Als at Riders 2019-09-14

Johnson is out for the game.

So does newly signed (per Roster thread) American RBJarveon Williams take his place … OR … National Shaquille Murray-Lawrence (PR since Aug 21st) … OR … Both?

As a point of interest … neither has any history as a PR, Shaq has but a handful of kickoff return background and Jarveon more but not significant … so no real non-RB (i.e., rushing receiving) skills.

Jarveon would be a straight import swap but has not played since 2017, and has only seen the playbook for a day … making Shaq the more likely choice … that likely means a Canadian comes out and a non-RB American goes in … they could just swap the RBs but few coaches like to play short an American.

Presently, I expect that N RB Shaquille Murray-Lawrence will go to the active roster from practice roster; I then expect N FB Etienne Moisan to go from active to practice roster.

Since A Jeremiah Johnson will go from active to injured,I expect A WR Chris Matthews to go from practice roster to active roster, although I would prefer the addition of an A DL.


I agree that a DL would be useful … LordHyeamang could be worth a look to see if he could help the interior generate pressure … Matthews has only been with Als two weeks come Saturday … expect his playbook would be limited … but RRs have allowed the second fewest yards passing per game, so another option for them to consider might not be the worst thing.

Yeah Chris Matthews and Shaq Murray-Lawrence goes to the Active Roster.

Kaion Julien-Grant is the one who heads to the Injured List. Just released Chad Geter signs a Practice Roster deal with the Riders.

I think the Als will be pumped to avenge their loss they had vs Sask in Mtl … Go Als Go baby lets do this !!!

I hope I’m wrong, but I think we’re due for a convincing loss, unless Slowik shows something radically different in his schemes and Donovan suddenly figures out how to get special teams blocking for our kick returner, which he hasn’t all season long.

Not expecting a win. But, hope to see improvements from the defence and special teams.

A win out West would be a nice bonus. This game is also a great test for the Oline, they looked good against some weaker teams recently, this will really tell us if they are for real.

Incredible that at the mid-way point of the season, the team can just focus on getting better instead of fighting for its life and avoiding beating records and streaks of mediocrity.

Yep, agreed on all counts. And Johny, I agree with you too. Not expecting a win, hoping for improvement on defense and ST.

As for the O-line, having Schleuger there on the right side of the line is helping a lot more than I thought it would. It also helps that Adams is reading the field well. His pre-snap reads are usually pretty good, which means the ball is out of his hands quickly and the line doesn’t have to hold their blocks forever.

Nice piece on Bowman by Herb:

"[H]e doesn’t believe, now in his 14th — and probably final — Canadian Football League season, he’s slowing down with age.

“You know why? Because I was never fast,? Bowman, never shy to deprecate himself, quipped Tuesday after he was named one of the league’s top performers of the week."

God, I’m going to miss John Bowman when he retires. Great sense of humor, great player, straight shooter, the personification of Joe Hustle. Crazy to think he first broke into the league when Don Matthews was still our head coach!

The article mentions that Slowik is the seventh DC Bowman has played for.

Chris Jones
Tim Burke
Tim Tibesar
Jeff Reinebold
Noel Thorpe
Rich Stubler
Bob Slowik

Obviously not counting Khalil Carter who resigned before the start of last season.

I hope you are wrong too.

But I think chances are that you’ll be correct.

I am looking at this game with a different view than most as I beleive that playing a better team not to mention the sour taste the last meeting left them with will have the Als playing better overall.Also a Win would give us 7 and back in January I voted 7-9 wins and with 8 games left to play unless Lightning strikes they are well on there way to acheiving at least a 500 season which few thought possible before the season began.

I hope you’re right. But I see us on the road, at a tough stadium, playing a good team who will be smarting from last week’s loss, and who will need 60 minutes of good football to beat – the kind we haven’t been playing in the past month or so.

That is my thinking,as you said we havn’t played a solid 60 minutes of good football in awhile and it’s time we do.

The Weather Gods will avenge the Als loss from a few weeks back! > :wink:

Do not think anyone (myself included) thought the Als would beat the Stamps in Calgary, the Esks and Cats either yet they did.

This team has found ways to win and could very well happen again.

I hope that trend continues and I hope I am not wrong ?

For sure, tony. I would, though, put the Stamps win in a different category from the Esks and Cats wins. The latter two, if not methodical, were at least decisive. The Calgary win was a hair-raising, come-from-behind win in which we gave up a ton of points and were this close to losing. And “this close to losing” has been the theme the past two weeks, in the wins against Toronto and BC. I don’t think we have that kind of margin of error against the Riders in their own stadium.

Having said that, I didn’t see the Als winning any of those games either, so hopefully I’m wrong. It is pretty wild to be in an actual playoff race at this time of the season instead of already looking forward to the next year.

You can say that again !

Wont be easy that’s for sure but I was more nervous when they played BC because of their record. I’m confident that they will win