Als at Redblacks 8/31/2018

Did Adarius Bowman ever look slow on hitch and go.

That kid is one cool cucumber.




Stone is having a good start.

I wonder if Sherman’s been reading the forum? :slight_smile:

Anyone know why Love is starting in pace of Ackie?

Action Jackson

Cool, Cox got his facemask penalty out of the way. He’s good to go the rest of the way.

Jesse Joseph is a man possessed tonight

Tony Washington defending teammate good
Jamieson blowing up a second drive. not good

Anyone still think Pipkin ain’t the real deal?

Man!! They are catching the ball 8)


Too bad Jamieson blew up that Geno Lewis catch. that was 40 yards.


Harris got hit hard a couple times by Joseph and his accuracy is shot… He suffers from Burritis.

I think this is the best our defence has played all season.

The comparison to the last game against Ottawa is shocking. Helps when you can pressure the QB… So does dominating the time of possession.

And the secondary is better than it was. Past 2 games the two Campbells on the corners, Heath and Ellis at HB. . . that’s pretty good. . . I"m just still not sold on Dozier at safety.

And when you can stretch the field.

Pipkin progressing again tonight… Poor Sherman :slight_smile:

Thank you Pipkin. Keeping it to one sack :wink: