt David should get the stars and, this might be the time to take another look at Vann.

LeRoy Vann has been deleted from the active roster and transferred to the practice roster.-CFL transactions of today-


Just heard on RIS that Duval is still bothered by his injury, so “Colt 45” will be doing the kicking duties again on Sunday.

Bored with nothing better to do, I made 2 calculations. Calvillo is 5161 yards behind Allen, and if he's back next year he should easily surpass it. He is missing 13 touchdowns to tie Allen for all time. Is 14 td's obtainable with 4 games left? What do u guys think?

Damn I should of just went to the Al's site and see the Calvillo record watch link!!!!!!!

Possible, but unlikely given our RZ problems this season. My guess is that Anthony will break the TD record a third of the way through next season, and passing yardage by next season's end.

Assuming AC returns next year, and considering whatever else he may accomplish this year, he could well break Allen's record and it would be an even greater accomplishment, since it would have been attained in less time. Such being the case, the record could stand for many years, as only QBs who have many consecutive outstanding years (i.e. more than a decade) would be in a position to challenge it.

I hope this will be the case, but first things first - I want to see AC take his team to the Big Dance and win it! Hopefully next year as well. That would help to temper the view, held by many, that AC is an outstanding QB, but not a champion (only 2 GC wins out of 7 appearances). I know there are people out there who would dispute greatness on the basis of championship games, and there are valid arguments both ways. However, it would be nice to see him end his illustrious career (with records that may never be beat!) with 1 or 2 more GC rings in his showcase.

Je ne suis pas certain que Calvillo court après le record du plus grand nombre de verges gagnées par la passe. Je crois qu'il court après celui du plus grand nombre de touchés, parce que celui-là est accessible à court terme. Pour ce qui est de l'autre record, je crois que Calvillo est assez désintéressé que si le meilleur intérêt de l'équipe l'exige, il passera les commandes à McPherson.

J'aimerais le voir partir en champion moi aussi, parce que je trouve que sa réputation de perdant des grandse occasions est un peu injuste, compte tenu qu'il s'est souvent rendu à la Coupe Grey contre des équipes meilleures que celle qu'il dirigeait. Depuis 10 ans, personne n'a gagné plus de 2 Coupes Grey, alors lui serait un perdant des grandes occasions alors qu'il y a été 7 fois et que les autres n'y sont pas allés? Une coupe de plus lui rendrait justice, mais gagner la Coupe Grey deux années de suite est un exploit pratiquement impossible vu la parité des équipes de tête dans cette ligue. On se la souhaite quand même, il va sans dire, et c'est pourquoi si les Alouettes parviennent à conserver le Saint-Graal de la LCF, il pourrait se retirer après avoir accumulé le plus grand nombre de touchés, peu importe les verges gagnées.

D'une façon ou d'une autre, il se retirera dans la gloire et il l'aura bien méritée.

Check out these Beauty !

Montreal is beatable but Murray Clark is not. Mark Cohon had better have had a chatt with that guy who serves up way to many wins for Mtl. Guess who is our ref in Mtl? yup Murray Clark and will he serve up phony PI and holding calls while Mtl is allowed to get away with blatant infractions with no calls? CFL has got to get to the bottom of this. A fan in the stands said it best. Pass Interference called on JJ when he never even touched the guy called by Murray Clark 40 yards away while the ref 5 yards away did not even reach for the flag. Tells the whole story.

I am thinking that I will be disapppointed that Adrian McPherson will not be given decent game experience. Nothing to lose for the Als except being perceived as stupid!

Let's lock up first place first, and then look at doing that.

Well, while I feel confident about the game tomorrow, I think the Als have to come out mean in the 1st half and rack up a 24-point lead. On D, Jyles has to be running for his life. I want to see a good blitz package, a few sacks, hurried throws, maybe an INT or two... AD in the 2nd half - early!!! That's not asking for much, is it?

Go Als go!!!!

I expect to see Chip Cox up for another big game...spying Jyles and making sure he doesn't pull a "Ricky Ray" on us...killing us with his legs. Bet you never expected to hear anyone ever say that and make sense. The secondary needs to watch those crossing patterns, and as usual...stop the run and limit Fred Reid.

I don't expect too much from Avon and the running game against the Bombers...but maybe the Hawk can bust a big one on that sweep. Hopefully Anthony will be on his game and we'll take these guys without too many worries. But the Bombers are on a high from that overtime win...they could surprise...and we didn't exactly beat them silly last time.

Go Als Go

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Exactly, Senior! The Bombers are a much better team then their record shows. They lost many games by less than a touchdown and are no pushover. The Als must bring their A-game and be mean (but not stupid!).

Sigh! More RZ problems! Jamel dropped an almost sure TD! D looking very porous so far.

C'mon. guys, let's get it together!

Maybe the Als took the BB too lightly? Not looking good so far.

C'mon guys! Show the league why you are champs! Seal the deal today. Blittz! bltitz! blitz!!!

With 2 misses, I hope Cold David is not a "one-trick pony"!