Als at Redblacks 07|13|2019

A winnable game for sure. But, will the Redblacks put more players on the line to stop the run? If so, Adams will be forced to make the long throws. Maybe the Redblacks will try to take away the run to force Adams to pass.

What’s wrong with screens and throwing on the run?

If Rouge et Noir stack the line the key would be a consistent 10-15 yard, quick-hit passing game, along with swing passes, rollouts and screens … Adams cannot consistently engage in the long-ball game.

Pushing the ball downfield is something we have to do, at times, even though it isn’t Adams’s strength. If we never take deep shots, Ottawa’s defense will sit on and smother all the underneath routes and keep the box stacked.

Having said that, yes, the screen game and throwing on the run, with slide protection, will be effective too. It cuts down the number of reads Adams has to make, it plays to his strength, and it forces their front seven to play sideline to sideline, which will tire them out.

Didn’t mean never … just responding to Johnny’s reference that “Adams will be forced to make the long throws” … long throws have to be part of any offence … but as it is a weakness with Adams it must be used strategically.

Agreed. Strategically is the right word.

Nothing. But like D&P said, you have to go long sometimes, or they will take away the underneath stuff and stack the box.

Suspect this will be Ottawa’s game plan. Force Adams to beat them long.

Let’s hope Jones is creative and calls plays designed to maximise Adams’ strengths.

And on the other side of the ball, let`s hope Slowik is a little more creative with his defensive calls. More of what we saw when Campbell blitzed resulting in the Bo Banner sack.

While Dominique Davis is not a rookie in the league, he is a rookie starting QB. You need to keep him feeling uncomfortable and hesitant by mixing coverages and applying pressure. And not just with a 4 man rush and vanilla zone coverage.

More good news in that Loffler expected to play Saturday.

And some other moves including the releases of Faubert-Lussier, TJ Graham, and Foote.

And Brandin Bryant is not a OL, but a DT who was with the Bombers last season.

TJ Graham couldn’t catch the ball, and Foote is a bust!

Tyler Crapigna was released and signed with the Argos. Well, maybe not exactly correct as Crapigna was put on the Argos Active roster. Toronto could have just plucked him of the AlsPractice Roster.

CFL Transactions also lists Zac Parker as being released, though it is possible that he is just being moved to the Practice Roster instead.

Glenn Love is now on the Injured List.

After Drew Brown`s intended squib kickoff Saturday ended up out of bounds helping cost them the game, the Argos have kicked Brown out of bounds.

Crapigna is likely his replacement.

Faubert-Lussier release is a bit of a surprise just because he plays in ST and is a good backup as a punter.

I`m not sure why they would keep a guy like Adekolu instead.

Transactions shows it as “Remove Unsigned” which sounds like he either left on his own or was “plucked” … not released … too bad, Bede needs at very least to have someone on the roster/practice roster “pushing him” … I’d gladly replace him … raw talent that too often doesn’t perform.

So true : I fail to understand why this 30y old guy is still on the active roster.

The Eric Deslauriers Question. :wink:

Oh, Eric Deslauriers! That brings back bad memories…

Could be a salary issue as the Als probably expected that he would be the starting Canadian receiver. With the team signing Chris Ackie and them wanting to play 4 non-imports on the OL, I suspect the plan now is to go all import at receiver and start Quan Bray.