als-bombers III

Well of course if we had won our first matchup in montreal first place would be clinched. But considering how the als have won 4 straight since that game it's to their credit that they have the opportunity to wrap it up in their house.

I really wouldn't want to play hamilton in the semi even if it's at home. They've lost 2 years in a row at home in a close game and maybe they're due for their first playoff win since 2001. I'd much rather see them in winnipeg where i could see them pulling the upset. Then in the east final I would expect a better performance than today.

And if Winnipeg hadn't drop their two games against last place Saskatchewan... It is a very competitive league this year. It will be a good game in Winnipeg. Buck's arm looked really tired against Edmonton and their oline is broken, we'll need 30 points. If we don't bust drives with penalties and turnovers we should do ok. I expect we will have a new returner as well. We can't play Floyd. I'd rather have Bratton, Ferri or Cox return kicks.

Agreed, Hfx. He was absolutely brutal today!


I enjoyed this game- it had excitement right up to the final minute. I believe our offensive line was extremely efficient. They not only permitted Calvillo to have space to throw and, and effectively opened up the holes for Whitaker but were aggressive in at least one occasion pulling and blocking for a receiver. The defense had some weakness but, Williams is a comer and Hecht, who was not even drafted, shows promise ( we have to remind ourselves he is a rookie). This patched up crew played well enough to win. Dix seems not capable of catching the potential interceptions sent his way, Woldu is playing greatly above expectations and, Cox remains the strong point of this group. If the offense can produce 25-35 points per game I believe our defense can hold their own enough to be winners. We are number one in the east! What irritates me is the preventive defense. A good passer like Glen and, the rookie Brink, can have a field day against it.

Never heard from 'gridiron guru' again. He was at the last als-bombers game in winnipeg. I'm worried, did his heart fail in those last 2 minutes? :wink: just kidding of course but if you're out there thanks for supporting the als in that oh so close game. :smiley:

Rashaud Slaughter is back on the practice roster. Does that mean Perry Floyd is on the hot seat? Slaughter did look very good in the preseason…

You have to wonder if returners brought up in the NFL tradition are suited for running back kicks in the CFL.

Perry Floyd is a perfect example.
The minute he catches the ball he looks left or right and takes off east-west.
Somebody give the poor guy a "fair-catch"
He looks like he's going to poop his pants

While speed, lateral quickness and "instincts for lanes" may be crucial attributes for a CFL returner
I'd say "guts" is as important as any other
In this...Perry Floyd may be found wanting.
And...much as I hate to admit it...
It takes us a step backwards from Tim Maypray

Popp needs to re-tool and start again.

You have to be absolutely fearless in the CFL to return kicks. Floyd is not fearless.

There are reports out of Winn. that Willis will not be starting at DE (as per his Twitter), probably related to his knee injury.
Messam messed him up a little.

Global Sports there also reporting Khan might be replaced at centre by LaBatte.

Gotta think AC (and his sternum) are breathing a sigh of relief
Willis has been a Calvillo-killer

Nor was his predecessor Maypray. Sadly for us, Owens and Taylor seem to posess that characteristic.

Sitting Kahn probably improves their Oline, he's been getting pushed around like a ragdoll all season. Willis I'm not buying it. He's been practicing and running. They will play him probably in a rotation. This is the time of year when coach's are trying to outsmart each other and grab every little advantage they can.

Willis in a rotation is still way easier to deal with than Willis as an every-down player. :thup:

Guy is a beast and I would rather not have to deal with him this week with first place on the line.

If that's the case they'll probably rotate Willis in on obvious passing downs
(if such a thing even exists with the Alouettes...who pass on 1st down more than any team in the league)

Still...2nd and long should see Willis come in with that big pass rush
If history has taught us anything, it's that AD better be ready to come in at any point in the game.
Willis part-time will mean Willis "head-hunting"
Hopefully he'll be too banged up to do much damage.


As long as Willis does not sack AC, then pull up his jersey to reveal his T-shirt that says "The mayor" of Swaggerville. I thought it was really douchey when he did that earlier this season.

He can do what he wants. He's a great player. If he wants to promote the Swaggerville thing, let him. I just don't want him getting to AC. :slight_smile:

What would be funny is the Als win and at the end of the game the players take their jerseys off and they all have tshirts that say "owner" Swagerville"

Agreed! Let him spend the week printing his t-shirts, and hope he never touches AC's jersey! :thup:

Don't mean to get corny or mellowdramatic here, but, although AC would never be that pretentious, he could himself flash a t-shirt with the following words: