Als at Stamps - 9/29/17

Drew Willy gets the start over Darian Durant as Durant has a lingering hamstring injury. According to Kavis Reed, Durant just getting through the Argo game was “miraculous? because he was hurt physically. In the same article written by Herb Zurkowsky, Willy himself wonders if things would have been different if he did not suffer a major knee injury in 2015.

Nik Lewis out. TJ Graham in.
Jovan Olafioye out. Xavier Fulton in.
JC Beaulieu should return from the 6-game.

CFL simulation released yesterday had the Als at a less than 1% chance (36/1000) of making the playoffs. Time to plan for 2018 and move away from those who will not be with the Als next year.

As far as getting that big-name unemployed QB from the US, Dave Naylor used the words snowball and hell when talking about the chances that Colin Kaepernick ends up in Montreal.

JC Beaulieu said, on Als site, that he is physically sound and ready and anxious to play this Friday.

6 game injured ends for DT Keith Shologan,LB Frederic Plesius and OL Philippe Gagnon. I don't know if all three will return. We will know tomorrow.


Also, we now know that Boris Bede's backups are respectively BJ Cunningham for kickoffs/field goals and Matt Shiltz for punts.

I am not buying that Durant had a hamstring issue and that it was miraculous for him to get through the game. Why did Reed not use Willy at some point?

And with the chance of making the playoffs well "minimal" at best, yes see what youth you have and give them a chance.

If Reed is sticking around next season, there is no excuse for him not to know what he has on the roster.

Reed savait très bien ce qu'il avait comme joueurs sous la main en décembre dernier. Il était avec l'équipe depuis 2 saisons déjà. Cette équipe, il l'a moulée suivant son plan. Il n'a aucune excuse. Si l'équipe manque de profondeur, c'est à cause du DG. Si l'équipe n'a pas été capable de recruter les bons remplaçants quand les joueurs sont tombés au combat, c'est à cause du DG.

Que Reed ait endossé Durant, il fallait s'y attendre; il a toujours endossé ses joueurs, que je sache. Il ne pourra pas recruter facilement s'il se met à les traîner dans la boue. Cela dit, je ne crois pas ce genre de discours. Durant était nul avant cette partie contre Toronto et il a été aussi mauvais dans cette partie que dans les précédentes. Les faits parlent d'eux-mêmes : cette équipe est pourrie et pue l'incompétence par toutes ses pores.

Je suis bein d accord avec toi. Je l ai dit la meme chose sur une autre poste.
C est pas comme Reed est juste venue aux Alouettes. Il etait l entraineur ST pour deux ans.

Danny Austin of the Calgary Sun says Nik Lewis is on tomorrow's 46 man roster.

I am going to speculate the inclusion is more related to Lewis getting to travel back to Calgary rather than him possibly participating in the game.

OK. J'avais sans doute mal compris. Merci!

Aucun problem Le Staf. On est sur la meme page concernant Reed.

As per today's CFL transactions having an impact on active roster:


Int. LB Reggie Northrup. From practice roster.
Int. DL Lawrence Okoye. From practice roster.
Nat. DB Dominique Termansen. From practice roster.
Nat. RB Jean-Christophe Beaulieu.


Nat. DB Mickael Charland. To practice roster.
Nat. FB Nathan O'Halloran. To practice roster.
Int. DL Davon Walls. To practice roster.
Int. Ol Jovan Olafioye. To 6 game injured list.

Nik Lewis is on active roster, but will be a healthy scratch.

The other healthy scratch will be Reggie Northrup or Lawrence Okoye.


Peu importe, ça va être un massacre pareil.

They have to find a way to insert some of the newcomers including Foote and the rookie QBs into the lineup the rest of the season. You want to give them some experience and assess them under game conditions.

Otherwise we're wasting a wasted season.

If both Northrup and Okoye dress/play, Int. DB Brandon Stewart could be a healthy scratch,along with Nik Lewis.


Lawrence Okoye and Reggie Northrup are listed as starters, but we all know that means nothing. Northrup's size would lead you to believe that he is an Inside Linebacker rather than WLB as listed on the chart.

Kavis Reed said Nik Lewis is a gametime decision, but again I believe the Als brought him along just so he could attend his annual tailgate party before the game.

Bruno Heppell's opinion is that Drew Willy would have been the starter even if Darian Durant was not injured.

I wonder what you do if your GM who fired his HC goes 0-7 to close out the season?

As one who survived the "Drew Willy Experience" in Winnipeg I can assure Als fans the guy is fully capable of rising up (the odd time) and putting in a yeoman effort to effect and Als win.

Stamps are pretty fat 'n sassy although Dave Dick likes to work his troops as playing each game like a playoff game. That's hard to do on a routine basis even if all the pre-game yap and preparation appear the same.

Stamps without Messam - that's huge!

Durant was more a liability than an asset for Montreal. Even his legendary strength vs. rushers appeared sapped by his diminished focus and loss of will.

Willy will just come out chucking - although many have stated he has severe PTSD after his terrible experience in Winnipeg. (ie. getting spiked to the turf after about every 2nd or 3rd toss)

That said - even if Willy rises up solid the Stamps are a professional football organization. The Als aren't. One word - KAVIS.

Stamps depth and preparation should have them downing the Als something in the vicinity of 29-19 or somesuch.

btw Who do the Als insert if Willy breaks down or gets nicked? Horrible Herb Zurkowsky?

AC will have his helmet and pads ready if Free Willy goes down.

Well this would make too much sense.
Never mind now, keep the vets in there and throw Free Willy in and see what he has left.

Unfortunatley head office thinks it's better to try and make the playoffs rather than build for the future.I as a fan + season ticket holder prefer we look to the future.I do not beleive that Willy is the future either so who do we have a QB.

Behind a patchwork O-Line ......... I'd pay to see Herb obliterated every snap.