Well, TC is over for another season. There may have been a few cuts that surprised us...but we have a team for 2011, and some prospects who distinguished themselves at points. Can they carry that into league games, all of which count from here on in? We didn't get to see AC very much, but I think the Als did well with the team they have. We may lack a little depth at some positions, but it appears as if we have a good corps of receivers, and good backups in case of injury. With a pass-happy O, good backups are essential.

So, now it comes down to the nitty-gritty; they play for real starting Thursday. I'm looking forward to another exciting season of Als football.

Go Als go!!!

Here is a post from Dave on Lion backers , how he views his team going into the season.

2011 BC Lions - what's to like / not to like? by David on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:38 pm

Time to take a look at how this team is positioned heading into the regular season. There's a lot to like about this team, team chemistry being a key component for me. My sense is this is a tight group that's playing for each other, and all the rookies last year have matured nicely and are now well past the learning curve. Reilly, Hyland, and Brown really impressed me in the preseason.

What's to like:
Offensive Line: Twin towers in Olafioye and Archibald, and great depth at Guard. Center a little under-sized, but Angus makes up for it in smarts. I need to see better run blocking though.

  • Linebacker: Wow. Elimimium, Leonard, McKenzie, Yurichuk, Henderson, Gesse, Banks (nickel)....that's a lot of speed and talent! Adam Bighill is more of a traditional 'throwback' linebacker that could be force down the road.

  • Quarterback: While Lulay may not (yet/ever) be the best in the league, I'll put our trio of Lulay, Jackson, and Reilly against any in the league.

Potential areas of concern:

  • Receiver: I know you can't put "Geroy" and "potential area of concern" in the same sentence, BUT aside from him....

Thankfully Canadians Gore, Foster, and Ianuzzi all had a stellar camp. But they still don't have a pro catch among them in the real season so we'll need them to pick up where they left off when the bullets fly for real. P-Jack's knee a concern. Peterson a good acquisition but can his problem achilles hold up? Collins and Moore didn't 'wow' me in preseason. In short, everything could work out great but there are a lot of question marks.

  • Punting: Not sure if Paul has a 40 yard average in him anymore. While his field goal kicking is stellar, kick-offs to the 20 yard line won't cut it. Wonder if we'll see O'Neill inserted into some games to handle 1 or 2 kicking chores?

Running back Robertson solid, if unspectacular, but the exciting Harris and Brown should get some touches.

Realistically, we could finish 10-8 or 11-7 despite being able to whip, say the 2004 team that went 13-5; the talent level in the league is that much better.


There's really only one thing I can say for sure about Wednesday's season opener. . .

Mrs MadJack and I will be in the stands, cheering our Als on !!!

Aren't you a Rider fan ??? 8)

LOL you missed my typo. . .I meant Thursday, not Wednesday!

No, we are not Rider fans. . . I've been an Alouette fan since the late 50s. . .

We have our anniversary tradition of attending a season opener in a different CFL city each season, and our tradition is to be home fans for the day. . . so we wore Calgary gear one year at McMahon, Ticats gear in Hamilton, Rider gear in Regina last year. . . this season, since we'll be in Montreal, it's easy.

Ahhh ! Decoys :lol:

This game should tell us if BC is for real. I believed they would fight for 3rd place with Edmonton. It seems experts see them doing really well. Miguel Bujold from La Presse predicts BC wins the West with an 11-7 record:

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And BC always seems to play the Als really good, despite the talent levels on both teams. I think it would be a "statement" (to quote a Hamilton QB) if the Als really plastered BC.

Bujold also says in his article, that on paper, the Als have the best defense in the league, that they will go 14-4, and win a 3rd of something in a row. I guess he is some sort of an anti-Herb! All joking aside, he is not a cheerleader either, and he knows his football. After the Als' first 2 wins in 2009, he predicted they would lose no more than 2 or 3 games, and would win more... I hope he is once again right!

They have some really good young players and if they can keep Lulay healthy they should be right behind the Stampeders.
Eliminiam, Hyland and their rushends are very good. Their DB's are all experienced and good. Phillips, Sanchez, Marsh.

Les Lions sont très améliorés cette année, particulièrement la ligne offensive avec Ben Archibald, qui amène aussi du leadership et de la stabilité. C'était la principale faiblesse de l'équipe, et il semble que tout soit rodé.

Le fait que Lulay va commencer l'année avec l'équipe fait que le livre de jeux a été pensé pour ses qualités à lui, et non celles de Printers. Cela devrait aussi aider l'équipe, qui a fini en force l'an dernier.

Le point d'interrogation demeure leurs receveurs. Certes, il y a Simon, Jackson et Black, mais d'autres devront se révéler, notamment Gore, Foster et Collins.

C'est une équipe jeune qui va en surprendre plusieurs.

Les Alouettes auraient tort de les prendre à la légère. Je ne serais pas surpris de les voir supplanter les Roughriders cette année.

Well, I didn't see the game tonight - I was out of town, but I recorded it. I heard the 4th quarter on CJAD. Sounds like the Als couldn't get much O in the 2nd half and the ST apparently allowed a TD. So, we still have some problems there as has been disucussed on this forum.

BUT a W is a W is a W!!! They can't all be pretty! Back to the drawing board in some aspects of our play. So, 1 down and 17 to go. Go Als go!

The Als are strong again this year and are favourite to win the GC.
However, I would not be surprised if the up and coming Lions end up playing the Als in the cup in the Couv.

I didn't see the game tonite either, but you're right, jkm, a WIN IS a WIN - but a little too close for me for the season opener!