Als-Bombers III

You would expect that a 8-5 team should be able to secure a W against a 3-10 team, wouldn't you? But the way this season is going - who knows?

The Als are still smarting from the last game, and nothing has been settled yet as far as the final standings are concerned. I sincerely hope they regroup, that the coaching staff devise new schemes, and that we execute, execute, execute. I know all of that sounds like a broken record, but there you go!

You're reminding me jkm. . . who was the coach who, when asked what he thought of his team's execution, replied that he'd be all in favour of it ?

John McKay?

The Bombers, like the esks, are on the verge of implosion. We couldn't ask for two better teams to play at home down the stretch so let's take advantadge.

Can't drop this one under any circumstances. Bombers are 0-6 on the road Montreal is 6-1 at home and Bombers are a mess at the QB position. If we drop this Trestman and Bishof should be forced to dance Gangdam Style for Herb and the gang. :lol:

I hear what you’re saying, Hfx, but I just can’t figure this team out. One game, they hang in tough and get a W, followed by a stinker when nothing - absolutely nothing! - is working.

To be sure, there were a lot of changes at the beginning of the season, and with only 2 pre-season games, that doesn’t give the coaching staff nearly enough time to assess the players IMO. There were the expected growing pains early on, but one would expect that they start settling into some sort of rhythm by this point, and yet they come up with another embarrassing L.

You have correctly pointed out that in 3 of the 5 remaining games, we will be playing against struggling teams. But, if the Als are contenders and not pretenders, they have to beat good teams, and they have to beat them on the road. So far this season, that simply is not the case.

So, I remain cautiously optimistic for the rest of the season. I do think, however, that the coaches have to be prepared to pull AC if he has any more stinkers. While I love AC and all that he has accomplished on and off the gridiron, he is in the twilight of his career and I have seen far too many stinkers this season where the timing, the execution…etc. is way off. Every DC in the country knows that AC is not mobile and prepare their D-lines to pin their ears back and come after him. The OC has to come up with better schemes to deal with that or insert Adrian as required.

If the Als can win 3 of the last five that gives us an 11-7 record a bye and a final at the Big O against one of Toronto, Hamilton or Edmonton with a healthy Perrett and crew. This gives them the best chance at getting to the Grey Cup in Toronto and I like our chances against Calgary and Saskatchewan not as much if it is the Lions.

As for pulling AC or resting him it won't happen I agree with you but it won't happen.

for god's sake no. :lol:

Just a weee break to declare
How happy I am that Andrew Hawkins is finally getting some appreciation
And recognition
Even if the Alouettes didn't have much use for him.

The Bengals should be applauded for their vision
Applause or no...they're reaping the rewards
Of giving the Baby Hawk a real shot: [url=] ... re=related[/url] [url=] ... re=related[/url]

Just the beginning of the Hawkins highlight reel

I like your enthusiasm, Hfx, and I certainly hope you're right.

Once again, on paper and considering the standings at this date, the Als should be able to win at least 3 of the next 5. But there have been games this season that we should have won, and not only didn't, but got embarrassed. It's my hope that the guys have a little fire left in them and come out each and every game as if they have something to prove. IMO, they most certainly do!

I acknowledge the fact that both the Argos and Ticats made some bold moves, especially at QB. It has worked out thus far for Toronto, less so for Hamilton (I'm still puzzled why!). At this point, the Als have great difficulty winning on the road and beating good teams. I'm not convinced they have what it takes to have a GC parade down Ste Catherine Street this year. As a fan of course, I always want to see my team win, but I have been disappointed with them and using language that would make a sailor blush, despite their being in first place.

So, I hope for a great week of practise and preparation. I sincerely hope they can turn things around - I would love nothing better to attend a GC parade this November!

[i]OHHHHH the gospel according to Senior! If Senior ain't harping on about his God Adrian McPherson, or his brudda from another mudda, Chad owens, you can bet he'll be talkin about the other love in his life, Andrew Hawkins!

A 3 way bromance! Love tis a beautiful thing :smiley: [/i]

Hawkins was indeed the first season jem until he became injured and we all looking for a great season. I can't recall what happened at season 2. Whatever, he's making a name for himself in the NFL and great dollars to boot!

I wonder if other Als will check out the NFL in the off-season, both in light of what they have accomplished in the CFL, and in terms of their earning potential. Because of AC, the CFL has gained some notoriety; I sure hope that doesn't open the floodgates.

Jim has never impeded our players from going to the NFL. One of the reasons he has the trust of Agents down there.

According to RDS/Didier Ormejuste, S.J. Green will miss at least 2 games, due to knee injury sustained at the end of the Als/Tiger-Cats game.


In a game that was over!!! Pat urself on the back Trestman good job!

Well, Richard, that's not good news. I know that some expect the Als to finish 11-7. That would be nice and probably put them in a good position for home field advantage in the playoffs.

However, based on what I have observed this season, the Als have difficulty winning on the road and quite frankly have had games when absolutely nothing was working. To say the least, this has been one of the most puzzling seasons I have witnessed. I therefore don't believe there are any "gimmees" until the final gun in the final game. We play Winnipeg twice and this is a team whose players may well be playing for next year's contracts and will leave nothing on the field. We will also be playing a struggling Edmonton team, but we also play Toronto and Regina.

So, I hope the boys study game video of the embarrassing L to the Ticats, have a good practise week, and come out ready to win on Monday.

Very bad news, especially as he was injured in a meaningless play at the end of a game we had no hope of winning. Well, time for Richardson and London to step up.

And AC took that shot late in the game too when it was out of reach.

Hard to defend Marc on that one.