Als at Lions GDT: Is Anybody Out There?

Well since nobody has started one, probably because most people have gone to sleep. I may as well start one.

Already 8-0 for the Lions, but interestingly Montreal is driving on the next series, and required a coaches challenge to keep the drive going. Weird that they got the initial call wrong, seemed pretty obvious.

Looks like another small crowd, despite the Lions success this year...

"watching" it on the Als board.

Cato showed his superior arm on the pass to Cunningham that preceded the FG ... KG throws that and it is a pick 6.

Doesn't look like a very big crowd tonight in Vancouver.

I forgot it was on...

Watching the Jays get slaughtered. :thup:

Even with Cato revitalizing a dormant Als offense - BC is superior in every way!

Only fear is BC shutting down the engine at half-time and letting Cato back into the game.

If Popp can get anything for Kevin Glenn he's doing well - but despite the dire need in Toronto - Popp might go "Winnipeg" on Barker and ask too much for KG (ie. 2nd round pick where an old, short and immobile guy like Glenn isn't worth much more than a 4th rounder)

Yup a few of us are out here burning the midnight oil to watch the larks crash and burn in BC - although they did beat the Lions last year much to my surprise! :o

Also a bit surprised that Johnson's carry was considered a TD. Looked to me like the only thing that maybe crossed the plane was his foot! But what do I know :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Leos have a 12 point lead late in the first.

This game started at 9:08 wpg. time - that's 10:08 in Toronto!

Knew Jays were gonna be toast - and they are! They'll go on an extensive losing streak until they're officially eliminated with a week or so left. Then they'll fire Gibby and some of those selfish hitters will no doubt go on a last ditch hitting streak to pad their stats - and try to increase their contract bargaining positions.

Doesn't matter to Braley , recently he says he's not selling any time soon , gives him another tax write off I guess.

Remember, if any part of the ball crosses the "front" of the goal line it is a TD

From your post to God's ear.

Big night for avian slaughter it looks like...

I just don't understand that man.

It was a good day all around. Stock market tanked - hopefully it will get worse. Took a lady friend for a delicious Thai meal. Jays lost. Good day, indeed.

I think this is the part of the season where Jim Popp's players officially 'quit on him' and thereby the team.

Its gonna be a full blown Mutiny on the Bounty if Wettenhall doesn't step in and make some changes!

Not a religious man, but I can second that wish.

Well, we'll see if we can change that. :wink:

If the Jays continue to slide, I would love to see the ratings slide as well.

TSN 1150 today said this is Cato's time. He must produce or they won't stay with him. Again the panel reinforced the idea of NCAA QB stars can't always make the transition and all of them need development time. I agree and hope Cato is able to do it. Jennings looks like he has done it.

Yeah, I remember that game, it looked like that Rakeem Cato was part of the next generation of CFL QBs that were making a splash. He had a good game the next week against the Stampeders in Calgary as I recall in a losing effort and then promptly faded forcing the trade for Glenn.

His only start this year was an utter disaster and his second start doesn't look much better.

And just as late an hour or so north of there! :smiley:

Jays have 77 wins as of tonite. Way things are going they'll be lucky to move the needle up to 83 wins - barely a .500 team. Won't even make it to the wildcard with that kind of terrible.
Ratings will gradually go down - but each game next couple weeks is full of optimism and clean slates - until their horrid pitching staff gets battered to death in the first couple innings and all their supposedly great power-hitters keep whiffing vs. AAA pitching