Als-Blue Bombers

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I know all the cliches that a good team should not be afraid to take on an opponent at its best, but with all our defensive injuries this year, I won`t feel badly if this comes to fruition.

Alex Brink did come in to replace Pierce and defeat the Lions earlier this year, but I`ll take my chances with him!

The only problem there, sheldon, is that there isn't a lot of game film on Brink, so Tibesar and crew may have some difficulty in coming up with appropriate defensive schemes.

Let's take nothing for granted, our team is pretty banged up right now also. Let's just go get the win that's all that counts, and of course let's hope Hamiton loses :rockin:

If Peg's coaches have any smart, they will look very carefully at the films of the 2 games we played in Hamilton, there is all you need to know on how to shut down both our offense and defense.

No offense, but that's a bit glib to say. Any team can sit down and watch film of another team getting beaten. It happens all the time. The evidence of how to beat any team in this league is on film. But doing it is another thing altogether.

just got back from the alouettes golf. all the players look a lot happier than they did on the fan train. marc trestman looked mostly relieved. johnny rodgers was an awesome sight to see.

i won't make a fuss over the attendance figures anymore. it's not likely we'll sell out any games this year, so be it. as long as we are between 24,000-24,500 that's good enough for now because the stadium atmosphere is not affected. the sellout will have to be an objective for next year and winning a 3rd cup is hopefully going to do it. but there's still hope for this year if we keep winning.

I'm ok with Ray Lalonde after having seen him. I think he's going to take this team in the right direction in the long run. it's a transition phase at this point.

Matthieu Proulx assured me the als will not take the peg lightly. that's good enough for me. :wink:

Go als!!!

I feel better about the Als' chances heading into this game. This past Sunday, they played like the Als we have known for more than a decade. Even with a beat up secondary and replacements, they all acquited themselves well.

Winnipeg, too, is a beat up team, especially at QB. Brink may or may not play - we'll see. However, nothing is decided yet. The schedule for the Als is going to be tough - 3 meetings with the Peg, one more with the Ticats, another with an improved BC team... The games against the Peg may well indeed decide our future. The injuries to our starters in the secondary have no doubt hurt us, but inconsistent play on the part of the O have hurt us even more, I humbly submit.

We know we have the players to get it done. It is sometimes a good thing for veterans like Stewart and Wilson to "get their dander up". These guys, after all, are seasoned pros and know what it takes to win.

So, I hope we have a good practise week and are ready for the Bombers. From here on in, it is one game at a time for the Als. First place is still within reach, but the Als will have to bring their A game for the next 8 weeks!

Go Als go!!!!

Suivant les nouvelles d'aujourd'hui, Pierce serait de la partie dimanche, mais Lobendahn est fini pour la saison. Le cas de Pierce sera ré-évalué quotidiennement suite à ses contusions aux côtes.

Les Alouettes doivent se préparer pour affronter Pierce, mais envisager un plan pour Brink.

Par contre, l'attaque doit se préparer à une solide défensive, même si Lobendahn est sorti du jeu. Il ne fait pas la défensive à lui seul. Tim Burke connaît bien l'attaque montréalaise et a sûrement préparé un cocktail particulier pour la neutraliser. Les succès des Blue Bombers reposent avant tout sur leur défensive.

Henoc Mumaba pourrait remplacer Lobendahn.

I hope Pierce is able to play. I'd like to have him test our firmed up defense!

The Alouettes played arguably their most complete game last week...
The game against the Eskimos was good, but as we've seen, the Eskies have their own problems of late.
Calvillo not only bounced back from some lacklustre performances...he was magnificent...fully deserving the Offensive Player of the Week award.
The coaching staff outdid calling was exciting and creative...and but for a few special teams mishaps...I haven't seen Les Oiseaux play a better game.

So while I still think we could do with a rush-end down the appears possible we have the talent to (dare I say it?) go for the 3-peat.
We've seen it all before.
These Alouettes can play appallingly one week and then obliterate an opponent the next.
The only missing ingredient (as far as I can tell) is the will to make that extra effort.

This last week against the Cats the Alouettes were faced with uncontested 3rd spot in the East.
I'm sure nobody on this team was unaware of it.
This week The Als are fighting for 1st
what a difference a day makes!

It's one thing to come up with a big game when your back's against the wall.
What remains to be seen is whether we'll get the same effort when the top spot in the East is up for grabs.

From where I all comes down to leadership.
That's where guys like Stewart,Wilson and Richardson will make the biggest impact (let's hope)

With any luck
The Alouettes will be nestled in 1st place Sunday night
And all will be right with the world


Go Als!

Just got back from 10 days down south, happy to see the Als spit the back to back !

