Als-Bombers Fri. Aug. 8

Late 2nd quarter: Montreal 13 Winnipeg 1...

Bombers are really, really, really underachieving here! Not impressed at all.

Oski Wee Wee,

Montreal 16-1 after a 52-yard booming FG from Duval...

Doink! Serna hits the upright on the last-play FG attempt of the first half...16-1 Als at the half.

Mtl 19-4 after FGs exchanged, third quarter -- Winnipeg is still flat!

still 19-4 Als after another Serna FG miss! 3:50 left, 3rd quarter

Ever feel like you're talking to yourself Russ?

26-4 Als, end of three quarters after a Calvillo bomb to Bratton.

Bombers do look like a last-place team.

Al's look Really Good Tonight .

Hope this gives Charile Ideas for next week

Watch the Bombers turn into killers when the Cats play them next week.

Dinwiddie picked -- getting ugly!

Their secondary and LBs are getting exposed big time.

Bombers are Mess
They Need Simpson Back ..
The OLine is mess
WR Core is Hurt

29-4 with the Duval chipshot FG…ombers dhould invoke the mercy rule! :wink:

Glenn is making a bid to get his job back...

Peg will what to kill us next week.

29-11 Winnipeg -- Glenn moved the team well.

They waited to long to put Glen back in.

Colbourne keeps running wild for the Als...huge surprise!

I really can't figure Doug Berry out. LOL

32-11 Als after Duval's sixth FG.