Als at Stamps 07/21/18

Als in Calgary. QB position is a question mark as of today for the Als.
Oline another question mark.

Stamps - will Mitchell play? Do they really need him against the Als?

Last year with Reed as HC, it was men against boys.

Stamps may not score 59 in this one but nevertheless do not foresee the Als hanging with the Stamps.

Stamps 45 Als 6

45-6? But the Als had 2 weeks to prepare for this gmae ::slight_smile: ::)..!!

Look at it this way, they have had 42 weeks (or so) to prepare since last time they played in Calgary and may cut down the points allowed by 14. :wink:

Didier Orméjuste says Jeff Mathews is out 4-6 weeks. Drew Willy starts in Calgary.


He's not exactly Doug Flutie. The way Calgary's defense is playing it will be a miracle for Drew Willy to play the whole game. I hope Adams spent the by week studying his playleaflet.

Didier Orméjuste(who must be the only media member at practice) posted that Matt Shiltz will be the #2 QB against the Stamps.

Bad luck for Matthews

This one's going to be UGLY!!!!!

Any odds at 28 points or less is free money.

The Als might be trailing by 28 before halftime!

Well I'm hearing from Calgary that the Stamps are willing to move one of their two young Quarterbacks Arbuckle or Brhim, BLM is unsigned for next year and it is they likely won't be able to hang on to all 3 in the off season, my guess is the guy they play will be the one they are trying to move, if they play both for about half a game then who knows. They've been and they are desperate to steal Tyler Johnstone and probably one of the Als QB's they can use as a clip board holder from the Als, They are dependent on Dan Federkeil a hit away from retiring again.

That's kind of the position you find yourself when you can't recruit or develop players... As anyone seen The Great Kavis in the last month? He's keeping a "Low" profile... Man has this team ever been wiped off the Montreal sports map or what?! I think if you held a Bixi race you could get more coverage.

I call BS that Calg. is trying to move one of their young QBs. They will be playing Arbuckle and certainly aren`t planning on moving him. If you can provide a legitimate source I will apologize.

And Dan Federkeil retired in the off-season.

Got a source?

Got a source to establish that they are "desperate to steal Tyler Johnstone" and an Alouette QB ?

or are you dreaming us this on your own?

Kind of sad that the Gazette does not think the Als are important enough to send Herb Zurkowsky to cover any of the practices this week. But then again, none of the other media outlets have bothered either.

must be big news in Montreal that the Impact beat the Whitecaps.

Journal De Montreal Front page:
LaPresse Front page:
RDS Front page:
TheGazette Front page:
TSN690 Front page:
98.5Sports Front page: 98.5 Montréal — 98.5 Montréal
TVA Sports Front page:

Not just the sports section but The cover page... That's what winning buys you in this town, lots and lots of free coverage. (And a Rich local owner who buys a lot of advertising...)

The Impact struggle of late, yet they still get good press because the media knows, it they will be competitive again in short to medium term. The Als have been on a downslide for seven years.

I don't think I've ever seen it this bad. Usually if your a bad act in Montreal at least you get bad press, mocking and derision at least they are talking about you. The Als can't even get that, total indifference. Like they don't exist. Once USPORTS football starts it will be even worse. They will get less coverage than Laval and UM.

Whenever the Als play a game - win or lose - they will show up in the same front page media headlines listed above. That`s just the way the media works, nothing to do with the Impact.

Not to say they necessarily deserve it, but the Als are receiving the same media coverage from RDS - Eric Leblanc wrote 2 excellent articles this week. Miguel Bujold has been writing about them more this year than last in La Presse. Also quite a bit from Jean St. Onge on the Radio Canada site. Not sure if he was doing it in previous years.

TSN 690 has The Als This Week Monday nights and Sherman has a segment Wed. mornings.

On the other hand, coverage from Mathieu Boulay in Le Journal has been very sporadic, possibly because of the rivalry between Quebecor and RDS owned by Bell. But it has always been that way.

I see though that he has done an Als story today on Johnstone and Pierson-El:

And this week Herb seems to have been assigned to doing a non-sports human interest story and to the Impact game last night.