Als at Stamps 8/17/19

Good for Shiltz …I liked what I saw from him last week for the most part.

Again, nothing really conclusive from him, one way or the other. But I did like how he chased down and tackled Hughes.

As for his promotion, probably more an indictment on Pipkin who seems to have completely lost his mojo.

After the game, Khari Jones told Herb that Matthew Shiltz would start if Adams remains on injured list; he added that he will be second if Adams is OK to go.

I would release Antonio Pipkin.


Would you have Hugo Richard as the 3rd QB? It might be risky.

Given the way Pipken has looked would Hugo be that risky ? THAT said, I haven’t given up on Antonio, but he needs to get his head straight … just seems jumpy … and Hugo has the size to try sneaks.

And, play Hugo as a second tier blocker on punts and some interesting “trick” play options open up.

Pipkin has potential. For whatever reason, it looks like he was having a case of the yips. He has the skill set, he just needs what every QB needs, and that’s reps. I wouldn’t release him, I’d continue to develop him.

Well, with what Pipkin showed us so far this year, I truly believe Richard would not be worse.

In the off-season, we all knew it wouldnot be smooth-sailing for Pipkin. The question for me was how patient the team would be under those circumstances. Still, I am just surprised he dropped to #3 after the equivalent of playing 1 game.

Anyway, Herb Zurkowsky says BJ Cunningham could be done for the year.

If Pipkin has potential,he has not shown it. Yes, I would go with Hugo Richard as number 3. In 2020,only 2 QB’s will dress for each team.


He needs a couple years work. What i can’t understand is why the media is jumping all over the just turned 24 year old when Shiltz has been with the team 3 or 4 years and hasn’t won a game.

I expect this will be a boon to Canadian QBs who can play another position … an emergency 3rd stringer

This a whole other topic and thread, but the league going to 2 QBs in 2020 is just plain idiotic.

In addition to the NFL, you will soon have the XFL signing any live body who can throw a football. How the hell does the CFL expect to develop the next generation of QBs?

The way the league seems to be going, should we look forward in 2021 to the 2nd QB having to be Global?

I don’t know… its kind of like lightning storms calling a game…3rds string QB’s coming in a game because 1 and 2 are injured happens in less than 1 percent of games. Really this is like adding an extra player to the roster for the other percent of games

Agreed. Schiltz, looked better than Pipken, but I attribute that to more time in the league. Was he great? No, but he was a bit better than adequate, which is about what you’d expect given the specific circumstances. More reps, and he should do ok. Adams is apparently playing this week, so hopefully Schiltz is getting 2nd team reps.

Agree 100%.

Both Pipkin and Shiltz were signed by the Als in 2017. Shiltz on April 5,2017 and Pipkin on July 5,2017.

So far, Pipkin has played 10 games and Shiltz 8.

In 2018, Shiltz was to be starting QB,but a vicious hit by Kyries Hebert in a pre-season game ended this “dream”. Was out most of 2018.


Unless Jones was left out of determining that Pipken was number #1 coming out of camp, or is a serious SMS drag, then I see no reason why he should be cut after a few quarters of play.
I’m not a fan but if he merited #1 status 2 months ago by the team ( Jones included) then we have not seen his best. I’d keep him no question.