Als at Riders 6/30/18

Most likely, the Als go all non-import on the offensive line with Philip Blake at LT and Sean Jamieson at RT.

Vernon Adams was viewed almost exclusively as a 3rd down QB at the end of his first term with the Als. Doubt that changes significantly, but you never know. Maybe hebecomes a change-of-pace QB and comes inwhen the OL is struggling in pass protection. Regardless, the team now has 6 quarterbacks on the roster. That is almost certainly at least one too many.

LB Kevin Haynes from Eastern Washington has been added to the Practice Roster.

FB Oumar Touré who was on the Practice Roster has been released.

Anthony Sarao who was their 4th linebacker has been put on the 6-game injured list.

Joey Alfieri believes former Stamps and Riders LB Glenn Love has signed.

With Zach Collaros being 6-gamed, former Al Brandon Bridge starts at QB for the Riders.

I can think of two that could be let go.

Bridge is okay but mostly a mediocre quarterback. I bet he makes Montreal’s defence there beach. I wanna see Duron trash talk all game! I actually hope that all 36 ex Alouettes players on that team have a amazing game and stick it to us.

He's just inexperienced. He only needs to put up 12 to 14 points on the board to win this game...

More like 3 field goals if anything

Streveler was able to run on the Als for almost 100 yards.

Bridge could also do the same.

Mike are you attending Als games this season? You are a great fan but, I recall some statements of yours which made me wonder about this season?

bowman and Burnett areback for this game, the first game with the first team.

Weve lost faith in the team, now weve lost Faith on the team.

Als finally getting some Love.

Herb Zurkowsky?

Although he only arrived today and didn’t have a full practice, #Alouettes will activate import LB Glenn Love vs. Saskatchewan to play on special teams

Despite the fact the Als were practicing with an all non-import line, Xavier Fulton is listed as the starting LT.

Vernon Adams will be on the 44 even though Mike Sherman said they would have the same quarterbacks active as last week.

Chip Cox is moved back from backup SAM linebacker to backup Safety.

Jermaine Robinson moves from starting Safety to backup SAM linebacker.

Jesse Joseph from backup DE to backup DT.

John Bowman starts and switches places with Vantrel McMillan who moves to 3rd on the depth chart.

Joe Burnett
Glenn Love
Khadim MBaye
Jean-Samuel Blanc
Luc Brodeur-Jourdain
Vernon Adams Jr.

Dondre Wright
Anthony Sarao (6-gamed)
Brandon Calver
Faith Ekakitie (gone for the year)
William Stanback
Garrett Fugate

If tickets come up that i dont have to pay for sure. I somewhat had hope in the offseason but id much rather criticize from home or maybe the local watering hole

So the Alouettes have lost Faith? Hoping Chip Cox doesn't get injured. They don't want to lose their...

Pre-game was very well done, until the anthem ... there was just a few points in it that were "off" somehow.

TD turned into a long gain by spaghetti arm

Boxcar Willy strikes again!

What is this in-ter-cep-tion thing? Are they legal?

Willy: Brandon, anything you can $$%[/b][/i] up I can [i][b]%#&^$ worse.

Effin limp Willy fumbles like a girl!

No need to insult girls