Als at Roughriders

As per today's CFL transactions, NIP DE Ameet Pall has been transferred to 9 game injured list and NIP WR Youssy Pierre has been removed from the practice roster.

So far, we know that IMP WR/RB Noel Devine,IMP DE Ejiro Kuale and NIP DE Ameet Pall are 3 players who played last Thursday and will be out this Saturday. They will/should be replaced by: IMP WR/WR Tyron Carrier,NIP DL Bo Adebayo and IMPs DE Denson or DT Paxson.


With Pall that now makes 12 players on the 9-game. And these are legitimate injuries. With all the Canadians where it will start to be felt is on special teams.

And even though they don`t count against the salary cap, poor Mr. Wetenhall (or rich Mr. Wetenhall) still has to pay these guys.

Totally agree and some of these players-Scott,Andrew and Jamel- are high paid players.

Presently there are 44 players on active roster; Denson and Paxson could be added; if only one DL,an IMP DB could also be added; as I wrote before, Denson could dress,since he can play on special teams.

With the injury to Jamel, I definitely expect the Als to bring some IMP WRs; a player that could always be recalled is IMP WR Wallace Wright; he had a good training camp and good pre-season games; I was surprised that he was released. There is always the possibility that he did not agreed to be on practice roster and was released; with the injury to Jamel,he could be added to the active roster; he is also a good special teams player; presently, I feel that he would be a better solution than D.L. Moore.


I'm thinking Durant and the Riders
Will be out for some sweet, sweet revenge this week.

So what are the Alouettes chances in Regina?
Short of divine intervention
like a couple dozen "too many men" penalties
I don't know...

Seriously though
With the questionable talent pool at receiver
And even more questions at quarterback
If the Alouettes want to win
They'll be frantically developing the running game
And working on a two-back set
With Messam pounding the middle
And Whitaker (or whoever) attacking the rest
And taking passes out of the backfield

Since we don't have a backup quarterback
With whom we can build the offence of the future
The only solution is to harken back to AC's early days
When Doug Pringle was KING
And Tracy Ham was fading fast.

Jim Popp needs to hand over the reigns
And search the planet for someone who's going to suceed Calvillo
Et ca presse!!!
The future of this franchise is literally on the line
And he's playing little general

You HAVE to believe Chad Owens had a bigger smile than Dan Hawkins
Running back a FG that NEVER should have been kicked
And basically unmasking Jim Popp
As a fraud of a Head Coach
"I never ONCE considered taking Anthony out of the game

Get off the field Popp!!!
And go do your job for once
Find us a quarterback before it's too late!!!!!!!

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

just do better than 31-3 at half-time and i'll be happy. riderfans think this one is in the bag, i wouldn't be so sure.

Don’t they always? I thought it was part of being a Rider fan and wearing melons on your head.

The bag we have to worry about is Rob Bagg. Amazing comeback from 2 serious knee operations.

The figured the same thing last week. They got quiet pretty quick. Its a football game and the Als will come to play.

I think if we win this one, as unlikely as it might be, it could be a turning point in our season. Roughriders are known for being streaky, so this might be the beginning of a losing streak for them? One can only hope, haha.

Would be a huge boost. Even if they don't win. If they can keep up with them for 60 minutes it would do the team a lot of good. They need to know they are going in the right direction. If the offense puts up 450 yards and they lose. For me that would be a "win"

As per today's CFL transactions,the following changes occurred to the active roster:

Added: IMP DL Scott Paxson. from practice roster.
Added: IMP DB Ben Wells. from practice roster.
Transferred to 1 game injured list: IMP RB/KR Noel Devine.

To the practice roster:
Added: NIP WR Ismael Bamba,along with Anwar and IMP DE Eze Obiora.

With these changes, there is still 1 vacant place on active roster and there are 10 players on practice roster,i.e. 1 player too many. Will IMP DE Brandon Denson be added to practice roster or will he be released,with the addition of Anwar?


Anwar could also be the one to be added to the active roster; he would be a healthy scratch, but he could be added. I am not 100% positive,but I do think that when talking to the Media he mentioned going to Saskatchewan.


Popp in today`s website media scrum said the earliest for Anwar would be the Sept. 3 Toronto game.

While I would be surprised if Anwar plays before September 3rd, he may,nevertheless, be added to the active roster before.


Very few looked at the Stamps game as a gimme last week. That is just a silly comment.

A lot are saying to is going to be like a 20+ point spread this week for the Riders, which I do not believe. I believe the Als will make a heck of a game out of this. There are guys, at this point, who are going to feel they are playing for their jobs. There are a lot of injured players that guys are subbing in for...they are going to be out to prove themselves. AC will now be a little more familiar with the playbook, and Doug Berry will put everything he has into this game have to know there is likely nobody who wants this win more than himself!

I don't honestly believe the Als will win, and that is not a shot or anything...right now I do not see them beating the Stamps or Argos either...but this is an re-evolving team, so that may change in a week or 2...and yes, because they are doing a mid season revamping they absolutely could pull off the upset hear and now, but with the injurries and fresh playbook, I find it a pretty large hill.

It should be a closer game at the half, if for no other reason then Devine being out will dramatically reduce the number of turnovers.

I rarely pick the away team to win any game. In six games only one had a big spread and that was because of Devine. I see threads like "Fat Lewis" and such and Its same old arrogance that we saw during the 2009-2010 from some in the Rider fan base. Seems like as a whole the Rider fan base can't handle winning with class. The Als will come to play...

You make it sound like the Rider fan base is the only ones that have people that chirp like this. The same was done by some TiCats fans going into the games against the Riders...every fan base has them, and every fan base has likely the same percentage of them, the total number changing depending on fan base size.

I have met a lot of pricks that happen to be Rider fans, just as I have met lots from other fan bases. I have also met a lot of wonderful fans from each...mostly I find great fans everywhere.

To me the biggest load of arrogance was the 13th man incident. It's exciting to relive the last seconds of the game like it was the Riders' to lose, and that's how the CFL spins it, but that's a shortsighted assessment. In reality, without Damon Duval's total collapse during the entire game, the Riders wouldn't even have been in a position to win at the end of the game.

I hope the Als can serve some humble pie on Saturday.

As a pretty strong Alouette and CFL fan in hockeycentric Montreal, I will certainly admit to being envious of the passion Sask. fans show for their team. My buddies sometimes tease me that I should move there.

So hats off to Sask. fans! (But hopefully we can deflate them a little on Sat.) :smiley: