Als at Riders 2019-09-14

my take is that this will be a real battle. The Als have not played softly all year and their stats are showing a top tier team actually. Many of us have difficulty fully embracing that notion. I do too based on my preseason thoughts. But we are now passed 1/2 point and here we are.
This road game against a good West squad coming off a brutal beating is a tough one.

I’m not convinced that their defense is equipped to deal with a very mobile QB. Containing Fijardo is key, moreso than sacks. That is not Bowman’s game so we’ll see how they do that. Muambo is going to have to be at his best. DBs will be mostly in zone so they will be facing Fijardo and that will cause the haters of bend don’t break style to really be in their element here. I think the game will have plenty of yards gained.
Crowd noise will be a real issue for the Als resulting in more than a few illegal motion penalties.

I think Riders will win by 6 or less.

Do you mean “Fajardo??

no Tony…I meant Lancaster.

If A LB Tevin Floyd does replace N LB Chris Ackie, I presume that the Als will have to play 4 N OL.


Or not dress Chris Matthews perhaps … OR … use a Canadian to replaceShakeir Ryan on the roster; if not as a PR/KR

Let Ryder Stone return kicks. Can’t do much worse provided he secures the ball.

He’s on the 6-game IR (concussion, I think?).

Did the Riders ever faced VA?

Not this year anyway. VA was out with his concussion in the storm shortened game in early August -17-10 Sask. Pipken and Shiltz handled that one.

Shakir Ryan is/was not an A starter; even if he’s replaced by a N player,it does change nothing.

If Chris Matthews is not dressed,again it will change nothing in terms of ratio.

A LB Tevin Floyd is replacing a N starting LB,hence an A starter has to come off as starter.

To me, I do think that only 1 A OL will start. Another option,less likely, would be to start/play with only 1 A DL and start a N player,for instance Fabion Foote.


Presently, I expect that the 46 player active roster will consist of:

3 QB’s,1 G player, 21 A players and 21 N players. 1 A player would be an injured scratch and it could be Shakir Ryan. No sense $$$$ wise to transfer Ryan on injured,add a player from practice roster and then include him as healthy scratch.

Last game, Landon Rice was healthy scratch; now, he will dress if 4 N OL start.

We will know more around 19:00 hours on Friday. I could be way off.


This was what I was originally going to post: I’d rather dress an extra national offensive linesman than risk blunting our already-feeble pass rush with a national at tackle.

But after thinking about it, swapping in a Canadian at DT might be the way to go. We use a three-man front so frequently that Foote would be in a rotation with the American DT anyway, so the impact might be minimal.

knee-jerk reaction … totally forgot the “starters” ratio issue … out of curiosity went to look at the Als roster to see who else is on the practice roster and found it still shows Murray and Matthews on the PR despite the CFL Transactions page of September 10 showing them moved to the active roster … obviously a victim of the operations staff cap (LOL)

If ever a Canadian DT starts, when they play prevent, they could play with 2 Canadian MLB’s,i.e. Muamba and Plesius along with the 2 A LB’s.


If the Als start a Canadian at DL, they would use a combination of Fabion Foote and Bo Banner meaning one would be on the field at all times. When only 3 rushers are in the game, I would think the team inserts in Jarnor Jones.

I am anxious to know which players will be added to active roster.

With injuries to Ackie,Plesius and Ryan, the active roster is at 43.


I expect that Canadian DL Natheniel Anderson will most likely be added.

Could Hugo Richard be added as a DB?

An American DL?


I see on Saskatchewan Depth Chart that A DE Chad Geter has been added to active roster.

I still wonder why he was suspended by Als for last game and then released.


Day before the game and our depth chart is still not up on the Als’ site. :frowning: