Als at Eskimos 8/18/18

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Johnny Manziel a pris part aux rencontres d’équipe ce matin, mais il ne sera pas à l’entraînement en raison d’un rendez-vous. // Johnny Manziel was in team meetings this morning but will not be at practice because of an appointment.
8:19 AM - 14 Aug 2018

Most likely has to do with checking to see if he was concussed.

And if Johnny can`t go Saturday, does that mean we will have to deal with Antonio Pipkin jock sniffers this week?..... just kidding..... just kidding.

Selon Herb Zurkowsky, Pipkin s'entraîne actuellement avec la première équipe.

Joey Alfieri?

Na’Ty Rodgers is taking the starting reps at left tackle. I’m told Tony Washington was out here earlier, but he’s not here now #Alouettes #AlsMTL

Tommie Campbell, who missed the last game for personal reasons, is working with the first-team defence today #AlsMTL #Alouettes

So, we might not sign Duron Carter, and Manziel might have a concussion. It looks like we'll have a combination of "Pipkin to Jackson" for the next game. :o

Not exactly Calvillo to Cahoon...

Let's look at what Stubler's defense is up against for the next game. The Eskimos have the CFL leader in passing yards with Reilly. They have the number 1, 2 and 7th leading receivers in the CFL. Sounds awesome doesn't it?! :frowning:

All this against Stubler's bend and shatter defense! The Als won't be able to get any pressure on Reilly. Johnny would not be surprised if the Eskimos have the ball for 40 minutes. This one will be really ugly!

Didier Orméjuste???

Mike Sherman said that Johnny Manziel medical appointment had nothing to do with the hit to the head he received in Ottawa. Sherman expects Manziel to be at practice tomorrow and behind center on Saturday against Edmonton. #Alouettes @CFL
10:55 AM - 14 Aug 2018

Frustrating/discouraging season so far and it could get worse. The number 1 reason for my frustration and discouragement are the numbers of injuries. I don't care who the GM or Head Coach or Defensive Coordinator is, you can compete with other teams with so many injuries. I don't care who your scout/recruiter is/are there are no top players waiting to be signed.

QB:In April camp and training camp,some felt that Matthew Shiltz will compete for the number 1 "job" What happened ? Injured in pre-season. Missed 1 pre-season game and,so far, 6 regular season games. His competitor,Drew Willy, has missed 4 games. Vernon Adams and Jeff Mathew are on 6 game injured list. Will Johnny be also out? Nothing surprises me,anymore.

Offensive line: Because of injuries, we have a different line every game.Philip Blake was out 2 games; Philippe Gagnon was out 7 games. So far, Nat. left tackle Tyler Johnstone has been out for 2 games and if he's not practicing now he will be out for a third game.

Defensive backs: Joe Burnett has missed games 1,2 and 4. Injured in game 5 and probably out for rest of season.Najee Murray and Mitchell White injured in game 6 and now out for rest of season.

If Pipkin is the starting QB in Edmonton, it will be a disaster.

Not my style/type but you almost feel like "throwing the towel".


Johnny has regular appointments that he has to go to That are required by the CFL as conditions for bringing him into the league.

Could be that kind of appointment.

Don`t throw the towel Richard, it might be intercepted.

Injuries never help, but even you Richard have to admit the American recruiting has been nil. It`s been free agents or nothing before any injuries.

Where are the DE recruits, WR recruits, DB recruits, returner recruits?

Speaking for myself, I will just suck it up and hope stuff happens in the off season.

Joey Alfieri?

Mike Sherman said Manziel “had a previously diagnosed medical condition that required blood work.? That’s why he didn’t practice today #Alouettes #TSN690
11:00 AM - 14 Aug 2018 from Montréal, Québec

Idealsheldon, thank you for the information. "Previously diagnosed medical condition that requires blood work" I feel most certain that the monthly blood work has to do with him continually taking his Lithium and making sure the right amount is in his blood stream and he doesn't quit taking it for forgets to take it.

A question I wanted to know is, if by any chance he does have a concussion, will they announce it or let it go as close up to game time as possible to maintain the element of surprise to the other team? Are there some kind of reporting rules or standards?

Reporters will see tomorrow if Manziel is taking 1st team reps or not. If he isn`t, there obviously is an issue.

Position players are from time to time a game time decision, starting QBs are known in advance. But there are no injury reports in the CFL like in the NFL.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Idealsheldon, my bad... I missed your 2:15 post saying Coach Sherman said it had nothing to do with the head/neck hit and he will be under center Saturday.

Only Reed can answer that question.

After doing some researching there is no question that the above statements are true. The original QB of the future never got a chance to give himself a chance. The revolving door of offensive linemen would clearly explain their lack of continuity. And one has to recognize that Joe Burnett's bio makes him look like a quality defensive leader. Lets say the roster remains intact (without any injuries) from this point with 10 games left and they can go 6-4 or 5-5, I think that would prove the point. Honestly after looking at it, the biggest loss to the early going of the season was probably Schiltz.

Some of these injuries resulted in trades by the Alouettes.

Without the injury to Shiltz and then Mathews, I doubt that the trade for Jonny Manziel would have occurred . I am not writing that I don't approve of the trade, but Kavis Reed had to give a lot. Hopefully it will prove right.

The injury to Mitchell White led to the trade for JT Heath; again, Kavis was not in a situation of strength.

As I wrote before, luck is not on their side with regards to injuries. No big deal and no reason why we lost, but in the warm- up before Saturday's game, Nicolas Boulay was injured and could not play; since only 21 Nat. players were on the active roster, they had to play with only 20 Nat. Again, not the reason they lost, but nothing seems to work their way/ be on their side.


Think you hit it on the head ... bi-polar disorder (manic depressive disorder or manic depression) is an insidious disease ... remember a guy in university who moved onto our floor mid-year, until he went of his meds and was "removed" by the University ... it triggers impulsive behaviour and can frequently contribute to worsening symptoms of addiction.

Managing that has to be job 1 for the rest of his life.

Well it seems the opposite is happening in Hamilton. They have gotten the players they want. They have the QB they want. They supposedly strengthend their team by trading JF. Yet if you go on the TiCat forum there is a lot of negativity. People writing them off in disgust. Talking about giving up on season tickets etc etc etc. Seems like the fans think they should be the owners and of course they know so much more than the coaches.

It’s almost like the fans think the team gets together and tries to figure out how bad they can play the next game.

In my opinion most football teams (CFL or NFL) are only as good as their QB. The Als haven’t had that QB in a long time. I believe JF will change all that. He will draw the team together and make them believe. He will get better each week and so will the team. When he gets back to peak form the Als will be a team to reckon with.

Sorry... I’m just totally optimistic.

Agree it's a QB league .

Remember when Calvillo was injured and the Als had Leak in as QB versus BC and they were crushed big time .

The QB was the difference then and it showed . Calvillo comes back and they are just as good as when he left .

Well they still haven't replaced him and they haven't been the same since .

Manziel gives them some hope they might have found someone at QB .