Als/Bombers Game Day Post

Figured I'd start a thread for those that want to talk about the game as it happens.

Amazing what a difference having AC back in the lineup is. Hunt and that other Bomber end looked like rookies with all their offsides. Bishop is looking average as expected. All is right with the world again.

Poll question: which Halloween cheerleader outfit is the best? Personally, the pirate one is my vote...or the warrior queen. The Minnie Mouse one is the worst fo sho.


Its amazing just how many times Calvillo has pulled a bomber DE offside with his cadence, just one of the differences a veteran QB makes to a team. The defence looks way better this time around much better pressure and awareness. Keeping Fred Reid operating at -1 yards at the half is incredible

Uh oh....

Horrible coverage by the Als. Can't keep getting beat like that.

Good thing we got a FG out of that drive...keep the pedal to the floor boys!


The 2nd half is no great shakes so far, but the key was coming out like gangbusters. When you play like this, it necessarily rattles the opposition. Bishop has run hot and cold all of his career. It was absolutely important from the getgo to let the Bombers know what time it is! We have the rest of this quarter and all of the fourth to go, however. Go Als go!!!!


Makes up for the fumble earlier on.


Awesome game by the Als today...great response to last weeks game!

Great game all around by the Als. They really needed to make a statement today and I think they have been heard loud and clear! :wink:


Just heard Mike Kelly on the Bombers post-game show on CJOB (in Winnipeg)...he totall went off on the broadcasters, saying their statements were bull****, ranting for a bit, then just leaving the call.

I often wonder what the Bombers would be like if they didn't have douchebag coaches like Barry or Kelly at the helm. Makes me really appreciate Tresman.


What statements were they?
And which broadcasters? TSN or CJOB?

Went nuts on CJOB and hung up on the only local media guy who's overlooked all of his crazyness. Niiiice guy.... :roll:

I think Larry Taylor made up for the fumble on the opening kickoff :lol:

I don't think we'll have him long. I expect he could be in Buffalo next year as that organization keeps a close eye on the CFL.

That could be catastrophic if Edmonton let's go Maciocia :expressionless:

If you want to hear it

Select 3 O'clock, and scrool to 15 minutes and 30 seconds.

The man has no class.....none

Class ? The man is unstable, wants to be a coach but can't deal with adversity and the media. That makes him a nutbar...

The guy is mentally unstable. Theres so many better ways he couldve responded to what they were saying on the radio that it's almost embarrassing to listen to. I get the impression he is trying to go with the Don Matthews approach to dealing with the media except that Matthews was merely rude to the media and refused to give them quotes he didnt go out and start ranting like a moron if he heard something he didnt like, he'd just ignore them. And the most important thing that Matthews did differently is that he won a lot more than he lost so more often than not questioning him made one look very foolish. Kelly on the other hand has lost considerably more than he's won and much less than Matthews. Matthews got away with what he did because he won Kelly has not earned that respect yet