Al's Black Jersey

Does anyboady know where I can get an Al's Black jersey???

You want the one the Players wear or the Replicas?

For the replicas, you can buy one on the Als site:

Just a pain one will do, thanks!

Hey is it true the Als auction off jerseys at the end of the year?

p.s. My B's lost to the Hab's tonight i can't sleep :cry: Least i got the Als

Peter I hope you don't lose sleep every time the Habs beat the Bruins, because that would mean that you haven't slept very well the last 35 years or so. I think one year you actually beat the Habs in the Playoffs!
Habs Rule!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe with last nights habs win over the Bruins, that the Leafs and Bruins are now tied for losing the most games in history against Montreal. I wonder who will win or lose that competition?

Yes they are, there is a silent auction of the game worn jerseys in December on the Locker Room visit day @ Big O.

1 Hint, stay be there when the locker visit are almost over and place your bid, otherwise you will get "beat" like I was for Cahoon's shirt last year.

This year, i'll come in around 3pm and stay near the table where the auction goes off, I already selected the 3 jeyseys I want...

What are the bids usually around?

To Als Molson:
i did get some sleep last night but i haven't forgotten the loss. Wait til Thorton gets back. I' am going to hold you to it. The Bruins will eventually jell as a team.

Last year, worn shirt was starting at 300$, the practice shirt started at 80$.

thanks xgamer.

Not bad i think i will have to make another trip to Montreal. Man, i've racked up more miles on my car heading up to Montreal from Boston. My family has told me i should move up their. Need to brush up on my french first. The big question would i switch from Black and Gold, to Red and Blue? Would i trade my Bud Light for a Molson Export? Would i switch my miles for kilos? Too many questions that i need to answer. Would i tear down my Ted Kennedy poster for Rene Levesque? Ah, i hate the kennedy's.

XGamer, if I'm not mistaken, I think last year's real jerseys started at 250$... And only two of them got sold: Cahoon's and Calvillo's. Truth is, everyone wants them, but not too many people has 250$ to put on a jersey.

I've seen a guy in the stands in my usual section with an original jersey of Philion. But that must be from the previous year because Philion's was still available in 2004.

I doubt jerseys' prices will get very high, because you can bid on the home and away jerseys (and this year, they'll probably add the third jerseys). So if someone bids high on that, say, Calvillo home jersey you wanted, you can bid 250$ on the away or the third jersey.

T&T...other jersey's went to sale last year also, my buddys bought them......Copeland & Stala.....

This year the high bidders will try to get:

Calvillo & Cahoon are sure sellers..

R.Edwards, Watkins, Stala & Vaughn once they get 1000 yards each...(expect Watkinns who already has it)...

My selection is already made..and my buddies also....and they are not in this list :slight_smile:

I wish they could put the jersey's on ebay, or set the site up the site for auctions. Since i'am a huge Robert Edwards fan and probably can't make it, and I'am sure they would sell more jersey's.

Ahhh... so my assumption that you disire a Rene Levesque poster over your bed is correct... No wonder you can't sleep at night.

How about them SENS? Beat the Habs or Burins any time.

BTW... Here is one to get you started...

Guys, we should talk this over, cause it would suck if we would be competing against each other. THey were $250 last year and I missed the auction, but I called the Als office the next week and they had almost all of them left and wouldn't lower the price (hey I tried).

So if there are 5 of us here that are planning on bidding on some, should we say it outloud (or a top 3) so we don't outbid each other for nothing. I saved some money aside for a jersey this year (FINALLY) and I REALLY want one but I can't go to $350 or even $300 is a little high.

I want Cahoon, the 3rd jersey too. There I said it. Any of you guys going for it? Man I hope not.

If not then I'll have to go for... hmmm... I would have taken Megna's but since Matthews decided he sucked even though he had an amazing year last year... I guess I'll have to see who I'd like.

So anybody hoping to get a Cahoon also? Different jersey? Home, Away, 3rd or the Black one???

I'm being honest so we don't waste our money, if you guys voice your choices, maybe as friends we can negociate?

Come on, we're all gonna be hanging out next year, don't want fights right :wink: jk

Guys forget the black one the Game Worn one (the real one), they cannot use was made by Puma and Reebok is now the they cannot use it...

We only have 3 jerseys and that's it...

Any of you guys going after M.Proulx, M.Vilimek & T.Strickland game worn shirt, will have to answer to me ! I'll probably beat you in the Big O parking lot after the auction, when no one is watching ! :wink:

I made a new thread...

CALL IT :slight_smile:

I was thiinking about Proulx also. He's impressed me this year. He might be our starting Safety next year, who knows :wink: But I'll let you have it, I can pick other guys. We have so many guys that I might get.

SHIT, It's gone!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, just got one, never mind.

I losed oue on a black jersey on ebay, do you know anyother places I could still get one?

I REALLY want to add one to my collection.

Do you think CFL tardisions will remake them at some point?

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