Als @ BC June 16

They got to the check in at the airport and the boarding pass machine was displaying a weird message.

“You haven’t earned your wings”

The wings were supposed to be implemented into the system to be given to players who were real good in games. Player to player it was hoped the whole team will use them totally as the season goes on. We have a couple of great OG's, have Lavoie at fullback and, should our OT's play well, then we might have a running game. Hopefully the team could block sufficiently to establish this. If the offense can play OK then, our defensive team, who are likely our best, should not have to spend most of the game on the field. Now the QB's? I also believe that with all the additional D players, they should be expected to play better this season. QB's ?

Line for the game is 8. I actually think the number would also be appropriate if one were to wager on how times the Als QB will get sacked tonight.

Sigh! - the CFL!

Man i wanna try and be positive but all these teams have gangster quarterbacks. Drew Willy is pretty embarrassing if you compare what other teams have

Oh yeah! This helmet looks great with the current day uniform. It should become the permanent helmet!

is that a whale?

Matter of time before BC blows this open. Willy is awful

Lions have done absolutely nothing this game and frankly they suck also. If we had somewhat of a decent quarterback this game is over a long time ago. Defence is looking good now, but constant 2 and outs will just wear them down.

Actually very aggravating seeing this crap...

This loss will be on Kavis, build a great defence and give the keys to no arm Willy. Ridiculous

Defence gave us every chance to win this game. U need a quarterback who can go toe to toe Drew Willy looked like the backup quarterback he is. The Montreal Alouettes are 1-2 years away from beinf cfl owned Argos style and u have Drew Willy trying to sell u tickets...Westerman aint gonna sell tickets..ppl wanna see touchdowns not a batted down pass

Johnny bets the fanboys and sycophants were planning a parade when limp Willy started out 10 for 10.

HA! Willy then went 15 out of 25, by dinking and dunking 5 yard passes. And then he threw a back breaking, horrible 4th quarter interception. That interception was just horrible! A moronic pass attempt!

To paraphrase the "great" Dennis Green; Willy is "who we thought he was!"

The final score flatters the Alouettes. The defense played reasonably well to keep this game relatively close.

Again, too many penalties and that costly turnover (Willy interception) killed the team. Ernest Jackson caught a long pass, then once again disappeared. Same old Alouettes.

A few bright spots. Eugene Lewis, Woody Baron and Branden Dozier. Also Chris Williams.

Edit. Double post.

sounds like a good play

Ha ha! Good one!

Good game for both teams imo.

Lions needed a win to give hope to their beleaguered fan base. Hopefully the 20,000 come back again.
Positive night for Jon Jennings.

Montreal needed to be respectable for their beleaguered fan base. I think they were. Jamaal Westerman, Tyrell Sutton, Boris Bede, Chris Williams all showed good stuff. #62 was not Jovan Olafioye. Team will get better. Drew Willy did well. Took some hits, threw some nice balls. Masoli's interception was just as bad. It happens.

Looks like it could be an good year in the CFL. No easy points.

Also protection issues and they got worse when the RT went out with a detached arm. Willy needs the Great Wall of China in front of him otherwise he's gonna get killed. Five sacks in the first half alone.

Defense didn't make a play the entire game, in the first half JJ went 18 for 20

Should be all on hands on deck looking for Offensive Tackles and a Quarterback with hips and a live arm.

Als are in even deeper trouble than we thought if yesterday's defense is representative of how they will play this year. Based on game 1, I cannot see them being a top defense in the league.

Drew Willy played about as well as we can reasonably expect from him at this stage of his career. For him to look much better, he would need a better line and no mistakes from the receivers. It is not like there is anybody on the roster that could play any better right now.

Lions were able to get good field position on special teams primarily because of Chris Rainey. Stefan Logan was not able to match that. This could be the end of the line for Logan if the return team does not improve.

If CFL games were 30 minutes, the Als might make it to 9-9 this season.

Unfortunately, DW doesn't strike me as a 60-minute QB. So, either the coaching staff bring in another QB in the 3rd quarter, or they design a new series of plays in the second half.

The only good news for me in this one is that they didn't get blown out.

The question remains, however, can they sustain drives and score?