Als at Roughriders

I'm really on the fence

Of course I ALWAYS want to see my Alouettes win
Especially against the hated Green Riders

Still...this team NEEDS to feel the shock
The shock of Anthony Calvillo having an average of 202yds/game
Or a QB rating of 78
The SHOCK of our quarterback being voted the Biggest Dissapointment of the Year
By the usually compliant and subservient TSN crew

As everyone keeps GLEEFULLY pointing out
AC has another year left on his contract
after THIS one
He also has ENORMOUS power and control over this team

The combination of those two factors spells DOOM for the Alouettes

If the Als squeek out a victory in Regina
Everyone will be quietly smoothing over
The doubts that are creeping weekly into their gullivers
Even the most rabid Calvillo-ites
Can see the writing on the wall

Sometimes you have to tear things down
In order to build them back up again

So for the longterm good of the team
and because it's a pretty good bet anyways
I'll be expecting a BIG loss today in Regina

Hopefully...after a few more of those
We can all pull together
And get the Alouettes sorted out
And heading in the right direction...


I don't want to discourage you but Jim Popp said during his scrum that AC could be the guy for five more years. I was most surprised by that comment.

Denson is a player! Really liked him when he was with Hamilton. Mtl has a keeper in the former Spartan!

More baiting?
Master or otherwise?

If not...
Popp is clearly insane
He should be tested immediately

I'm feeling optomistic today so I decided to throw $5 away. I went on the mise-o-jeu site and checked out where they put their numbers for todays game. So I clicked away on matchups & odds that seem unlikley and bang. I thought, why not.

I have 1) MTL winning, 2)53.5 points or more combined, 3)Anthony accumulates more passing yards, 4) Messam picks up 70 plus yrds and 5)Sheets gains less than 120 yrds.

Yep, I know your saying good luck with that Chugg, but hey, it's the CFL in Riderville. Anything can happen.

If my lunacy works, I'm up $170.25 on a $5 wager.

Even if I loose my five bucks, I hope for a game worth watching.

Lets bounce back and make it a game!

Cheers and have a great weekend everyone. :rockin:


Wish I'd thought of that
Now it's too late...
I'm too drunk
And would probably wind up betting
On lingerie football


You might win on the Messam thing anyhoo

Cough syrup ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol! :thup: That's when he doesn't hyperventilate while manually inflating his McPherson doll.

Messom looked really good last week- lets ensure he gets the ball often this PM.

Are the Als out of shape? Brown and Green had easy runs into the end zone, and they both get caught up to.


Are the Als out of shape? Brown and Green had easy runs into the end zone, and they both get caught up to.


Green's not a speed guy. Just magnifies the lack of a vertical threat in our offense...

Frustrating, even more so the missed pass in the endzone. But in the time that Green had to take to evade the defender the rest of the defence was shifting into gear to track him down and some had good angles.

Marsh sneaks on 3rd and inches!

It's the small things in life. :rockin:

Can someone tell Jim Popp that Pippin doesn't have the range to kick 45 yarders?


Still another two hours before the Impact game. Hope that that one can cheer up my weekend. :frowning:

I swear to god there better be another god damn kicker at camp this week. Or im going to St Leonard with a big sign so Poppy gets the effing point!

Poor AC i really feel bad for him. Time to go man time to go :frowning:

I think the Sun Youth Hornets Bantam B team have a better goal line play than that. Pretty sad when ur kicker has to kick a 11 YARD FIELD GOAL!!!

When is a helmet-to-helmet hit not helmet-to-helmet hit? Apparently on the hit on London.

The weird thing to me was that the line went aggressively to the left but Messam took the hand-off on the QB's right-side. The guy that got him was unblocked because of that shift left, would have expected Messam's trajectory to be angled more to the left.