Als At Roughriders

According to Herb & RDS:

  • London out 4-6 wks. with meniscus. Surgery required.
  • Anderson out with concussion.
  • Brouillette & Deslauriers will dress.
  • Green not ready to return.

London has become more and more a favorite of mine with both his play and demeanor, but it doesn`t look like we will see him again this season.

So does Jennings get the start?

The season may be over for London; I will not be surprised if he is transferred to the 9 game injury list, knowing that he could come off anytime.

AS I wrote yesterday, I expect Noel Devine,coming off the 9 game injury list, to dress, replacing Victor Anderson on roster; he could play WR and RB,as well as KR,although the experience as a returner was not great,early in the season; I expect Chris Jennings to be the starting RB.

We have not heard about Trent Guy; if he is out, I expect import WR Lavasier Tuinei to dress; he is 6-4,220 and just turned 22.


It will be Jennings. He is more powerful a runner than Anderson but lacks his quickness.

And according to Rick Moffat, Guy and Jenkins not ready to return either, and we will see Noel Devine and WR Lavasier Tuinei.

If Anderson is out, I'm pretty sure Jennings will start, with Devine backing him up. Richard gets his wish with Tuniel being activated. On the minus side, another week of Bowling returning kicks. :thdn:

So, starting receivers?

WR: Bratton
SB: Richardson
SB: Bowling
WR: Tuinei

with Deslauriers as the fifth receiver, Lavoie as a pass-catching tight end, and Bomben seeing a looooot of playing time, I'll bet. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Devine used as both an RB and a WR, given how depleted we are at the moment.

I would love to see Devine in that hybrid RB/receiver role played in the past by Haskins and Hawkins.

It would be an added dimension to an offense that is once again starting to become too predictable and easy to defend.

I for one will chose something else to do than watch this game. I am not confident about this game at all. I feel we have another Ivor Wynne situation on our hands. Call me a hater or a unloyal fan but im speaking the truth. If he win i will come back here and admit my mistake!

Avec tous ces blessés, s'il fallait que Toronto perde vendredi, j'aimerais qu'on ait un maximum de substituts sur le terrain (il y en a déjà pas mal comme ça).

Les Alouettes auront besoin de toutes leurs ressources en santé pour affronter les éliminatoires.

Si le titre est en poche dès cette semaine, j'espère qu'on verra enfin McPherson prendre l'attaque en mains.

I posted on the other thread that I thought A.M ahould start this week to add the dimension of a running QB. But given the number of substitutes we are playing I think we are better to Go with A.C. If they are the ones we are going to the playoffs with then the more game practice they get the better. Sorta like a late season preseason game!

I was pleasantly suprised to see Bratton back in the line up Sunday. When he sacrificed physicaly for that touchdown against Saskatchewan in week 12, I was sure he was done for the season. Then crossing paths with him at Le Cage aux Sports and seeing him limp around, that was the confirmation his season had come to a close. So I thought. :oops:

Great to see him back. We'll need him at his best. Hopefully he'll have a bit more success this weekend.

Three games to go with 1 only needed for the East final. We won't see McPherson till we get that one win!

We still have to either win one more game or the Argos have to lose one game to ensure a 1st-place finish and a very needed bye to allow the walking wounded to heal. It appears as if London is gone for the season. So, J-Rich is going to be double teamed again! With Anderson out, it looks like Jennings will have to fill in for the time being. I say that the running game must definitely be part of the O schemes and that the Als have to stick with it.

Considering all of the injuries, I say we go with Adrian against the Riders.

The Rider game is NOT the time to go to Adrian. We haven't secured first place and we're fielding a scout-team receiving corps. The time to play Adrian is when guys like Green and Guy are healthy, after we've locked up the division.

I don't know of a single team that would bench its starting QB and play the backup when the division title is on the line. I don't know why fans are so in love with this scenario.

Two very different philosophies. AC says to Herb that its important that they put a series of solid game together going into the playoffs and you can argue that we need the games to get all these guys use to playing together. We are going to break in Tunei,Devine. I would be extremely surprised to see AC get a break.

keep the fingers crossed there are no more injuries to the offense ...

Question. If the Als are in fact ahead by 2 or even 3 Td's mid way through the third quarter, do you keep AC in there and risk any injury or do you hand it over to AM?

The running game, at this point, is questionable and for some reason, either the OC or AC have decided to heave the ball downfield, resulting in too many 2-and-outs. DCs watch for precisely that type of pattern, and devise D schemes to defend against it. I would hope that the running game still fits in with the tried-and-true format that gave the Als success in seasons past.

So, in the remaining games we play this season, it will be interesting to see what type of schemes Brady comes up with considering the back-ups now in the starting lineup. I agree with Anthony that the team must still play hard as first place is not by any means a gimmee and anything can happen in the CFL.

With all of the injuries on O, I'm not particularly hopeful about another W this season, until and unless we get some of our walking wounded back and have them play up to their potential. And even when they do come back, it will be a depleted O team. No Whitaker, no London, who was having a good season... Both J Rich and SJ will have to be monsters, but will both have big fat targets on their backs. So others like Bratton, Jennings, Guy, Bowling... will have to come up big.

I cannot remember in many years following the Als (or whatever the Montreal team was called) seeing such an enigmatic team. The announcers always used to say about Calvillo - "so many weapons, so many weapons". Well, we have fewer now and others will have to make their presence felt. I still think we have a good team and they can go deep into the playoffs, even making a GC appearance, but it's going to be tough.

To quote Marlo from The Wire, that feels like one of them good problems to have. :smiley:

Seriously, though, I don't even consider taking out AC until the fourth quarter. No lead is safe, especially this year.

true. Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place... keep him in and hope. Or throw AM in there an hope.

If the defense can hold its own like they did against Toronto it will change everything.