Als at Redblacks 8/31/2018

From CFL Transactions, we know some of this week’s changes:

DE Bo Banner (from Practice Roster)
RB Lawrence Pittman (from Practice Roster)
RT Na’Ty Rodgers (from Practice Roster)
LB Nicolas Boulay (from 1-game Injured List)
RB Stefan Logan (from 6-game Injured List)
QB Johnny Manziel (from 1-game Injured List)

DB Tyquwan Glass (to Practice Roster)
LB Kevin Haynes (to Practice Roster)
DE Willie Mays III (to Practice Roster)
LG Philip Blake (to Suspended List)
LB Jean-Gabriel Poulin (to 1-game Injured List)
RB William Standback (to 1-game Injured List)
QB Austin Apodaca (released)

Antonio Pipkin is supposed to be listed as the starting QB. Considering Johnny Manziel received a number of first team reps, I would expect to see take at least some snaps during the game. How many probably depends on how well the Als move the ball.

CFL Transactions does not even list Gabriel Knapton signing with the Als. I do not know what his status is for this game. I would assume he starts, but we will have to wait for the team to release the position chart.

Although Tony Washington left practice early on Monday, it looks like he will start at LT as Tyler Johnstone remains on the 1-game Injured List.

Philip Blake went home to witness the birth of his child. Team moved him to the Suspended List.

William Stanback was injured last week while attempting to make a play on the Pipkin pick-6. Lawrence Pittman who the team signed last week makes his CFL debut.

Stefan Logan returns from the 6-game Injured List.

On this week’s Flightdeck, there was mention of a brief conversation with Vernon Adams where Adams was puzzled as to why he was on the 6-game Injured List. The implication here is Adams’ injury is not that bad.

Also, here are this week’s Als mentions in Kirk Penton’s INSIDERS SAY:

-How does Kavis Reed get Landon Rice in a big (bleeping) trade and turn around and cut him three weeks later? That’s a hard one to explain to your owner, especially when you gave up two starters and two number one draft picks in that deal.

-We wanted Landon Rice when Montreal cut him, but (bleep) me, Hamilton got him back.

-(Antonio) Pipkin looks like the real deal, and (Johnny) Manziel has showed some flashes, too. Never thought I would say this a month ago, but Montreal might have the best young quarterback combo in our league.

-(Antonio) Pipkin seamed to have a better command of things around him. Plus, sometimes it’s as simple as ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Pipkin won, so don’t make a change for the sake of making changes.

I’m not keen on replacing Mays with Banner. Mays showed more in one game than Banner has in several. . .

Agree with you there MadJack.

Well, they did just well enough to eke out a W last week and had a little luck which, at this point, we’ll take!

A much better team this time around. So, we’ll see if they continue to make progress, push the ball over the goal line a few times, make a good D play here and there…

And maybe, just maybe, the score won’t be ridiculous. Not sure I can hope for a W, but…

Im sure it will be Knapton starting and not Banner, even though as okie mentioned he hasnt shown up in CFL Transactions. The team`s PR people had Knapton on TSN 690 this morning.

But yeah I was also impressed with Mays last week and really didn`t see Banner do anything in previous games.

At 235 (and 22 y/o), Banner is very light and inexperienced has a DE.

Knapton was added to the roster when Apodaca was released.

If you exclude Knapton, there are only 45 players on roster.-22 Int. and 25 Nat.-

Banner could be a healthy scratch. 2 of these 3 Nat. players should be the healthy scratches.-Banner, Foote and Wright.-



I guess they don`t trust Rutherford yet to replace Blake, making 2 switches on the o-line - Jamieson to LG and International Rodgers to RT.

CIS products Korte and Ciraco taken after Rutherford in the 1st round have both been starting. The 1 yd. off the line of scrimmage might be the issue with the US trained Rutherford.

And I`m not sure what is happening with National safety Dondre Wright. He had a promising rookie season, but seems to have fallen off the radar this season - was a healthy scratch last game.


Yes, and I'm still not keen on playing Dozier in the secondary. Rather give Wright a shot at that spot. Otherwise, I'd drop Robinson back to safety and put Dozier in his place, backing up Cox.

I see OT Tyler Johnstone has just been placed on the 6 game. Not sure why Herb or any of the other beat guys haven`t reported what the deal is with him.

If a Habs 1st round choice was injured 1st game, his X-rays would be on the front page of the Journal de Montreal.

Herb Zurkowsky says Ryder Stone will probably start at tailback with Lawrence Pittman possibly being a healthy scratch.

Zurkowsky also has Trey Rutherford at LG for Philip Blake.

If Lawrence Pittman was a healthy scratch, the Als would play with only 19 Int. players,excl. QB’s.

On the active roster there are 23 Int. players and 23 Nat. players; the 2 players scratched will be Nat.


On what basis over the last two years is it expected that Stephan Logan will inject explosiveness?

1:42:19 and 1:43:45. Afterwards, the Als gave Logan a number of touches based on that game last year. No big plays ever resulted though.

Two plays in two years?

The first was running through open field and the while there was a burst through the line was pretty much the same.

When I think of explosiveness it isn't just speed ... its creating the play through speed, deeks, twists, spins, "breaking ankles" and "causing jocks to spontaneously disengage".

Someone put some uppers in Sherman’s Cola. :-*


What’s up with the gay pride rainbows on the helmets?