Als-Bombers III

Yes and his luck will run out.

already did in 2011. :wink:

Yup. I don't think we've had our starting offense on the field, intact, for more than one quarter combined this season. :frowning:

Yet somehow we soldier on while peg and edm are sinking to the ground.

Edmonton has had a lot of injuries to their defense, particularly their D-line. But yes, we've at least managed to keep pace and win our share of games. Hopefully Scooter Berry can provide a decent supplementary pass rush with Cash and Mullinder in the middle. Bowman needs to step up. He's been invisible the past few games.

Bowman is playing hurt. He probably should not even be out there...

?? I didn't know that. What's his injury, and do you have a link for it?

Not sure, looks like hamstring or ankle. No link

I'll be at Kyries Hebert's friday night party on St-Jacques to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Guess some players need to blow off some steam after last friday's debacle.

You have to get out more 234, stop being such a homebody! :smiley:

Man, speaking of debacle, I`m also a Bills fan, talk about a lost weekend.

Good to see Hebert involved in community activities. He has been a beast on the field, close to the ball on all plays, and right up there in special team tackles. No he doesn`t have sprinter speed but makes up for it in effort and putting fear into receivers. I expect him to at least be the East division all-star safety.

Rick Moffat tweeting that it will be Bo Bowling replacing Green, our old friend Ivan Brown is being added to the practice roster along with Olong Ogbu, former Penn State DE.

I wont say a word about Sandusky and Ogbus 1st name. :smiley:

You're right, so I'll go to McGill tomorrow,Concordia saturday and then Laval sunday for the university games.

Kyries looks like a candidate for the Tom Pate this year.

Ola, Ogbu, Osaisai, .... Oh boy.

According to RDS, Osaisai won't be in uniform against the Bombers. I wonder what Trestmasn's first clue was?

I still don't know what to expect from the Als this season; it seems to be a case of good Als/bad Als. I hope the good Als take the field - and a W - on Monday.

D/P's posts :smiley: :wink:

It's more that Seth Williams is healthy so we'll finally have our starting five in the secondary, rather than Osaisai playing his way out of a job. At this point, if they can't see that Osaisai is not a pro DB, they never will. Sigh.

Als also airlifting in a bunch of injury replacements: Les autres joueurs qui seront sur le terrain dès l'entraînement de jeudi sont le maraudeur Winston Venable, le plaqueur défensif Ollie Ogbu, le demi de coin Jordan Mabin, le plaqueur défensif Aaron Lavarias ainsi que le receveur Tyron Carrier. Outre Brown, tous les joueurs sont des non-canadiens.

If true, Bischoff might be next.

Also, Osaisai isn’t being benched, just relegated to backup. Which means that we’ll all have the pleasure of seeing him embarrassed in man coverage playing as the red-zone dimeback while his receiver hauls in an easy TD pass.

On the audio portion of Didiers RDS report, he says Trestman said it is possible Osaisai wont dress.

Tough to figure out how they stuck with him for so long. Trestman preaches team and family, but I guess sometimes it can backfire.

Also the 2 new DBs brought in don`t offer much coverage hope. Venable is a hard hitting safety and special team type, and Mabin is straight out of college with a brief pit stop with the Ravens.

Late addons are never brought in for the current season with Jim. These are guys that are being evaluated for next season.

Interesting. Thanks for that, sheldon. Is it possible that Reinebold and Trestman have finally seen the light?

Tough to figure out how they stuck with him for so long. Trestman preaches team and family, but I guess sometimes it can backfire.
Team and family are all very well, but the player has to be quality. And that team / family stuff didn't save Aaron Hunt from being cut five games into the season.

In any case, I'm super-glad to see that someone appears to be realizing that Osaisai isn't the answer.