Als-Blue Bombers

In this game, which is pivotal, I think there's two keys; our O line handling that D line of Winnipeg, and our D being able to compensate for all the injuries.

So I was thinking. . . bear with me gang.

One of the keys to our Grey Cup win last season was that our Defensive coordinator (who of course is now theirs), who had our defence playing pretty much man to man all season, threw a major curve at the Riders in the Grey Cup and played mostly zone all game.

What sort of scheme could we throw at the Bombers to (a) put them off their game by catching them off-guard and (b) protect our banged up secondary?

Well I came up with an off the wall idea. . .just for discussion purposes, not necessarily that I'm suggesting this.

How about a 3/4 ?

If we had Emry, it wouldn't be hard; Ferri and Cox outside, Emry and Guzman in the middle.

But without Emry, how could we go to a 3/4 ?

Well look at what Stubler did in Edmonton; he dropped Greg Peach off the line and had him as one of his 4 LBs. Did pretty well, too.

We could look at doing a variation of that. We'd have to be creative with the ratio, but give this some thought.

Eric Wilson, spelled by Bekesiak and Hopkins at nose tackle.

McElveen at one "end". . he'd be more like a tackle since it's a 3 man line, but I think we all agree he's more effective that way anyway. The other, rush, end would be a platoon of Stewart and Bowman.

We'd have Guzman and Ferri as MLBs; Cox as one outside LB. The other outside LB would be either Stewart or Bowman, whichever isn't at end on a play to play basis, or Kitwana Jones, and he'd be on the same side of the field as McElveen.

I know it's kind of an oddball suggestion, and I have no idea if Tibesar has ever worked a 3/4 defence, but it's something to consider I think.

Should confuse the Bombers as they won't know from play to play who's coming and from where. . .


The way Emry has been playing this year. I think Guzman is an upgrade.

We need to keep our offense balanced and that means scoring first because Trestman gives up on the run the minute he's down by a couple points.

Als offense when it is on its game should be able to put enough points on the board to pull a win at home against a beatup opponent.

The 3-4 D has its advantages and disavantages.

One negative I would see is LBs doing most of the 4-formation and at least one lineman. The lineman has to be able to quickly read pass or run and react accordingly. Cox could probably be reliably called on to do this, but I don't know which D lineman could be used at this point in the 3-4. I would like to see our D lineman ensure contain. Further, we have issues in the secondary, i.e. a lack of experience.

Ultimately, it will depend upon what the Bombers are throwing at us on O. Reid is always a threat, and given half a chance can almost beat a team singlehandedly, so we can't let him romp. Limit the run, as we did against the Ticats, and you force Pierce or Brink to throw the ball. Force him to kiss the carpet or toss it into the cheap seats often enough...

That's my two cents' worth.

Reid's not having a sparkling year statistically. As long as we stay in our gaps and fly to the football, I'm not terribly worried about him.

MadJack: You really have a good football mind. You frequently have ideas, schemes, and differing insights as to how to play the game of football. In addition, you seem to know details of players,other than those of our Als. You also make interesting comments on the forums of other teams. I was real happy that you achieved the reward this year in recognition of being a great fan - that you are!!!!

Good luck to the als on terry fox day. hope his spirit is with us sunday. go als.

Relativement à la défensive 3-4, il y a du pour et du contre. Du pour parce qu'une plus grande diversité de défensives peut débalancer l'offensive adverse. Nous avons des secondeurs pour une défensive 3-4 (Cox, Guzman, Ferry, et Emry dans ses bons jours), à qui on pourrait ajouter Jones, qui est un joueur qui tient un peu des deux positions entre la ligne et les secondeurs.

Le problème de la défensive 3-4 pour les Alouettes, c'est que son efficacité dépend beaucoup de celle de la poursuite du quart. C'est le point faible de notre ligne défensive. Si notre ligne de 3 joueurs ne peuvent pénétrer suffisamment loin et rapidement derrière la ligne de mêlée, on donne du temps au jeu pour se développer à moins de faire du blitz avec un secondeur ou un demi, auquel cas un secondeur vient en couverture arrière. Si l'efficacité de la défensive 3-4 devient tributaire des blitz, pourquoi faire du 3-4? En principe, on présente une défensive 3-4 pour augmenter la couverture contre la passe. Notre poursuite du quart a été mauvaise sauf contre Edmonton et la semaine dernière. Il ne faut pas s'obnubiler à penser que nous avons une bonne brigade pour la poursuite du quart seulement à cause d'une excellente partie défensive la semaine dernière. Il en faudra d'autres pour nous faire changer d'avis. Donc, pour les Alouettes, le visage 3-4 doit être présenté parmi les autre figures de défensives, mais je ne suis pas certain que nous avons les joueurs de ligne défensive pour faire un 3-4 très efficace.

