Als-Bombers and Als defeat Winnipeg, barely

.The above noted headings came from the two major postings on the Winnipeg vs Als game. At this time I am attempting to summarize what we all perecived yesterday as the Als standout players, the strengths of the team and, our concerns as we enter the Grey Cup drive. I have generalized the content while including some of your direct quotes. First, we all have found the kick/returning special team area of the team as our greatest concern. We are not winning field position and, Maypray is not producing! The team Management must take some action immediately to resolve this issue. Maypray is out ! We are hoping Larry Taylor will resolve this issue, when he returns. Prior to this the team has the players to improve this situation and, Bratton, Cox or others would be able to handle this need now! The second issue of concern is the red zone situation- " we were 4 times in the redzone with 5 points to show for it." Going for 3 points every time we take two strikes on first and second down then attempt a FG is questionable? There is full agreement that Colt Davis should be cut as his functioning yesterday was horrid. With Duval back to health this position is covered for the present with, future needs assessed in 2011.

To Mark Treatment: " Mark Treastman, This is " audition time " and, with first place attained our group would like to give the regulars some time on the side lines while providing Carter, Diedrick and McPherson and others the opportunately to demonstrate their strengths. It is especially important that McPherson be given plenty of exposure at QB- giving " Calvillo adequate playing time "to retain his skill and " feel" for the ball. On the offensive line the team has great strength with our present offensive line. Woodruff has developed well and " will be effective for years to come". The group also acknowleged that Brodeur-Jourdain has won the offensive center position- having in his recent past been coached buy his predecesor and his experience at first string guard last season. Kudos are given to the offensive and, defensive lines - outstanding efforts have been demonstrated by McElveen, Wilson, Bowman and, Bekasiak was a great gift from the Ti Cats . AS noted" we don't really miss Keron Williams anymore."Offensively the entire offensive line is performing well and, our corners have been adequate with Estelle and, Dix has improved his play. We all believe Cobourne would be able to contribute more offensively would he be given the chance and, not just those thrusts right through the middle. In addition we all want more offensive varience such as the direct snap to Proulx in yesterdays game.

Another area of concern is the defensive backfield- the team has been inconsistant to date and, this is the area that has been beaten up lately! There has been a lack of discipline here with "definite problems in the secondary"- these must be addressed as we move toward the playoffs!

With respect to the QB position, most of the feel that AC has been performing well but, are anxious about "what if" AC gets injured. It seems " no one wants to do more than tippy toe around Calvillo." Most of the comments re A.C. are that he has played well recently and that McPherson should be given significant playing time in the coming weeks before the playoffs. Senior and myself stand out from the group in this QB area. WE regret that McPherson has not been given significant playing time this year and we do believe that he could, if given the opportunity, positively contribute in all the coming games this season. Despite the Grey Cup of 2009, many of us have some anxiety re A.C.'s Grey cup performances. Here I will give my own bias. I respect AC greatly but, I do believe he does not play well enough in 4 quarters. In 2009 it took three quarters until AC found his targets and, I believe McPherson should be available if AC goes into a funk at times in the existing games including the Grey Cup game. I think McPherson could add a reat deal to the offense were he be given the opportunity.

Finally , Richard Veilleux has pointed out the current members of our team who will be free agents in 2011. This list is unsettling!!!!

Being sucessfully retired from work, I do have plently of time to think and, write up my posts to With the above post I have attempted to sumerize all the comments of yesterdays posts. I do hope I have not ommited any serious components re yesterdays posted thoughts and, I have been close to all of your opinions!

Thank you for your post.
Been kind of busy lately, so I've not done much but peck away here and there.

As usual, one game does not make a player. Colt David's performance against Calgary got a lot of people buzzing...but I still had a lot of questions. Obviously my questions were answered in the Winnipeg game. Now maybe Duval will get a little more respect. While he's not perfect, and as a coach I'd work him on directional punting til his tootsies bleed...Duval has done well by the Alouettes. Not sure why people were calling for his throat after one game. Let's face it, with Calvillo's drives stalling out so often last year, it's fortunate that Duval was there to have a record-setting season.

