Als-Bombers II

Well, it’s a little early to start this string, but 3 important events happened this weekend that will impact on next Friday’s game against the Bombers.

First, the Als had a convincing bounce-back game against the Eskimos, so kudos all around. I sure hope that the injury to AC won’t keep him out long. AD did what we know he can do, so that makes La Police think about two possible scenarios defensively against us.

Second, the Argos did us a huge favour last night with an upset win against the Bombers. Way to go Argos (never thought I’d be saying that!)!

Third, it will be a very different team that we will play next Friday. Pierce was taken out of the game, then Brink had a shoulder injury. Then Reid went down, followed by his replacement, Volny. And it didn’t stop there - Doug Brown also went down. Now, we don’t know the extent of the injuries at this point, but Pierce looked very much the worse for wear last night. The Bombers may not have much of a running game next week. Despite the injuries we have in the secondary, the good news is that, due to the playing time they’re getting when the bullets are flying, they’re improving from week to week. The AC situation, is unclear.

Therefore, a W is most definitely possible on Friday and with a W, we will be tied for first place! How 'bout dem apples? At this point in the season, teams with the most depth to replace injuries to starters will be able to keep winning. This is definitely the case with the Als, but now it is also the case with the Bombers. The issue now becomes whose second-stringers will bring their A game?

So, what a difference a week makes. A date for the East Final at the Big Owe is definitely still within reach.

Go Als go!!!

I don't know about this upcoming game. We're playing Winnipeg in their own ballpark, and likely with a relatively untested QB (McPherson) at the controls. We don't know if Emry or Watkins is ready to return, and our secondary is still being held together by spit and glue. And I'm worried that our coaches will hamstring Adrian by giving him some BS kindergarten reduced playbook instead of letting him play.

I don't know. .. I just don't know.

The only thing that seems consistent this season is the inconsistency pretty much across the board.

Winnipeg can play terrific one game and then stink the joint out the next. The Als can play terrific one game and then stink the joint out the next. Seems that all teams (with the exception of Toronto) have been like that this season.

On that basis. . . we played a great game last time out, Winnipeg did not. . . so they're due for a good game and we're due for a bad one.

But that is basing it on both teams being consistently inconsistent. . . which is an oxymoron. . .and it's about time we put together two good games in a row. . . really hard to make any predictions at this point, until we see for both teams which walking wounded are playing and which are not . . .

The one thing this year is that parity is really making it difficult to predict winners and losers from week to week. Winnipeg, owning the best record in the league, has now lost three of its last four games to Saskatchewan and lowly Toronto. The Riders just got smoked by BC, who started the season 0-5. Calgary beat us, but we trounced Edmonton, who has no problem beating Calgary. Hamilton and Montreal have taken turns pounding the snot out of each other.

I see this as an interesting matchup. Our boys can go to Winnipeg and do exactly what they did to us last week.

The inconsistency of which we have all complained this season is indeed not limited to the Als. All CFL teams, for some reason or other, have experienced highs and lows.

However, if the Als are going to make any serious run at a 1st-place finish, they will have to string some good performances back-to-back. Whichever team is able to do that will wind up on top.

I agree that at this point we are all scratching our heads and wondering from week to week which Als team will take the field. For some reason, I think we will be able to put it together, at least enough to eke out a W. I am still hopeful, in spite of the fact that AC is reported to have had a mild headache (likely symptomatic of a concussion), that he will be in the game at some point. Of course, all due diligence must be exercised with the new regulations concerning concussions.

We have to be a bit more agressive and a little less cerebral... Use all of our personel. Disciplined and concentrated on the play of the moment. That's how you win football games on the road.

Using Kerry Carter really messed up the Eskimos this weekend. Those five or six plays extended drive and forced Edmonton to be cautious rushing the line of scrimmage.

Let's go punch them in the mouth... :wink: and take back what is ours... Go Als Go !

Agreed, Hfx.

No doubt the Esks were keying on other players and Carter, whose role is primarily blocking, became an effective weapon. Once a team can establish that anyone can be the primary target, that will mess up the opposing D schemes. It's a little like a pitcher using a number of different pitches that batters are not used to.

This was clever planning and we will need more of the same down the stretch. Carter's contribution was invaluable toward the W. Because of our injury problem, others will have to do the same.

Our turn to go beat up on banged up team...

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Iffy situation now. As per Herb, Ac is fine no headaches dizzyness etc. But another hard hit like that can potentially ruin his career if he isnt' 100%. I trust the doctors will make the right decision. If it was a must win than do what we have to do, but we are going to make the playoffs anyway, so i say let AMAC play.

I agree but I have a feeling he will play...

