Als at Roughriders

I have watched the al's football and I will remain a loyal and understanding fan forever. I sure do miss ben now more then ever and the two past head coaches. So, what I am about to say I say with good intentions. I understand our new head coach is from the states (again), I understand we have new assistant coaches on the sidelines, so wake up!!! this is now american high school football so stop with the easy to figure out plays. Just imagine this is the NFL or even better yet the CFL. We play trick plays, we gamble on 3rd downs, and stop blaming AC for god sake the man is one of the greats. Use the wide field to our advance! my goodness it is so painful to watch this year and all I can say is at least winnipeg is worse off then us.

Welcome to the forum, Joseph, always great to have more Als' fans participating here!

But, and any regular here will tell you this, I have a real pet peeve about people mixing up "then" and "than", and you just twice used "then" when I think you meant "than." So cut that out and we'll get along fine ! :lol:

Jack, Jack...You could have waited till the man's second post :cowboy:

No mulligan there (or is it “their” - just kidding ) :wink:

Speaking of "breaking ranks"
One of the CKAC guys has suddenly sprouted
A few VERY interesting questions
About the Alouettes

Why Calvillo wasn't yanked from last week's game
How prudent it may or may not be
Not knowing if we even HAVE a backup QB
That can play in this league

Listening to Charles Andre Marchand attempt to sputter
His mindless "Alouett-itudes"
As he's blind-sided by reality
Is refreshing in the extreme

Couldn't have been better
If I'd written the script myself: :P

No, but it would have been a lot longer and repetitive... :roll:


Take your pick…

Apparently I’m not the only one
With “questions” about Calvillo’s character

“I can’t tell you how many quarterbacks have been in here.? Plenty. Too many to count or keep track of. And Calvillo’s still standing. And playing. And he’s under contract next season. And he’ll continue playing as long as he remains proficient, healthy and has the desire. The Als organization, Popp specifically, has made that perfectly clear.
Ugh Don't remind me Revolution anyone? :cowboy:

Sometime you wonder if the updates of CFL transactions and Als rosters and depth charts are done by the same person,since these updates are hardy on time and/or you have to send E-mails to get the information. With regards to CFL transactions I do send,on average, 2 E-Mails a week asking when the daily transactions will be posted; the last one was late last night but no answer or update,yet.

There are 4 games tomorrow and since late this morning, all teams playing tomorrow,except the Als, have listed their current depth charts.

I will immediately send an E-mail to the Als.


I don't want to be pessimistic, but does it really matter who starts or when the depth chart goes up? :wink: Tomorrow's game is going to be bowling-shoe ugly, and not in our favor. I hope to be wrong, though; would love to be in here tomorrow evening celebrating an unexpected win, or even a competitive hard-fought loss...

Sadly, d&p, I think you are correct.

Self-description, Senior? Pretty accurate assessment, I think, particularly the last one. Congratulations on your honesty.

i do know that whether the depth chart is posted on time or not,it won't make a difference on the outcome of a game; nevertheless, as a fan of the Als and the CFL, I do appreciate when we are well informed; for instance, this week the Als have had as much as 12 players listed on their practice roster whereas only 9 are allowed; based on CFL transactions, I did know that Ben Wells and Scott Paxson were added to the active roster,leaving still 10 on practice roster,i.e. 1 too many; I wanted to know which player was to be transferred to the active roster and I was hoping that the CFL transactions of August 15 would bring the answer; when these transactions were not posted, I did send an E-Mail to the CFL. These transactions were posted 30 minutes ago,as was the Als depth chart,following my E-Mail to Charles Rooke.

As per CFL transactions of August 15,2013 NIP LB Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard and IMP DE Brandon Denson were transferred from the practice roster to the active roster. NIP OL Anthony Barrette was transferred from active roster to practice roster; Brandon Whitaker to 1 game injured list and Troy Smith to active roster.

It is so easy to update the CFL transactions,Teams charts and Rosters and I don't understand why,in some instances, it takes so long or we have to beg for the information. If we want to interest the fans keep them well informed; I always felt that if you do something/have a job to do, do it well or don't bother.


Richard, I hear you. I was just speaking a bit tongue-in-cheek. I entirely agree that the depth charts should be posted on time without Als fans having to beg every week to make it happen. Makes us look like a low-rent sports franchise, frankly.

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Richard Im with you on this. Rooke has a new boss and although I dont see him on the website yet, I would try to let him know your feelings. All we want is what other pro teams give their fans.

Thanks idealsheldon. I do know that Charles Rooke is not the one responsible for updates of rosters and depth charts,but I have asked,in many occasions, who is but I was never informed. Reason why I send my E-mail to him. Usually, it does not take long,after the E-mail for the updates to be made.

Presently there are 25 Imports on the active roster and 21 Non-imports; you wonder who the healthy scratches will be. Will NIP LB Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard be the 1 NIP healthy scratch or will it be Nicolas Boulay? I could be wrong, but I don't think that Nicolas has been great on special teams,since the beginning of the season; he could be replaced by Jonathan.

There will be 3 IMP healthy scratches; Troy Smith will be one; will Ben Wells replaces Ed Gainey or will he be a healthy scratch? Who will be the healthy scratch between DL Scott Paxson and Brandon Denson? Herb thinks that Paxson will play but I would not be surprised if it is Denson,since he can play on special teams.

I definitely don't expect a win tomorrow, but let's hope that it will be an entertaining game and that the Als won't trail by 28 points at halftime,as last week against the Argos. Hope that the Als won't be soundly beaten.


Every other team does it.. Only ones who have a problem is our Als.

Just watched a TSN segment where Brandon London asked to be miked up Sat. for his trash talking exchange with Dwight Anderson, although they are supposedly friends. He thinks there will be interest in it.

Brandon, please do us a favour, run your friggin patterns, get some friggin separation, and catch the friggin ball! You want to trash talk, go play in a sandlot somewhere!

Rick Moffat has tweeted that Denson will be dressing.

Hey Brandon. If you score a TD make sur to give the ball to DA like Cornish did. That was just too funny and worth the penalty.

269 yards til 80,000 for AC. I'm sure Winnipeg wouldn't mind having him. :lol:

Even though a Montreal loss helps Hamilton, who I'm a a fan of, I really want to see the Als beat the Riders!!!

Getting sick and tired of this "west division domination" talk and supposed lack of parity! Anyone can beat anyone else in this league!

Can't believe I'm saying this ... But ... Go Als Go! Beat those Pilsner swilling Green Goblins!!!

Would be nice to see some fight in the standings in the East at least.