Als Beat Ti Cats

Tonights game was a must win for both teams and, the result was an exciting game for the two teams involved. Both sides featured great playmaking on both sides of the ball. Perhaps the game was decided by the many penalties taken by the Ti Cats?

Jason Mass played well [and kept his team alive until the interception by Etienne Boulay] with short passes and some strong running from his QB position. In addition he demonstrated that he can still throw long. Too bad Tyrone Anderson dropped a critical pass from Mass. As Als fans we have to be happy he has found another team to fumble with.

Jesse Lumsden was a strong force coming out of the backfield and, he will be threat to all teams that face Hamilton. Jesse was especially effective when he had Holmes with him in the backfield. I can well understand the frustration of the Hamilton's fans who percieve that Holmes should be used more. Holmes and Lumsden together are an effective duo with one complementing the other. Can a team stack up the line when Holmes is a threat outside?

Tim Chang was exciting and the whole Hamilton team stood up to the mark as soon he enterd the game. He will be exciting to watch as the season progresses!!!!!

For the Als, the entire defensive team played a strong game. The defensive backs showed spirit- that pass through Estelle could have been an interception!Davis Sanchez, in my opinion, played his best game of the year. The defensive line were powerful not giving Ti Cats' QB's much time in which to throw. Etienne Boulay may have showed the team that their long search for a safety is over. Boulay is quick, came up with a significent interception and when he hits..Wow!!!!!

One has to remember that the Ti Cats were the opposition and therefore one has to be careful and not give too much praise to a struggling team. Needless to say this was a great game coming from two teams who gave the game all they could!

No offense, hassall, but I saw little to inspire confidence in tonight's win. We barely hung on to beat the Ticats, hardly an accomplishment. The defense got burned twice for big plays and only generated one sack on the night. We had no answer for the Lumsden / Holmes combo. And the offense sputtered in the second half against a young, inexperienced Hamilton D playing mostly vanilla coverage.

The fact is that this game shouldn't have been close, but it was. Are we that bad, or is Hamilton that good? Not sure, but until we beat a real team, this win means nothing to me.

Congrat for the win but I feel the same way. There is still a lot of work to do in Montreal. Defence gave up over 400f yards to a team that can barely move the chains...

Tell me why your so worried Disciplineandpunish. Isnt Lumsden the all time CIS rushing leader? Wasnt Holmes the Special teams player of the year a couple of years ago? Wasnt Zeke Moreno a star linebacker at USC!!!(arguably best college in the states)Isnt Chang the all time passing leader in the NCAA? Hmm he must be pretty good too zip a ball downfield like he did...

Is it just me or your trying to find something to complain about...

EastSideAlouette, every stat you mentioned either relates to events that took place years ago or occurred in a non-CFL league. We've seen many highly touted players with gaudy college credentials come in to the CFL and tank, so please don't bother listing everyone's resumes. Football is a team game.

Chang zipped the ball downfield. That's great for him, he's a good young QB. But that touchdown should never have happened. How do you give up a 75-yard TD in second and long when you're running a prevent defense? Rhinehart got beaten badly and for some reason had no safety help over top.

You can talk about Hamilton's credentials all you want, but they are 0-3 in a rebuilding year with a washed-up Maas, an unproven Chang, and a young, vanilla D, and we only just barely beat them after they burned themselves with penalties, mistakes, and missed opportunities. THAT'S why I'm worried.

I'll reserve judgment on this team until we start winning against real teams.

Great description of the situation there Disciplineandpunish unfortunately.

All this win really proved was that we are not the worst team in the league

And barely so…if the Cats didn’t keep shooting themselves in the foot with dumb, brain cramp penalties at crucial times, they’d have won the thing.

Nobody has mentioned the 2 interceptions that Hamilton dropped. Our OLine showed nothing again. They held Hamilton to 2 sacks-- but that happens to be their avg per game. They certainly didn't open any holes for our running game. And our running game will be a problem all year, because the entire defense is playing up tight to he line because we rarely throw the ball more than 6 yards down field. And the worst thing is that I'm paying $150.00 per game to be bored stiff by a pretty poor team playing a terrible offensive scheme.

Whether we against the Ti-Cats or against the Lions, the bottom line is that we won the game, and picked up 2 points. No matter who we beat, spirits are always up after the game, and it's more fun to show up at practice, and to show up to the next game.

I don't see anything special in Winnipeg. Their Offense isn't all that great. They have their moments, but our Defense has been great so far this season.

Our Offense isn't anything special, but they can move the ball, even against Winnipeg's TOUGH Defense. We saw last game, the Als were riding on momentum, and got points off every drive.

After the last win, I think the Als will come back, and play tough in front of a sellout crowd, and will defeat Winnipeg, and will move into a tie for 1st place, pending the result of the Argos/Stamps game, which I think Calgary will win.