Bonne idée de faire du 3-4 parmi d'autres figures, mais je crois qu'il faudra aussi faire un peu de style Etcheverry en mettant la défensive en mouvement avant la remise pour créer une incertitude dans l'esprit de Pierce.

Question...what does this mean?

ROSTER 16-Sep-11
MTL ADD IMP Billy PARKER (DB) William & Mary

Isnt he already on the team. This roster stuff confuses me sometimes.

Youre right, it is confusing when these things arent transparent.

It probably means Parker signed a new contract, I would assume an extension.

That's the meaning/reason; he signed an extension. He would have been a free agent,in February 2012. Happened earlier-august,I think- with London and Bratton.

During the season,when a player signs a new contract/extension, he is waived,with rights of recall, and then added when new contract approved.


Happened on August 20,2011.Ref: CFL transactions. Four players,i.e. Crawford,Bratton, London and Santos.


I hope Richardson gets a multiple year deal soon!!

Any news on Anderson?

According to Herb- ALS INSIDE/OUT- Anderson will not play; he will be replaced,on the roster, by Greg Laybourn. He will play CB and Dix at DB. Emry will play,although Guzman will start,as MLB.


Let's just go get this win!! Ive been up since 7am pacing around!! I cant wait to hit up Molson Stadium!

Correct me if I'm wrong...
It's altogether possible....
since I lost all of last year's games in a hard drive crash
So have no way of going back and checking :frowning:

I believe one of those "curves" we threw at the Riders (in the GC)
was to line up Diamond Ferri at rush end
He got enormous pressure on Durant, without the need to blitz
Allowing the defence to play zone

This kind of scheme...mixed up with other packages
Is a sort of de-facto 3/4 defence
With the 4th linebacker simply replacing the defensive end on passing downs.

I would not go with a 3-4. One of the few constants this year has been the inability of teams to run against us. The Als are the best team at stopping the run with BC coming on strong in that phase of the game in the last month. So that effectively takes Fred Reid out of the equation. Buck Pierce then has to go to the air to beat us and he's got badly bruised ribs so it will be very difficult for him to air the ball out especially if we can hit him a couple times early. Winnipeg has commited 10 turnovers in the last two games so when they do make a mistake the defense needs to make plays.

On offense Calvillo has to be accurate, he's been up and down this year mostly overthrowing receivers on his "bad" days which is still better than throwing it short for interceptions. Offense needs to put up 30+points IMO.

Also scoring first would be very helpful if we want any chance of Trestman keeping the offense balanced.

Winnipeg is coming off two big loss, their QB is hurt, they've lost their MLB and top NI receiver and four guys missed their flight to Montreal. I think if the Als play fast and well out of the gate we can break the Bombers.

Well, there's no other way to put this than hats off to Winnipeg. They prepared well and held our O in check. AC had one of the worst games I have seen. His deep routes are waaaayyyy off now. He has to fix this as the deep threat is one of our best weapons. Once again, we went away from the running game. Even if you don't rip off big yards initially, you have to stay with it.

On D, we did well despite the big plays. We are able to contain Pierce for the most part, but what can you expect with players with little or no game experiece?

Hope the injury to Green is not serious enough to keep him out for long; we'll need him. Well, I guess we know why Deslauriers spends most of his time on the sidelines. Gotta make those plays, Eric!

Well, back to the drawing board and we'll have to regroup for Edmonton this Friday.

Well I sure hope AC gets the record this year
And gets the hell off my team
His inconsistency is absolutely brutal...killing us

I can't believe his lack of intensity for at least 3 quarters
When 1st place is on the line

Missing receivers over and over
Throwing into double coverage
Running when he should pass
he really is convinced he has some kind of speed
God what redzone bull

Panicking under pressure
Turning the ball over at crucial moments
And "nasty-ing" on a young receiver for running the wrong route (apparently)

Oh yah...and AC's and the coaches' obsession with the pass
Arghhhhhhh...flow of the game my a@@

I'm sure I'm in the minority
But this kind of "on again off again"
Makes us look worse than those hapless Ticats
And the thought of la Coupe Grey
Is best

Basically...I'm tired of losing
Point finale

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Starting to wonder if the “Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty” in Montreal just ended. Still not use to believing it may be over.

Down by 2 games with 7 to go. I see a first round home date with the Eastern Division championship on the road.