Can anyone fill me in on why Pierce didn't finish the game against the Riders ?


Riders D hit him hard and often....

One thing Lalonde needs to work on is merchandising. To this day, still no on line store. And merchandise is very limited this year.

Not at all sure about the "firmed up defence" as you call it, Niagara. At best, it is a reconstituted D, especially in the secondary, due to injuries.

To be sure, they played well on Sunday. This is due, in no small part, to the fact that the D-line had Glenn running for his life and making hurried throws. More often than not, hurried throws = bad throws and this made the secondary's job a little easier. Let us not forget, however, that many Ticats' receivers dropped very catchable passes, so we also caught a break on that one. That said, Brouillette, Williams, and others were standing on their head.

The roster players, who are now getting a chance to play due to the injuries to our starters in the secondary, have to step up to the plate. They need to ensure the confidence that the coaching staff and management have placed in them. To me, that's what championship teams are made of; they can overcome adversity and have depth in case of injury. AC and the O certainly displayed that. I hope, however, that the deep pass routes are improved; we hardly connected on those last Sunday.

The new D will have to make a repeat performance, and even better themselves this Sunday against the Bombers. What I esepecially liked in the Ticats' game is that they played for 60 minutes, despite the fairly substantial lead; that was the key to a W.

Go Als go!!!!

Dwight Anderson not practicing today according to RDS, and yesterday in his La Presse column Matthieu Proulx said he was uncertain to play Sunday.

Buck Pierce on the other hand is practicing today. So with our depleted secondary this game is certainly not going to be a walk in the park.

The question becomes do we start Woldu or bring on the newcomer Robinson. Robinson will probably have to dress if only to provide a backup.

Putting d-line and blitz pressure obviously becomes essential.

Pierce va jouer. Il ne faut pas perdre de vue qu'il a dans son contrat une clause de boni par match joué. Les Blue Bombers ne peuvent donc pas de bonne foi l'empêcher de débuter une partie si les médecins ne l'en empêchent pas. Cela dit, je suis content que les Alouettes l'affrontent. S'il faut connaître la mesure des Blue Bombers, autant affronter leur meilleur alignement. Remarquez qu'ils ont leur lot de blessures aussi (dont Lobendahn qui est non seulement un très bon joueur mais un des leaders de la défensive avec Doug Brown) alors ce ne sera pas leur meilleur alignement.

Je suis convaincu que Pierce a été sérieusement sonné par le plaqué de Butler, et qu'il serait sans doute sorti du terrain si ce n'était de sa clause de boni. Les Blue Bombers ont dit qu'il souffrait d'ecchymoses aux côtes, mais je doute de ce diagnostic. Pierce n'a hélas jamais joué une saison complète, et il semble qu'une certaine fatigue commence à se faire sentir. Nous verrons comment il pourra rebondir, mais je crois qu'il a intérêt à faire très attention à lui. Ça va commencer à lui trotter derrière la tête, je crois.

Cela dit, je crois que les Blue Bombers voudront reprendre l'initiative de leur saison et vont sortir leur meilleur jeu et leur meilleur arsenal pour ne pas se laisser rattraper par les Alouettes. Notre équipe va affronter celle dont le coordonnateur de la défensive connaît le mieux notre attaque, ce qui devrait nous donner une bonne mesure d'où l'équipe se situe réellement. La partie de dimanche dernier pourrait n'être qu'un accident de parcours où tout a bien fonctionné, mais j'ai confiance que nos Alouettes ne nous ferons pas honte. Le retour de Brouillette change bien des choses. Il y a peu de film pour préparer le jeu contre lui (même dans le SIC où il était quart-arrière) et il a clairement montré qu'il a un bon instinct du football. Williams a bien joué et Dix a connu un fort match. Ce sera une partie très intéressante de toute façon.

It is me or did Guzman do a better job than Emery...?

I don't think it's just you, mike. I've been very impressed with Guzman ever since he became an Al. . . Emry I have mixed feelings about. I also think Guzman is better suited to the middle than the outside.

I agree with both of you. Emry may have to fight for his job.

The D is going to have to bring their “A+” game on Sunday. With Burke at the helm on Bombers’ D, he knows all of AC’s tricks. I sure hope they’ve worked a few new wrinkles on O during practise this week. Something tells me that the O is going to have to rack up points early and often in this one.

As has been mentioned, Pierce can never be given time to make his reads. That will help us with a patchwork secondary. I’m not taking anything away from them, but it many cases, this is their first real game experience and this game is HUGE!!! Now we’ll see what moxy our guys can bring. Let’s get 'em!

Go Als go!!!

That Swagerville D-Line is pretty good. AC is gonna have to get rid of the ball if he doesnt wanna get hit hard.