Als at Eskimos 6/14/2019

Injured List
LYLES, Chris
JONES, Jarnor
JOHNSON, Jeremiah
ADEKOLU, Stephen

Actually kind of glad the team starts with 3 of 4 on the road … the team needs to “work out some stuff” to have ANY chance in most games … no sense doing that at home.

If LBJ ain’t even good enough to dress as a backup, what is he doing on the roster?

Good enough to play? I am not sure LBJ even gets reps in practice.

Eskimos are starting former Al Jacob Ruby at LG. It would be a bad sign of things to come if Ruby holds his own against the defensive line.

Im already starting on the beers and the darts and packing a few chews. Weekend bender! Lets go baby!

I am thinking tonight is something like 30-10 for Edmonton.

Mike, I hate to say this but you`re a big reason for the Als deficit.

All the beer sales they lost when you stopped going to games.

Man, those friday nights oufffff tumbling down the hill good times!

i know games are played on the field but on paper the team looks not bad espacially on D

Logan SOMEHOW manages a decent return and the Als hold !?!?!?!?!?!?

First series on D. . . good

First series on O. . . not good

yes fumble on the 50

Perfect TD pass.

Starting to settle down…

The team doesn’t look bad at all!

W-T-F ??? ??? ???

A lead?

Good drive by Als … lovely throw by Pipken for the TD … clearly Posey and Pipken have been working together, seem to have good timing

EDIT: RDS just showed a photo of Pipken and Posey working out in Montreal this winter.

Defence needs to force a punt on this next drive

Special teams doing their job thus far.

7-2 lead for us after one quarter. Not too bad.

Pipkin looking decent, O-line not being too bad. Not much in terms of a running game though.

So far, not impressed with Slowik’s schemes on D

Sooooooooo close … ball was almost two yards short when knees went down but they get the fall forward.

Now that was better D

And the REAL Logan re-emerges … aren’t missed FGs supposed to be the best opportunity to bust a return? The EIGHT AND A HALF yard line?? 8.5 !!!