Als @ BC June 16

Well here it is, the first game of the season! On the road, and in BC where Alouette dreams go to die.

The Als never win in BC. Drew "limp" Willy is the starting QB, and Xavier "turnstyle" Fulton is the offensive tackle (not) protecting his blind side. This game won't be close.

Final score: BC 34 Als 10

BC by 17

Team announced the signing of DT Faith Ekakitie and OT Na'Ty Rodgers. Both were released by the Bombers over the weekend.

Ryan Bomben and John Bowman are questionable
Als with either play Bomben at RG wearing a cast on his right hand or playformer Lion Kirby Fabien.

If the Als are lucky, 16 pts.
1 TD and 3 FG.

Lions will put up 31 pts as the D will end up on the field for approximately 2/3 of the game.
Add the 3 hour time difference, game will be over by the of the third quarter.

Lions 31. Als 16

Never know Drew Willy might win in BC...stranger things have happened....but i think that with all the changes, it may take several games to see what this team is all about. Not expecting a Golden Knights type season!

Was at practice today and they broke out dancing and singing "I will survive:

I'm pretty sure I saw Keanu Reeves taking snaps.

Les Lions par 35 points.

This pre-NFL draft evaluation sounds like Rodgers has tons of talent but has had trouble "staying out of his own way".

At 23 he is young enough that there may still be hope that he can get his act together. Getting dropped by the NFl and then a CFL team may make him realize this may be his last chance.

Same may be true of Ekakitie, #1 overall picks have to have great tools/skills.

Ekakitie? was a first down pick by WPeg last year. The fans opinion of his was very negative about the little he played last season and, he was one of the first players let go this season. Evidently he showed at the camp last season out of shape and, as the season developed, her rode the bench. From was noted in
the WPeg Forum. I doubt he would contribute to our team.

Worthwhile prospect, if the Als are interested in investing a couple seasons but then sign him for one... Probably why he signed with Montreal, the only team that would invest in the guy without assurance of a return.

Both guys sound like projects. If you can fix them it might be good. And they may be very fixable as their attitude must be good as they are on their last chance.

It often takes a cerain amount of failure for the light to come on, these players included. Obviously, the Als are operating from the position as buyers in a sellers market, hoping to unearth a diamond in the rough. From a players perspective, new venues and different coaching can have different results. Is it safe to assume that the same coaching staff that thought enough to draft someone at #1 could have based this decision for salary cap reasons, and not just talent ?. A first overall pick in his second season costs quite a bit more than a first year later round pick... I'm just saying, hopefully the Als got a decent piece at a decent price... which sounds like it could turn into a bargain. Either way, they have to keep making moves.

Must be disheartening for fans to see Winnipeg pickup Streveler without any effort. This guy has the potential to possibly become the best QB in the League. Als been lighting QB's on fire like bonfires at Bohemian Groves.

Didier Orméjuste posted a partial position chart for the game. Ryan Bomben is listed as a starter. Jeff Mathews is the #2 QB.

Rutherford and Fabien must be pretty bad to play Bomben in a full cast.

Didier Orméjuste also posted the 1 game injured list.

Chip Cox is listed as a 3rd-string Safety. Branden Dozier is at SAM LB. Dominique Ellis and Tyquwan Glass are the Halfbacks. Vantrel McMillian starts at DE. Last year, the team chose current Lion Ivan McLennan and released McMillian.

Depth Chart has an 8th non-import starting in WR Stephen Adekolu. Anthony Sarao will likely come in as the 4th linebacker. Maybe that is how they maintain the ratio if2 of the 3 DL are imports?

Bo Banner - From Practice to Active
Garrett Fugate - From Active to Practice
Trevor Graham - From Active to 6 Game Injured List
Kyle Knox - From Active to 6 Game Injured List

Helmet the Als will be wearing tonight.

According to Herb, the team arrived only 14 hours ahead of kickoff.
Mechanical issue with the Charter in Montreal forcing them to find another aircraft.
It was then unable to make it non stop, having to stop in Winnipeg to refuel.