Well-said, Ryoon.

Ryooon, no disrespect intended, but our defense gave up 400 yards of total offense against … the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. They got burned for big plays that resulted in TDs not once but twice, they couldn’t get to the QB fast enough, they didn’t generate enough sacks, and they couldn’t stop the run. I would hardly that ‘great.’

Winnipeg’s offense is superior to Hamilton’s in just about every way. They have quality receivers in Stegall, Armstrong, and Brazzell, and they have a consistently dangerous running game with Charles Roberts. Their O-line is doing a far better job than ours this year. And they’re playing at home. Though I want to believe otherwise, I don’t think our D will stop them this week.

Our Offense isn't anything special, but they can move the ball, even against Winnipeg's TOUGH Defense. We saw last game, the Als were riding on momentum, and got points off every drive.
Our offense has zero consistency and just as much unpredictability. Popp talked a good game for months about how we were going to use screens and flares to get our RBs involved and show a greater commitment to the run. I have yet to see it. Our running game is nonexistent and we're back to the same old stale West Coast offense that got us nowhere last year. Quick outs to the sidelines and the occasional crossing route with Cahoon. We run the ball the exact same tediously predictable way we did last year: handing off to a stationary back who drives straight up the gut. And guess what, it gets us little to nothing on most plays. We don't stretch defenses vertically with the pass or side to side with the run. We never shift the pocket to give Calvillo a few extra seconds to get the ball away. We never successfully use bunch-formation receivers to get a deep threat in man coverage on the backside because we have no deep threat. We do our tired old thing for 60 minutes, which is why we're 1-2 with our only win coming against the worst team in the league.

Let’s not forget our kick-return game, which is mediocre to subpar on most plays.

I know I sound like a killjoy, but until I see evidence that the Alouettes can compete in all three phases of the game against teams not named the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, I won’t be convinced that we’re an upper-tier team.

In viewing all the above noted posts that were responses to my original one I must admit that my perceptions could be too optimistic. In retrospect, I believe the offensive line is perhaps the key to this season. Calvillo can still throw but this season, more than others, he is lacking the protection he needs to complete.

The TiCat game did have the excitment of two equally matched teams the end, of which, was decided in the last minutes which greated good suspence. Some players, on both teams did elevate their playing. I thought Cahoon was magnificent, Elijah Thurman might become the receiver we need and for the TiCats, Jesse Lumsden provided great power in the backfield averaging more than seven yards per carry. Tim Chang exhilarated the whole Civic Stadium greater than anyone has in the past three years- the fans were wild with excitement.

Evolving teams can create the same excitement as better teams can depending on the context of which the game is played. This was an exciting game in which several players were able to lift up their level of play. What will happen? These teams might be the two playing for the right to compete as the team from the east in the Grey Cup! Vive la CFL!

Well, I'm a believer. I won't let 2 losses get to me, and I won't criticise them when they win. A win is a win, and they've done what they can to get those 2 points.

I don't buy that crap, "It's not good, we played against the Tiger-Cats". In football, any team can win on any given game. Yes, the Als gave up 400 yards against the Ti-Cats, yes, it's not so great. But what do you expect? Do you expect Hamilton to be held to under 100 yards each game, when they have players like Holmes, Lumsden, Maas, Ralph, Anderson? In the end, what really matters? The winner, or how they played?

We expect the Als to win, and that's what they've done, but they still get crapped on.

To me, the Als won! Wave the flag, and chant "Ole!" and move onto next week against Winnipeg.

Montreal did somewhat play Winnipeg tough the last game they met. The 1st half was tight. I think Montreal's Defense is better than Winnipeg's Offense.

Like I said, Montreal will come out to play Thursday, and will play hard. I don't think their sitting in the locker room kicking themselves in the butt because they allowed over 100 yards against the Tiger-Cats, and also because Calvillo didn't throw a perfect game, and for 400 yards.


Just because I'm not blindly happy when they win doesn't mean I'm not a believer. I love this team, but something is not right this year, and it starts with Popp being the head coach.

BTW, Strickland is out for the game against Winnipeg, which makes our chances of containing the Bombers' offense pretty slim.

Als defense containing bomber offense?


whose kevin glenn?

nobody talked about Calvillo? He had a great game. Cats were not able to defeat Al's O-line easily and Calvillo was able to get in his game and send great passes.

with a good O-line, CAlvillo will do a great job.

not one receiver has caught 100 yards in 1 game...

Right on Snowy! :thup:

Just look and see whose the league's Offensive player of the week.

I never said you were a non believer.

I'm referring the the Als "fans" in general. The same fans who chant for Brady when Calvillo throws an incomplete.

I agree with 99% of your posts Discipline, I'm just saying that I'd rather look at a win in a positive way, and not be disappointed in the way we won.