Als At Roughriders

Against Saskatchewan you take away the deep ins and sluggos by showing Durant as many exotic blitz looks as possible so those intermediate and deep routes don't have time to develop.

We will take away Sheets our run defense has been very good since the fouth game of the year. Dressler will get his 100 yards but that won't kill us. Getzlaf is the missmatch for our defense and they are going to run corner routes to him. Its written in the sky.

I'm not too worried about Sheets for that reason, but we still have to contain him. I don't mind giving up the odd big play; I just don't want him grinding out 7-8 yards a carry on first down the whole game.

Getzlaf is the missmatch for our defense and they are going to run corner routes to him. Its written in the sky.
This is where we absolutely need to be using the safety correctly. We need help over top, particularly if Getzlaf finds himself matched against a weaker cover guy like Seth Williams. Everybody has to be on the same page about the play. For example, if Williams has safety help inside, he needs to take outside leverage on his receiver.

Check out the Rider fans… Most think they will just walk over us. Some never learn :wink:

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Only 8 people in the stands at the practice today along with Herb. I resisted calling him 'Mr. Shutout'.

That wasn’t smart of him. But for the most part he’s a pretty funny guy. Has a weird sense of humor. How did Jennings, Devine and Tuinei look. Don’t give away specifics but I’m just wondering if they looked sharp ?

[i]Andy Bischoff, who coaches the Als’ running backs, noticed an immediate change in Jennings upon his return — the player was older, wiser and more mature.

“He has certainly matured as a person. We feel we’re getting the best of Chris Jennings,? Bischoff said. “He had an opportunity, saw the world differently there, returned to us with a clear mind and appreciative outlook. He has been nothing but wonderful in his return.

“The way he goes about his business. He’s more detailed. He’s in earlier and staying later. There’s more detail to his work as a pro.?[/i]

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Didn't realize Jennings was only 26. He's still in his physical prime and will hopefully have the fresh legs to grind out tough yards on the ground for the remainder of the season.

Jennings has all the tools to be the next Joffrey Reynolds in this league.

If Jennings continues to impress and Whitaker returns at 100%, we'll have a very tough decision to make next year.

Go Bombers Go.

And Go Calgary Go ! (The worst the finish for Edmonton the better our draft picks)

... ou bien le contraire. C'est aux Alouette de les faire mentir.

I was actually at this practice too with Caroline's mom, so anything you say to me you say to them. I know LeStaf knows Kim. I'll be there sunday with my mom, maybe some of you can actually check them out. Been going there for 6 years now.

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TD Winnipeg!

Fumble owens on the kickoff recovered by winnipeg. and another TD! 14-0 winnipeg.

go bombers go.

crap. Ray to Durie. 14-7

still, 13 minutes possession in the first quarter for winnipeg. don’t let up.

Glad we didn't play Ray. 17-14 just like that for winnipeg.

Owens fumble not reviewed. Ray on fire. 21-17 Toronto.

Thank you Simpson. 24-21 peg. Barnburner in the works.



My apologies to d&p and the whole board. Whether you want to believe it or not this is what we had to go through to win.

Enjoy the next four weeks. I'm gone in self-punishment. Mission accomplished.

Off to Toronto.....again.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Comme dirait Voltaire ( ce crétin des Alpes) : Victoire!!! Tabernacle!!!

My apologies as well. We can all look forward to the EDF at Olympic Stadium! Hfx won’t have to scalp his ticket, LOL!