Als, Bombers Injury Reports: Schoen, Demski sit out on Wednesday

HAMILTON — The Montreal Alouettes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have filed their first injury reports of the week ahead of the 110th Grey Cup on Sunday at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton.

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Montreal is looking surprisingly healthy, especially for this time of the year.


Looks like Winnipeg is fully healthy as well. Just resting their veterans for the big game.

Fully healthy?!? Schoen, Bighill, Demski, Bailey?!? Even if some or all (big if) play Sunday, they are heavily dinged up. What a ridiculous comment!


We’ll be sending them out onto the field with hinged casts and Tylenol. Our men will fight through the pain and bite Alouette arms off like the deranged lunatics we know they can be! :smiley: :+1:


Look who it is…
Would be too funny though if they did play, and MOS says “Psych!”


Lol! We’d all love that!

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Obviously you haven’t been following the injuries so why make such a statement? The Bombers have more injuries than they have had all year and far more than the Als.

Bighill, their defensive QB, and the best receiver in the league the last two years, Schoen, are both out. Kyries Wilson has probably been their best linebacker all year and he is questionable. So the Bombers could be down their top 2 linebackers. Bailey is very questionable and I’m leaning towards out. He is their best blocking receiver. Demski and Jeffcoat are both nicked but should play. Next man up for the Bombers though and they won’t use injuries as an excuse.

The Alouettes really have only one injury, that being Julien-Grant. I have no idea as to his probability of playing. Worthy’s injury doesn’t matter because he lost his job to Letcher and probably wouldn’t dress even if he was healthy.


It’s fun getting a rise out of the Bomber fans. All year the Bomber injury reports have been irrelevant. The only thing that counts with them is the game day roster.

Well, you have to find your entertainment somehow when your team’s not relevant. Kudos to you for being innovative.


Like every other team.

Sounds like you are just trolling. Is that what you are doing? Intentionally misstating injury facts to get a rise out of Bomber fans?

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You should have seen us during the regular season. At one point we could have fielded a solid defence purely from guys on the 6-game.

Then there are guys like Reggie White, Sean Jamieson, and Greg Ellingson who have played 0 or close to it this year.


If you can pick which time of the year to get your players out of the infirmary, it’s now. So, well done Als! :grin:


I hope that they are noticing how many of us DIDN’T bite.


Again I use the air flow around a wing…if you give a troll air you give them lift…why give them air?


Ok, guys. My bad. I usually show more restraint. Must have been caught up in the GC spirit this week. I shall endeavour to refrain from feeding trolls here on in.


Troll, a person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.
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The conditions are very real and very difficult to manage.


Not to worry. There are a lot of indignation vibes emanating from another team’s fans that can be quite intoxicating.


Oh my, my it sure is easy to rile everybody up. What would you have posted on if I hadn’t made a comment on how Winnipeg uses the injury report as part of the strategy to keep everyone guessing. Looks like they haven’t ruled anyone out yet.

If you’ve been watching TSN or any of the news lately, it’s all about Winnipeg and their Dynasty…how winning the 2023 Grey Cup will seal their dynasty. If you watched those same commentators before Montreal played Toronto, in Toronto, you would have heard how Toronto had a record (16-2) season. In fact, leading up to the Eastern Finals, all the press coverage was about the strength and depth of the Argonaut team…and nobody talked about the Alouettes. This week…the same thing. The press is all over Zach Collaros and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dynasty! Beautiful! This is exactly the kind of motivation these Alouettes thrive on! There is no chance that Montreal can play with Winnipeg…there is no chance that Montreal will win…there is no chance that the game will be even close! That’s exactly the same as last week, when Montreal played the best game of the year and won their 7th game in a row. Keep your eyes on James Letcher Jr., who will have a great game and take one more to the house! Sean Lemon will continue his dominance, partly to prove to the CFL that they all made a mistake by writing him off for the first month or two of the season. He’s too old, he’s too slow, he’s past his prime…Absolutely hilarious! He is amazing!! He was all over the field last week, making big plays. Did he come from behind? Just ask Chad Kelly. Was he in on those 3rd down turnovers on downs? Yes he was! Tomorrow he gets to thank the rest of the league for writing him off, while he sips from the Grey Cup! Watch out Zach…if you hear the ground shaking, it’s because Sean Lemon (aka the Lemonator) and his buddies Darnell Sankey, Almondo Sewell & Mustafa Johnson are closing in and about to sack you, with at least one forced fumble. Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Lwal Uguak, Fabion Ento and Tyrice Beverette will be making interceptions, forcing fumbles and making big plays. The defense will score at least 1 TD. On offense, Austin Mack, Tyson Philpot, Tyler Snead and Cole Spieker will be making spectacular catches and churning up YAC yards and TD’s. Who are these guys! Nobody knows because they don’t play for Winnipeg! They are all very talented and relatively unknown…until tomorrow that is! Let’s not forget William Stanback and Walter Fletcher (I really hope we are able to dress Fletcher too because they are a great one-two combo) will be making plays and yards and I am confident Stanback will score at least 1 TD. Lastly, Fajardo will have a great game and has learned from the last two games that those long throws to the flat aren’t worth the risk. Fajardo will continue to have a high completion percentage and avoid turnovers. He’s also going to run more than usual, partly because he’s tough and has a big heart and partly because he’ll do whatever it takes to win. OK. So, with this post, I have essentially done what no other broadcaster in Canada has done during the past two weeks. I spent more time talking about what Montreal will do to win the game than all other broadcasters in Canada put together…but that’s exactly where we want to be. The Alouettes are the underdogs. Nobody expects them to win…except me. I know they’re going to come out and leave it all on the field and play hard-nosed football and then celebrate what nobody expects…a Grey Cup Victory! How great it is to be the underdog! How wonderful to have an opportunity to prove everyone wrong! Have fun tomorrow boys! Go out there and bring it home! It’s time for everyone to talk about the Montreal Alouettes! Make it happen! AND THANK YOU FOR SUCH A THRILLING END TO THE 2023 CFL SEASON!!!