If AC continues symptom free he'll probably play
There's no debate about that
This game could well determine if Calvillo is really up
To finishing the season solo
That is...against the tougher pass-rushing defences in the league
(Winnipeg, BC, arguably Hamilton)

I hope AC will be OK and finish the season strong
Without any repeats of last week's "lights-out"
But there's got to be a little concern
About Calvillo's increasing lack of composure under pressure
Despite Climie's assurance that he's "always done that"
I can't help thinking it's getting worse with time time to think of that now
The Bombers are ripe for the picking
And the Alouettes could finish the week in a 1st place tie
Or could end up in 3rd
Those Ticats just won't go away

While there's a lot of talk about "parity"
Other than the Bombers resurgence
The Cats are still a .500 team
And the Argos are still camped out in last
I guess in an 8 team league "parity" means one team has started to get it together
While the traditional "powerhouse" has been inconsistent

Time to set things right
And show everyone that rumors of parity in the East
Have been greatly exaggerated

Go Als!

Il m'a semblé que Pierce a aggravé sa blessure aux côtes. Il avait un sac de glace sur son côté gauche peu après son retrait du jeu. Si c'est le cas, il est fort possible que Brink soit au poste vendredi parce que les Blue Bombers ne voudront pas risquer de perdre Pierce pour le reste de la saison.

Donc, il n'a pas que les Blue Bombers qui jongleront la préparation de leur défensive cette semaine. Par contre, si McPherson doit avoir un départ, autant que ce soit Brink ou Goltz qui soit de l'autre côté. J'ai plus confiance en McPherson pour faire progresser notre offensive que je n'en aurais en Brink ou Goltz pour faire progresser la leur.

Au fait, notre attaque a mieux fait sans Watkins qu'avec lui. Et Dieu sait que c'est un joueur que j'aime bien!

Agreed, LeStaf. I doubt there are many fans who would rate either Brink or Goltz ahead of McPherson.

It's unclear if Brink will be able to play; it is unclear whether he has a separated shoulder or a sprained shoulder:

[url=] ... 49158.html[/url]

Guess we'll know later in the week who starts at QB for them.

Curieusement, c'est la même chose pour nous!

As per Dave Naylor, Fred Reid and his Cdn. backup Carl Volny both done for the year with ACLs.

One would almost feel sorry for the Bombers and all the injuries they suffered Sat., except for the fact we have had more than our fair share this year.

This is shaping up as the Bandage Bowl.

Questionable for the Bombers: Pierce, Brink, Brown, LaBatte, Fritz.

For the Als: Calvillo, Watkins, Anderson, Emry.

This is also the week practice rosters expand to 12. We will see what goodies Jim Popp has in store for us, although they usually remain on the shelf until the following season.

Bombers have Garrett who may be a better back than Reid. Volny isn't really Reid's backup kind of like Diedrick isn't Whittaker's backup... Big question is who will be their QB. Bombers think AC is one hit from having his carreer ended. I think Buck is in a lot worse shape. I think he's either playing with a broken rib or some thorn cartilage.

Ya It depends on how much the ALS want the division---

But yeah you would think if AC gets hurt again he might retire? He has interests outside of football and is a family man.

I think the ALS can easily win the division anyway with Mcpherson even Santos at this point- Lapolice is too hyper and does not even think anymore on game days, he is just too wound up.

Winnipeg and Edmonton are progressively getting worse along with Calgary--

Could the last game on reg season be a GREY CUP PREVIEW? MTL at BC----

The rest of teams are not legit, at this point it should be MONTREAL at BC for the CUP

At this point Hamilton is healthy and while inconsistant have shown they are capable of dominating performances. Out west the bottom has fallen out of every team with the exception of BC. They have great balance and a great kicker, lots of youth very dangerous team and if Bruce gets his game together...

No kidding. More than our fair share. Like Hfx said, I don't think you can ask for our secondary to do more than they've done all year, considering how many serious, long-term injuries we suffered. And they weren't all at the midseason mark either. Brown goes down in the first quarter of the first regular-season game. We didn't benefit from him at all this year. And Estelle's absence is really hurting, although I am very impressed by Seth Williams. Assuming Anderson is healthy, we can move Dix back out to field-side corner, where his size isn't as much of an issue, and play Anderson and Parker inside.

Hecht is also starting to improve his ability to read the QB's eyes and flow to the football. Not much progress but it's there. I still think Brouillette is our starting safety of the future, and Boulay, when he's ready, will be a good backup, but I hope Tibesar finds a place for Hecht next season. Kid is versatile, at the very least, and can line up pretty much anywhere in the secondary and not acquit himself too badly.