Als at Riders 10/27/17

Kavis Reed says Darian Durant starts because Durant is a legend in Regina, it's good for the league, and a reluctance to start a rookie in a hostile environment.

Jonathon Mincy should return.

JC Beaulieu was hurt against the Ti-Cats and will not play.

Boris Bede is uncertain.

In the video, Herb Zurkowsky could be heard asking Reed why have there been so many one-sided losses after the HC & DC firings. Reed said he does not understand why and does not have a complete answer for it.

Now here's a shocking answer!

Riders win this one.

Als fall to 3-14

As like in hockey when someone is playing his old team there will be alot of money on the board...Adams, Bridge, Brouillette, Carter, Gainey, Glenn, Hecht, Johnson, Muamba, Owens...they will definitely want to kick some Alouettes butt...and celebrate big time after....

Add Durant's antics in the season opener... Als lose by anywhere from 40 to 55 points.

And for whomever thought that Duron Carter was a cancer, joke is on you. He will have the last laugh.

That would be Jacques Chapdelaine.

Who ever said Joe Mack isn`t circling the world looking for football talent!

Boris Bede`s potential replacement last played in the Chinese Arena Football League.

Meanwhile, it seems virtually certain kicker Boris Bede, who’s experiencing some soreness in his hip, won’t be available this week. One potential replacement is Taylor Russolino, a California native who graduated from Millsaps College in 2011 and still trains with kicking coach Michael Husted.

Myers is referring to the new Chinese Arena Football League. 2016 was the league’s inaugural season and Russolino was the first kicker selected in the draft to play for the Shanghai Skywalkers. “There's a reason he was the first kicker selected in the AFL China draft,? Husted said. “We expect nothing more than for him to be successful and be a significant part of the team.?
Russolino was consistently one of the best kickers in the league all season, was named first-team All-Pro and was one of eightplayers selected to the CAFL Dream Team. “Putting the honor into words just isn’t possible,? Russolino said. “The entire experience was fantastic. I learned a lot from the people in China and I’ll use the entire experience to further my career.?

He would sure get a laugh if he picks Durant and scores a TD to boot.

This is the CFL and no lead seems safe these days so I'm trying to look at this game as just another outing and an opportunity to get another W. However, I gotta admit the whole Durant drama - (Durant demands huge , Jones offers lower, Durant cries, Alouettes throw huge at him, Durant cries some more, some fans join Durant in crying & hating Jones, Riders move on, Als suck royally, Riders in playoffs, Als not so much, Jones haters become Jones lovers) - makes me want to see a 62 - 8 score.

Will settle for just a win tho. Let's applaud Durant for something he did in 2013. Then make him look at the sky all night.

If you read between the lines of "The Great Kazoo" with the press yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that it is very possible a call was made to the Als (likely Ambrosie on behalf of the Riders or TSN) demanding that Durant start in Saskatchewan and Wetenhall gave Reed his marching orders.

Johnny finds it hard to believe the CFL would make such a demand. But, Reed's reasons for starting Durant are stupid. He's a legend in Saskatchewan, really? Even if he is, he is not more important than the team, and its future.

He wanted to avoid making Schiltz play in a hostile environment... Geez, its not as if the fans will throw bricks at him! ::)Besides, having the young QB play in such an environment is a learning experience. That's how young QBs get experience! Duh! Besides, he probably played in front of larger crowds in the NCAA.

I agree, if you want to test, you need the toughest environment possible. Also by him playing there now in a meaningless game, means if he plays there next year he will have a better shot in a meaningful game... When he doubles down and says "bottom line it is good for the league, this isn't a team thing" or something somewhat like that... It seems like a rhutarded thing to say if it isn't the league asking for it. And let's face it TSN will get a much bigger audience for Durant's return to Saskatchewan than they will if Shiltz starts... Anyway I suspect the rookie will be running the huddle at the latest to start the second half. Don't be surprised if Durant pulls himself out of the game with some fantom pain.

It's nice of Reed to think of the league and TSN! It wouldn't be the first time he says something silly.

From yesterday’s article, here is the reason why Herb Zurkowsky believes Darian Durant is starting:

Given his choice between two, and potentially, three quarterbacks, Kavis Reed predictably went with his heart. In this season of disarray, the Alouettes’ general manager remains compassionate to a fault.

In a similar situation a few weeks ago, Reed brought along injured Nik Lewis on the trip to Calgary just so he could attend his annual tailgate party and be recognized one last time by fans of his former team.

As Nik Lewis is scheduled to start in what could be his final game of his career, one has to wonder if the reason is Lewis now lives in Regina so his family will likely be in attendance.

With Jonathon Mincy due to return, the Als will drop the idea of playing non-imports at both cornerback positions. Last week after the game got out of hand, I believe at one point the team played 7 non-imports on defense. Anyway, the ratio adjustment could be made at MLB. Today on his radio show, Kyries Hebert mentioned the team was using Nick Boulay there during this short week of practice.

Patience. Chassez le naturel et il reviendra au galop.

I don't imagine Shiltz will ever see a more hostile environment than he did last week for that Field Goal attempt. :-\

On vera. D apres moi, je pense que Chris Jones a fait un meilleur travail avec comment il utilise Duron que les Alouettes.
Duron est a son meilleur quands il est indique dans le jeu. Il est content donc mettre les affaires de cote.
Cette saison, il est non seulement un receveur, mais aussi sur la defense.
Ces stats sont meilleur que n importe quel receveur sur les Alouettes.

What seems to be happening here with Duron Carter is that he needs lots of engagement and challenges placed before him. Chris Jones says they meet every morning to discuss his focus etc - and to be fair Jones does well with some of the more challenging personality types of players. Have to say this tho - ZERO problems off the field with Duron. He's not been any concern whatsoever. In fact he's done some very charitable things with those less fortunate fans and isn't seeking limelight when he does it.

Getting fired and losing the highest contract at your position will do that to a guy.

There were no complaints about Duron Carter off the field. All the problems happened in a football setting.

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