Well, I sure hope that some lessons have been learned, injuries healed, and new shemes on O been thoroughly practised this week. Once in a while, a good "whuppin'" is just what the doctor ordered. Neither the O nor the D played that poorly - but the ST!!! OyI yoy! yoy! They'll have to atone for those long ones and have better coverage on Thursday.

Hopefully, the O coaches will come up with some new schemes, the D and ST solidIfy for a solid performance. I still favour the Als for a W on Thursday.


Herb is reporting on Als I/O that it's the same roster as last week. Meaning that Maypray is ready to go. Trestman is also going to start Woodruff at left guard again, saying that he was pleased with Andrew's performance. Nice to hear. This is Woodruff's chance to seize that guard spot. When your quarterback passes for over 400 yards, you must have done something right on the offensive line.

I expect a bounce-back game from the special teams unit. Jovon Johnson is a dangerous kick returner in his own right. Down field cover has to be tight and Duval simply can't afford to miss makeable field goals. The Bombers have dropped three in a row and are going to be desperate to pull off the upset at Molson Stadium.

Les Blue Bombers ne sont pas tout à fait aussi aguerris avec Jyles qu'ils ne le sont avec Pierce. C'est le temps d'exécution de Jyles qui est plus long et il ne peut améliorer cela qu'avec de l'expérience. Je crois que les Alouettes vont gagner cette partie, mais comment? Comme ils ont gagné contre les Argonauts il y a 3 semaines ou comme ils ont gagné contre les Roughriders?

Les Alouettes ont gagné 450 verges par la passe mais n'ont compté que 22 points. Ils n'ont fait que 56 verges de course. C'est révélateur des résultats obtenus par une trop faible mixité des jeux aériens et des jeux au sol. Il faudra s'en souvenir contre les Blue Bombers.

Également, il faudra contenir Jovon Johnson, qui peut être très dangereux sur les retours de bottés.

On ne doit pas sous-estimer les Blue Bombers : ils auront faim et savent maintenant qu'ils peuvent nous battre, comme toutes les équipes du circuit.

La première défaite des Alouettes l'an dernier leur avait donné des ailes et ils en avaient gagné 5 de suite. Espérons que l'histoire se répètera!

Special teams messed the bed again.

The Duval Year o' Suck continues. Missed field goals, four singles, no ability to coffin-corner, and short high punts at very inopportune times.

I no longer trust this guy to make the clutch play on a regular basis.

I feel for Duval man , two punts hit the turff inside the one yard line and change direction in to the end zone.... Someone in Louisiana has a Duval Voodoo doll LOL !

What about his missed field goal, though, and his inconsistent punting? I agree that two of his attempted coffin-corners were freak bounces but the guy has never been able to coffin-corner consistently in all his years as an Al. He sucks as a directional punter and now can't even be trusted to make 40-yard field goals.

Something has to give in the offseason. Popp has to be allowed to bring in some competition at Duval's spot.

Before anyone talk about bringing Justin Medlock aboard, let me say first that I read in one of the other teams' board that Medlock asks for $100 000 contract. Therefore no team takes him even though Ti-Cats and Bombers are in need of a good punter - kicker.

Who talked about Medlock? Why you bringing him up? :?

I just hope Anthony is OK. Game aside, this guy is a class act all around and as much as we need him, he has a wife and kids that need him even more. Get well soon AC!

The discussion about bringing Medlock to replaced Duval surfaced in the early weeks of the season when Duval missed back-to-back field goals. I believe it was LeStaf who mentioned it first. I just want to pre-empt the discussion by point out that it is not a feasible option.

Could not agree more, Crimson.

I, like many fans, would like to see AC eradicate the existing records and set new ones that will never be beat. However, we have known for years that he was living on borrowed time, as it were. I certainly hope that this is not the season-ending (career ending???) injury that I have dreaded for years.

However, AC has nothing left to prove to football fans. He has indeed been a class act on and off the field. This is the kind of sports hero that is a model to all young people. For that matter, I hope AC serves as an example to other football players as well as other athletes.

I'm sure this injury will be an occasion for him to think things over, discuss his situation with his wife and family. Selfishly, I would like to see a speedy recovery and have him take a shot at another GC, set more records, and retire in a blaze of glory - as Jean Beliveau did!

This is a special era we've lived through as Als fans, and while no one player is bigger than the team, it would be hard to argue that Calvillo has had more to do with defining this era than any other Als player. I know the day of Anthony's retirement is fast approaching, but I too am selfish. I want him to keep playing for as long as he can at a high level, because once he's gone, he's gone.

I feel the same way you do about A. Calvillo. I feel some what uneasy when Anthony Calvillo and Ricky Ray are on the field. Why?: The two of them are unique dropback/shotgun passers and they do not like to run as the both of them are not built and designed that way. Anthony's injury is worse and quite simalar to the Ray injury. Defenses know and feed on the O-line weakness (if one is present) in order to get to these two guys. There has to an option play ready when the D breaks in and Anthony has shown a lot of that. We need Calvillo and Ray to play and thus retire on their time, not a season career ending injury.

RDS reported yesterday that he may very well be in the lineup in 2 weeks. I hope he'll play if hes ready. Let the man heal up. If hes ready in 2 weeks than fine. I just hope they dont rush him. Toronto lost yesterday, so we can afford to lose one. Give Leak the ball and give AC a full 4 weeks off.

Lets judge A.C. by his performance, not his age. For the last 3 seasons, since Trestmans arrival, hes been playing amazing football. I can honestly say if I did not know he was 38, I would say hes been playing like a 30 year old.
Yes, hes not mobile, but Angelina Jolie cant cook! And his injury does not relate to his age, mobility, the Als O-line, or the fact they dont run the ball. It was simply the law of averages catching up to a position that touches the ball every play. Let A.C. heal for a month, get the defense to steal a couple of games for Leak or McPherson, and well be ready for the final stretch of the schedule.

So you do not hope for Calvillo to pull a Brett Favre, eh? :wink:


No, I don't expect Anthony will pull any of that nonsense, mainly because, unlike Favre, he's not an egomaniacal headcase with a history of alcoholism and domestic abuse. :slight_smile: