Als at Redblacks 8/11/18

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Johnny Manziel is leading #AlsMTL first team offence. Adarius Bowman is practising with Montreal’s first team offence. Backup QB Vernon Adams is not on the field in the Olympic Stadium. Neither is DL John Bowman. #CFL

And more shuffling of the deck.

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The Alouettes have added defensive back Greg Henderson (#26) to the practice roster. The team also released receiver De'Mornay Pierson-El and defensive back Greg Ducre.

Thanks, explains Pipkin signing. Greg Henderson is great news for the Als. Amazed they kept Glass...

Adams tweeted this yesterday, sounds kind of ominous. Is this why he`s not around today?

Vernon Adams Jr.?

Don't really care what they say.. it don't matter to me!
3:00 PM - 6 Aug 2018

He's trying to get released, so he can sign with the Alliance football league.

Not usually for letting guys out of their contract but in this case. It is the fair thing to do. They've fudged with this guy enough. Let him out of his contract.

Herb saying Adams has shown up in a walking boot.

And Herb saying Joe Rankin practicing with the starters at field corner. A quick look at his resume is certainly not impressive. He will probably last as long as Greg Ducre.

Like John McCain... #FREEVAJR


Apparently-RDS- John Bowman id gone for at least 6 games.

This team can't get a break.


This really hurts! Feel bad for Bowman.

Actually his attitude may be the reason he has gotten traded repeatedly..... not the other way around. I haven’t seen any class out of him yet. I believe his contract is up at the end of this season so there is no need to release him for the AAF. They don’t play til Feb.

Selon RDS, Adams Jr aurait une blessure au pied et sera absent entre deux et six semaines.

Drôle de coïncidence

The only attitude 'issue' I've ever seen from VA is his response to being booed by the crowd last week, and he promptly apologized. I've followed him from his days at Eastern Washington, and he's always been classy.

If you have other examples, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about them. I'm always open to new info.

Correct. And Adams is out too.

Injuries haven`t helped the Als situation, but their personnel issues go far deeper than that.

Hopefully injuries won`t be the excuse the Wetenhalls use at the end of the season to keep Kavis around.

In 2 seasons of recruiting, Kavis, Mack, Lande have come up with a sum total of 3 decent Internationals - Baron, Stanback, Lewis, and even those 3 are a bit of a stretch.

Would not hold my breath.

Really bummed about VAJ being on 6 game injury list and coming to practice in a boot today. This has ruined my plans for him & JM working together to bring each other up & inspiring the team. Hope he didn’t sustain the injury with his touch down from Friday’s game …

Lazer, I said his attitude maybe the problem. Fans see very little of what goes on behind the scenes. The way he has been moved around doesn’t make sense. It seems there must be some reason. However, that is just speculation. His outburst to the press about JF in the locker room and his rather childish response to being booed plus his latest “I don’t care? tweet are glimpses that could mean much bigger problems. You say he has always been classy. I haven’t followed him and I’ll take your word for it but I haven’t seen anything classy about him yet. The Als already got rid of him once and that was after he had won three games in a row. Why? I don’t get it.

Was reading yesterday, Jacques Chapdelaine is under contract until December 15th. 2019 ! So when Kavis fired him he stuck the Wetenhall with 2.5 seasons paying the HC he confirmed a few months prior... Fun times.

Boy would I like to be a fly on the wall when The mini-me calls his dad to talk shop :slight_smile:

Sea fiddle, I thought VAJ was a little too sensitive to the booing and speaking out about it, but I saw an interview on I think it was Sports Net where they gave the back story. And I feel sorry for VAJ. He has been treated poorly (shuffled around ALOT). Like worse than NFL shuffling and it was explained that a lot of it was because of JM. So I can totally understand his frustration and resentment. I'm sorry I can't give you the date and names of the personalities, I'm playing catch up as quick as I can in learning as much about the CFL. Also someone on the forums said that a couple of tourist busses from New York were at that game filled with JM fans. So Yeah, I'm sorry his feelings got hurt. He's just trying to play football and make a living like everyone else.

Good, he deserves this money as he was an innocent victim of Kavis's beginning
time as GM.