I think you're right about Maypray....his lack of production has not only hurt the team in field position, but I think has produced a downward spiraling effect on "offensive" special teams, as blockers realize that regardless of their efforts, Maypray will continually either "run to darkness" or let the ball get past him. This will end up costing us a game. If it's not dealt with soon....maybe an important one.
The Alouettes didn't give Leroy Van nearly enough of a look at returner. His two stints were against particularly aggressive cover teams....but I think the Als were also hoping to use Vann in the secondary....more than a little premature, and thankfully Gerold Brown recovered in time so as to not make that an issue in the the second Calgary game.

As to our problems on defense...I'd say our defense mirrors Saskatchewan's offense. Durant and Saskatchewan have one play...the big one. If they try to peck a possession game or run over people like Calgary...they simply will not win. It's a question of propensities and predispositions: it's in the nature of the talent they put on the field.
By the same token...the Alouettes are an aggressive defense. If they try to sit back, drop into zone coverage and let the play come to them, they get done for the big play....almost every time. Their strengths are getting after the QB on every play....blitzing and playing "man".
Both styles (Sasks offense...Als defense) have their drawbacks...both styles are high risk/high reward. But every team must use their personnel in a way that suits them...use your strengths and you win...question yourself and you lose.

I'd like to cover your last two points in one: the McPherson situation and possible losses to free-agency.
At 2-5 there's not much that hasn't been written about Calvillo's inconstancy in big games. No point in flogging a dead horse.
Now there are only 5-6 people who post regularly to this Alouettes blog...hardly a representative sampling. There are scores of fans out there that have serious questions about AC. But for a miraculous desperation comeback after 3 quarters of some of the worst Grey Cup quarterbacking any of us have ever seen...Calvillo might well have retired in disgrace and we'd be singing the praises of Adrian McPherson right now. But fair's fair...for once AC pulled a rabbit out of his hat and all praise for the accomplishment. Still...we can't be blind to the "black holes of inconsistency" that have marked Calvillo career.
AC sometimes goes into a funk. We have McPherson. One plus one always equals two.

It's a shame the Alouettes can't do the math. Losing another Grey Cup won't be any better for AC's legacy than having McPherson come in and win it....even though the likelihood of AD's being ready to do so decreases every game he sits out on the bench.

I'm not sure just exactly what's happened since AC came off his injury. Great testimonials to Adrian McPherson...Trestman declaring that he wouldn't have let Adrian leave...that he hopes Adrian never leaves...all the talk about AC mentoring him and being so supportive as he approached his first start of the year...and then McPherson drops completely off the edge of the world. One can't help wondering what's up with all of this?

Were the Alouettes...sure of Adrian's talent...but committed to a quarterback who simply cannot tolerate another rooster in the henhouse...determined to increase McPherson's market value in furtherance of a trade? Has Adrian's past...both the scandal of the stolen checque along with the spurious rumours of betting on a game...not to mention the fact that he sued an NFL franchise and won....has all this combined to align unseen forces against him...forces determined to see that his career never gets off the ground? It borders on the improbable of course....but certain questions are left unanswered:
Why is Adrian McPherson, with all his talents and regardless of game situations...left on the bench to rot?
Why...when he is brought into a game, and for the last 3 he forbidden to do anything but hand the ball off to the running back? No one really buys this bull about not running up the score. Every other team in the league brings in a backup with all guns blazing...already sufficient concession to the wounded pride of a losing opponent.

If we lose McPherson we may well lose a whole lot of others too. No one wants to play for a losing team. If the Alouettes win the Cup this year, it might help stem the tide. But if they lose and McPherson can bet a whole lot of free agents will too.
The Alouettes are on a cusp...sort of like in scifi with two alternate realities: one direction sees everybody being smart...Calvillo and McPherson sharing duties as one fades and the other rises to stardom...the other sees stubbornness and selfishness ruining the Alouettes...perhaps for good. Again...before I'm accused of alarmism...look at the history of football in this city. I was going to write "this franchise" but "Alouettes Part One" "Concordes" and "Alouettes the Sequel" seems a little cumbersome.

As ever
Go Als Go